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Tribeca Review: ‘Flames’ is a Narcissistic Doc-Fiction Hybrid That Burns Out Quickly

At about the hour mark, I was very glad to see the filmmakers and subjects of Flames, Zefrey Throwell and Josephine Decker, had entered some kind of counseling even if may also be, in part, a performance. Then again, what isn’t? Simultaneously, it appears they’re also in the editing room with an unnamed assistant cutting this brief film. Later they, of course, fight about what’s transpired and who has ownership of the film. It takes a certain amount of narcissism to make a film about one’s relationship and expect folks you don’t know to care. Flames is an attempt to capture such intimacy, yet it’s missing much of an emotional core. To put it into simpler terms: one evening I was at a concert with a fighting couple; it wasn’t a fun experience for any of us.

Framed by screenprints created by an unseen hand,
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Interviews: City & State Short Film Directors at 51st Chicago International Film Festival

Chicago – The future of filmmaking was on display at the 51st Chicago International Film Festival at the City & State Short Film program. Subtitled “Feel the Illinoise,” the collection included works by directors Bradley Bischoff, Joel Benjamin, Ed Flynn, Andy Berlin, Jake Zalutsky and Weija Ma.

As technology evolves, the short films are more masterfully created, either through student work or independent production. Some of the genres represented were animation, short documentary and examinations of the human condition. was there, talking to the young directors about the films that represent them.

Bradley Bischoff, Director of “Nomad

Nomad,’ Directed Bradley Biscoff

Photo credit: Chicago International Film Festival

Nomad” is yet another notable submission from director Bradley Bischoff, a festival favorite from past years. The edgy psychosis in the film is in contrast to the seemingly normal couple having a gathering in their apartment. Surely there can’t be a breakdown
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Film News: Top Film at 51st Chicago International Film Festival is ‘A Childhood’ From France

Chicago – The 2015 awards ceremony at the 51st Chicago International Festival took place on Friday, October 23rd, and Andrew Davis – International Competition Jury President – announced that the French film “A Childhood” was the recipient of the prestigious Gold Hugo Award for the festival’s top film.

The evening was also highlighted by the Founder’s Award, given by festival originator Michael Kutza. Director Michael Moore accepted the award in person for his new and provocative documentary, “Where to Invade Next.” Moore gave an impassioned acceptance speech, amplifying his optimism in his new film, which pleads for social change in America.

Michael Moore Accepts The Founder’s Award

Photo credit: Patrick McDonald for

The awards event took place in the ballroom at Chicago’s Peninsula Hotel, and was hosted by festival Managing Director Vivian Teng. Presenters included Programming Director Mimi Plauché, programmers Anthony Kaufman and Camille Lugan, plus various jury
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Preview: Second Week of 51st Chicago International Film Festival

Chicago – As the 2015 edition of the 51st Chicago International Film Festival winds down into its second week, it continues wtih international and U.S. film offerings, plus additional festival favorites. All screenings are taking place at the AMC River North 21, 322 Illinois Street, Chicago, and the festival runs through October 29th. contributors Brendan Hodges and Patrick McDonald have been sampling the fest, and provides this preview to cover the second week of the event. Over 50 countries are represented, and many of the films from the U.S. and elsewhere will be Oscar contenders. Each capsule is designated with Bh (Brendan) or Pm (Patrick) to indicate the author.

“Feel the Illinoise – City and State Short Films”

Nomad,’ Directed by Local Filmmaker Bradley Bischoff

Photo credit: Chicago International Film Festival

The Chicago International Film Festival also features short film programs in over eight categories. The City and State short films is the festival’s biggest celebrations,
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2015 Sundance Film Festival Predictions: Rob Moss & Peter Galison’s Containment

An integral part the fabric that makes up the documentary community, docu-helmer Rob Moss is two for two with documentaries preeming in Park City. And the 3-time lab advisor might make it 4 for 3 in 2015, if his toxic waste docu and Andrew JamesStreet Fighting Man (for which he helped edit) make the cut. He broke out with 2003′s The Same River Twice (a film with a film river rafting experience that could be a speeded up version of the 7 Up-Series) and with fellow Harvard University prof Peter Galison tackled Pre-Edward Snowden era need for the government to protect truth with 2008′s Secrecy. Supported by the Lef Foundation, Containment see Moss and Galison vacation in an area just as threatening as Fukushima.

Gist: This is about the scientific, moral, and philosophical problems that surround the disposition of nuclear waste. Deep beneath Carlsbad, New Mexico, lies the world’s only licensed,
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