Camp (2003) Poster


Plot Keywords

drink summer
musical theater sports counselor
cynicism bunk bed
gay teenager dance
theatre audience sex
obsessive compulsive disorder reference to compoany the stage musical
theatre director aspiring actress
reference to bring on da noise bring on da funk the stage musical cigarette smoking
father daughter relationship music camp
aspiring actor reference to night mother the stage play
birthday costume making
trying to lose weight bitterness
reference to wit the stage play love triangle
homosexual skateboard
mother daughter relationship brother sister relationship
times square manhattan new york city woods
reference to michael bennett basketball
transvestite playwright
acting weight watchers
reference to cinderella prozac
gossip song
kiss puerto rican american
reference to the children's crusade the stage play composer
dancer band
homosexuality cuban american
high school prom bus
performing arts camp dance class
mirror mirror ball
gospel music brother brother relationship
actress reference to don't rain on my parade
telephone call friendship
seduction reference to neil young
family relationships cliche
theater owner gay friend
drunkenness piano
theatre production mouth wired shut
actor singer
theater beating
guitarist camp director
teenager reference to stephen sondheim
reference to fidel castro gay man has sex with a woman
reference to follies the stage musical tap dancing
pill gay
audition underwear
swimming backstage
original cast album transvestism
unrequited love garbage dumpster
copying machine theme park
vomit waitress
acting class alcoholism
friend reference to west side story the stage musical
reference to stella dallas benefit performance
musical number reference to romeo and juliet
teenage boy sexuality
mother son relationship orchestra
latin american summer camp
reference to joni mitchell teenager
reference to porgy and bess the stage musical forest
drinking guitar
broadway manhattan new york city gay bashing
love drag queen
rooftop boyfriend girlfriend relationship
one word title pianist
musical acts reference to fiddler on the roof the stage musical
drama camp teenage girl
reference to promises promises the stage musical rivalry
reference to bob fosse singing class
father son relationship obesity
dancing singing
gay slur reference to dreamgirls the stage musical

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