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Miami Herald
At the film's uplifting conclusion, when a stilled voice finally makes itself heard, you can unmistakably feel your heart lift, as if it had grown tiny wings. Camp reminds you that once you believed it would always soar, just like that.
New York Post
A summery confection crammed with fresh young talented faces that's hard not to love.
A comedy, and for all its cliches and clumsiness, close to a great one.
The modestly perfect antidote to a synthetic, overblown movie summer: a blast of exuberant fun that stays rooted in humanity.
Entertainment Weekly
The sum is no greater than the ''Fame''-style saga of any one of them, and Graff, an actor and screenwriter making his directing debut, is less successful at developing each story than at conveying his general affection for the curtain-call species.
The situations are mighty broad, but exuberance counts for something in the movie with perhaps the year's most double-edged title.
Philadelphia Inquirer
The film's title is a double entendre, meant to be taken straight as a noun (as in summer camp) and bent as a verb (as in "to camp," an action self-consciously exaggerated or theatrical).
New York Daily News
There's humor and expected back-story pathos.
Another of those summer movies that want to pluck at our heartstrings. If it would just stop plucking for a second, it might be enjoyable.
Wall Street Journal
The film's examination of confused sexuality, psychic scars and unsupportive parents never moves a step beyond cliche.
The Hollywood Reporter
A fresh, young energetic cast is this wobbly musical comedy's main claim to "Fame."

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