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Watch 'Casino Jack,' 'Bukowski' and Other Top Docs, For Free

Watch 'Casino Jack,' 'Bukowski' and Other Top Docs, For Free
Don't you need a intelligent respite from yesterday's debauchery? We thought so. A bunch of top-flight docs -- including "Casino Jack and the United States of Money," "Super Size Me," "Bukowski: Born Into This," "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room" and "Jesus Camp" -- are currently available for free viewing at SnagFilms.com (Indiewire's parent company). And, for that matter, right here: We've embedded a handful of our favorites below. They're free through the end of the month; enjoy. 
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Unhinged|| DVD Review: Factotum

In a word, disappointing. In three words, that fucking sucked. In seven words, Matt Dillon deserves to go to hell (and yes I did count those out on my fingers to make sure I had the correct digits).

I cannot begin to describe to you the joy and excitement that I felt when I first learned that there was a movie version of Factotum in the pipeline courtesy of IFC Films. Seriously, I love Henry Charles Bukowski. I’ve devoured his novels and a good chunk of his poetry. Hell, I even have a Bukowski quote tattooed on my right forearm:

It reads, “As the Spirit wanes, the Form appears.” For an explanation of this quote, check out the amazing documentary Bukowski: Born Into This. While you’re watching it, also pay close attention to good ole Hank himself and notice how Matt Dillon’s performance in Factotum doesn’t
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