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Halloween ComicFest 2014 to Feature Free Horror Comics, Including Afterlife with Archie, Resident Evil & Max Brooks’ Extinction Parade

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Presented by Diamond Comic Distributors on October 25th at participating comic book stores is the 3rd Annual Halloween ComicFest (Hcf), featuring costume contests and giveaways of horror-themed comics. Shops will be giving out 19 free titles this year, and readers can seek out tales of the living dead in Afterlife with Archie #1, Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire, and Max Brooks’ Extinction Parade #1.

Press Release - “Diamond Comic Distributors announces a celebration of comics, comic shops, and pop-culture in October with the third annual Halloween ComicFest (Hcf) event! Communities are encouraged to check out their local comic shop and get free comics while also participating in shop’s special Halloween events such as costume contests, sales, character appearances and more on Saturday, October 25th, 2014!

During Halloween ComicFest, adults and kids can go into a local participating comic shop and get free Halloween and horror themed comics and mini-comics published specifically for Halloween ComicFest.
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Schlock Value: Issue #4

Schlock Value: Issue #4 – March 2008 Edition

I know, I know, this edition of Schlock Value was meant to be wacky tabacy themed one but finding a copy of Killer Condom is proving harder then originally thought. So instead I’ve got three more films from my oh-so-very-reliable what-the-fuck stockpile, they’re stupid and they’re dumb.

Two of the three pieces of cheese on the platter tonight come to you courtesy of the half assed B-Movie marathon I had for my birthday, my Uni buddies turned me to them upon learning of our mutual love of anything topped with cheese (Mmmm cheese) and lightly grilled to perfection. – Danny Price

Haunted Boat was made in the cheesy year of: 2005 and cheesily directed by: Olga Levens

Haunted Boat…where to begin? First of all, what high school drop out gave this film its title? They’ve proved once and for all that originality is extinct,
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