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Ravi Shankar lives in a shabby hotel room belonging to the owner of the Hotel "Allah Belli", Sheikhu Dada. Ravi studies in college and pays his rent and living expenses through money-orders sent to him from his dad. After Ravi's dad passes away, Sheikhu initially asks him to leave the room, but then decides to pay for the remainder of his education so as to recover all monies when Ravi gets a job. Ravi does get through successfully, and Sheikhu even arranges for a job with a wealthy businessman named Jagannath Gupta. Ravi and Jagannath's daughter, Sonia, fall in love and get married, and soon Sonia gets pregnant. Jagannath and Sonia are unhappy with Sheikhu's involvement with their family, and conspire to put an end to Ravi and Sheikhu's relationship. The question remains, will Ravi be willing to put an end with his relationship with his gruff mentor, or will he put in a position when he has to make a choice between Sonia and Sheikhu?

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