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Plot Keywords

killer prostitute
highway money
beach 1990s
female serial killer lesbian
florida serial killer
female criminal woman offender
abused woman ressentiment
title directed by female police officer killed
pistol whip female protagonist
car crash shower
self hatred father daughter relationship
revolver courthouse
female nudity whiskey
naivety hair dryer
hunger cross
corpse voice over narration
car accident mobile phone
court starving
hitchhiking kicking
tied up raised middle finger
restaurant dream
automobile accident reference to god
tv news fellatio
gay vagina
misandry driving
baseball cap eating
bartender stuttering
newspaper article wetness
broken arm money falling through the air
roller skater finger up anus
wheelchair arm in a cast
misanthrope florida keys
police blood
on the road prison
police station tattoo
vomit theft
drink humiliation
child abuse pistol
jury jukebox
beating job interview
lie church
face slap pedophile
love flashing
racial slur rain
prostitution veterinarian
ferris wheel sexual assault
depression shooting
biker bar drunkenness
dead body truck stop
rollerskating rink watching tv
bare breasts self storage
egoism telephone
vietnam war veteran wine
ohio head wound
4 h club bailiff
crying sexual abuse
oral sex bus
cigarette smoking food
homosexual amusement park
gay bar redneck
evangelical girl
underwear unfaithfulness
factory worker s&m
policeman undercover cop
liar coca cola
felony bed
nudity burial
motel bicycle
nipples tears
handcuffs pajamas
beer bar
diner mother son relationship
handgun underpass
brother sister relationship burning a car
flask makeup
father son relationship carnival ride
kiss mailbox
women's restroom thief
roller skating drinking
hooker sex scene
freeway violence
suicide of father car on fire
u.s. president execution
lesbian slur christian
sister sister relationship daytona beach florida
miami florida mother daughter relationship
2000s robbery
infidelity adultery
extramarital affair husband wife relationship
female female kiss teenage girl
teenage boy topless female nudity
villainess played by lead actress one word title
torture threat threat
death threat lesbian couple
killing spree death
murder confession jailhouse confession
hand job borderline personality disorder
lesbianism female killer
tragedy trial
rape rape victim
prosecution lawyer
judge gun
defense attorney death sentence
courtroom cop killer
car theft attorney
arrest tape recorded confession
sexual violence sex crime
attempted rape murder
lesbian kiss truck stop prostitute
lesbian lover death row
death penalty capital punishment
death of father based on true story
title spoken by character

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