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Chicago Sun-Times
This is one of the greatest performances in the history of the cinema.
A compelling, thought-provoking, and unsettling drama.
The Hollywood Reporter
Challenges audiences with an unrelieved portrait of self-destruction and horrific violence. American movies don't get much grimmer than this.
Entertainment Weekly
In Monster Theron undergoes one of the most startling transformations in the history of movies.
There's Theron, like a force of nature, compelling us to go beyond TV-movie supposition and look Wuornos straight in the eye. Her raw and riveting performance makes Monster an experience you won't forget.
San Francisco Chronicle
Theron is nearly unrecognizable in the role. She's also astonishingly good. Obscuring the movie star has liberated the actress.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Monster brings the horror stories of everyday life down to a recognizable level -- even as the actress inhabiting that story remains startlingly unrecognizable.
New York Daily News
Any which way you describe this uncompromising movie, it will never sound palatable. Still, it features one of the most spectacular physical transformations by an actress hungry for a meaty role. I haven't used the term "tour de force" in all of 2003, but now it is time.
Chicago Tribune
I don't think it's a great movie -- though Theron's is a near-great performance -- but it's not one you can easily forget.
If you can endure watching it, you won't forget this grim cautionary tale for a long time.
Wall Street Journal
A seasoned director might have known when to ask Ms. Theron to do less, or nothing at all; as things stand, she acts at every single moment. But what brave and ferocious acting she does.

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