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What results is a thoughtful, analytical yet still emotional film, meticulously investigated and absolutely compelling.
Chicago Sun-Times
If you have seen the masterful 2002 Brazilian film "City of God" or the 1981 film "Pixote," both about the culture of Rio's street people, then Bus 174 plays like a sad and angry real-life sequel.
New York Daily News
It is to Padilha's enormous credit that he steadfastly kicks aside our own culturally imposed frames of reference, insisting that we see the truth, and the humanity, within this very real story.
Miami Herald
A lot of ground for one film to cover, but this smart, absorbing movie, which has been sharply edited by Felipe Lacerda, never feels like it's spreading itself too thin.
Entertainment Weekly
Although it shares a bitter interest in slum desperation with last year's Brazilian-underbelly docudrama ''City of God,'' Bus 174 pulls ahead, I think, by not confusing cinematic pizzazz with the content of misery.
The Hollywood Reporter
This gripping Brazilian documentary shows a bus hijacking that spirals out of control because of police incompetence.
Engrossing, smartly made documentary.
San Francisco Chronicle
The film takes us behind bars to hear horror stories from prisoners. They're illuminated by a black light to hide their identity. The effect is like looking at an X-ray. Moments like this attest to Padilha's artistry as a filmmaker.
Chicago Tribune
A unique portrait of modern crime and punishment, gives us terror without filters, a tragic event captured in all its initial immediacy and anguished aftermath.
A fascinating account, if less urgently compelling than it might have been.
New York Post
The drivel they call "reality TV" pales in comparison with the gripping big-screen documentary Bus 174.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Riveting and courageous documentary.

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