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A very fun and lasting game!

Author: AdrenalinDragon from United Kingdom
11 November 2004

TimeSplitters 2 in my opinion is one of the best games I've ever played.

It has a great mulitplayer mode in it which has a total of 16 game modes on it. It has an arcade league where you can unlock new characters, levels, game modes and many more on it.

It also has a story mode which can be very hard and frustrating to beat sometimes. It also has a challenge section which has a lot of hard challenges to beat on it as well. Oh, you can also unlock cheats as well.

It also has a Mapmaker on it as well, which in my opinion is very cool and you can now make your own story and multiplayer levels with it as well.

Get TimeSplitters 2 as it is a very fun game to play with your friends or with the bots that come with the game as well.

I would give this amazing game a rating of 10/10.

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Arcade style fun!

Author: doc_gib from LV NV USA
29 August 2003

With a weak to non-existing storyline this game still manages to be quite cool, odd enough.

The cartoonish fun feel, challenge modes, bot-match, and multi-player are great. I have the PS2 version, but I have heard Xbox and Cube are graphically better. I'll have to look into that.

I've never played part 1, but if there is a 3 I'll give it a try!

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Something different

Author: Chris (Chris-436) from Bristol
24 February 2003

When i first saw this game i thought that it looked of quite good quality. And it was something different than most games. Heroes going back in time to stop evil aliens know as the timsplitters. I thought i might as well buy this game and check it out. I hadnt even heard of timesplitters the first one. Then i read a review on timesplitters 2 and it said that timesplitters 1 was awfull and this is a huge improvmen. But anyway i got it. This game almost had it all apart from the lack of speech and reload dissapointment. But it was amazing you could make your own levels the solo missions were excellent and the multiplayer was bril. Also i liked the fact that when you load your profile it loaded every little detail. From glass smashed, to melons burst. Yes this game has almost got it all and if they were to bring out timesplitters 3 with a few corrections the game would be virtually perfect.

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This is how its done...

Author: Mat Neve from United Kingdom
30 March 2006

I haven't played a 1st person shooter like this since the glory days of N64's goldeneye. The timesplitters lord smacks down call of duty, laughs in the face of medal of honour and delivers the final blow to them with the amazing multiplayer. This guy wears the goldeneye cart as a crown and releases the timesplitters power on everyone. If you don't have this game you are disgracing the name of all 1st person shooter and you don't know what a 1st person shooter. And if you haven't played goldeneye N64! I spit on you...£5 on ebay! The multiplayer perfect. The single player is the icing on the cake...with levels like Ice station, training ground and unlockable levels like chasm this game is the god of all first person shooters.

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Excellent FPS, very addictive and to be enjoyed by all

Author: mr_chill_bill from United States
22 January 2006

Timesplitters 2 is not your average, everyday First Person Shooter. No, sir. It is one of the most innovative and challenging FPS I've ever played, for a variety of reasons.

First of all, the story mode is great fun. The level design is excellently designed. In the game, you travel through time, visiting an alien planet, a robot factory, a zombie infested cathedral, etc. Along the way, you pick up a wide variety of weapons, each one varying in clip size, accuracy, power, and recoil. The game, however, can also be very challenging. Even on easy mode, it will prove very difficult to newcomers. To compensate for this, the game has provided you with a Temporal Uplink, which gives you the location of security cameras, enemies, the time crystal (which you have to find at the end of every level), and automatic machine guns. But that's not all! There's also a 2- player co- op story mode in which you and someone else can cooperate towards accomplishing the mission.

Then there's the arcade and challenge mode. You will be expected to complete a variety of missions, each one weird...but fun. You will find yourself killing zombies by throwing bricks at them, shooting clay monkeys, trying to find your brain, and shooting stained glass windows with a grenade launcher. Even when you do complete a mission, you may only get a bronze medal, and can go back for a silver or gold.

But as fun as the single player mode is, the area where this game really shines is the versus mode. It's fast and frantic, forcing you to utilize all you know just to survive. You can also customize the rules, choose from a wide variety of large stages, choose the background music, the weapon set, and power ups, so the possibilities are endless. There are also countless unlock-able characters, as well as a good deal of already unlocked characters, including...guess what? A monkey! You can play as a monkey! Now what could be better than that?! Overall, Timesplitters is a great game. Try it! You won't regret it. 9/10

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great sequel

Author: barneygumble742 from United States
27 November 2003

for years now i have played goldeneye for the n64 and ever since i have been looking for another game like it. however i tried nightfire and agent under fire but they suck. just like the back of the game case says, its a worthy successor to goldeneye. even the first level is like an homage to goldeneye and 'the dam.'

i have only played it for the xbox. however i heard the graphics on the ps2 is slightly less quality. the story isn't that interesting but the graphics, characters, and weapons are great. i guess its got like a matrix thing to it where you can see bullets come at you and they leave a trail thats noticeable. i think max payne was the first to do that (to my knowledge).

but, a great game. i am sure if you like goldeneye, then you will like this as well. except at first i spent about an hour customizing the controls to emulate the n64 controller. i think its like a mix between goldeneye and unreal tournament (from the pc game series).

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I love it!

Author: kateyjakes2315 from United Kingdom
16 September 2006

Timesplitters 2 is an amazing game for all you time travellers out there! and if you are looking for a game to get lost in or to jump in to your own little world then Timesplitters 2 is definitely the one for you! with the brilliant story modes each with their own unique themes which makes them truly unique. Or why not get lost in the split-screen multi player arcade games? either on your own with computer controlled bots or with your friends! or you can complete arcade leagues and challenges with which if completed you can unlock new characters, new levels, new weapons and cheats! Timesplitters 2 in my opinion is the best game ever and is definitely a must for people who own a games console.

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Timesplitters is Timesplittingly great 2 da max!!!

Author: RonkaKnight from United Kingdom
30 January 2006

Timesplitters has all the facets of a game made by the proverbial Gods, A Fantastic single player mode and an even better multiplayer mode, great mini games and an excellent mapmaker mode. The single player mode it split into 3 different modes, a story mode which is alright yet lacks a real story and has little or no fast action. The arcade mode is pure genius it has everything one needs from a FPS fast action, extreme difficulty and a chance to break world records for times. and challenge mode where you can hone your TS2 skills with a variety of crazy quests such as brickin' windows. The multiplayer mode is the greatest of all modes, It is fun! pure and simple. The game also features great multiplayer minigames like 'anaconda' which is a snake type game, pure west. And with mapmaker mode you can make levels of story mode quality with a little imagination. Long story short this game is da shizzle!!

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Best 1st person shooter ever!!!

Author: MegaKabutarimon from United Kingdom
18 January 2006

Timesplitters 2 is a game and a half... of a game. It's nonsensical story and groov-A graphics make other games look like church. You play as many characters, but with the same goal, to collect the time crystals enabling you too prevent the end of mankind at the hands of the time splitters, an alien race hell bent on, well... destroying mankind. These time crystals have been scattered throughout our history... and our future so you get the chance to play in various locations at various times. But the best thing about the game is the multi player mode. Playing against friends is great. The Jungle Queen makes this game 5/5 on her own. All in all, this is the funniest, most 'far out' and bestest game made by man, excluding the pro evo series because it was made by the Japanese.

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unbelievably good

Author: colinhawksby from United Kingdom
4 March 2009

this is the best of the timesplitter games..better than the impressive first and far better - in my opinion- than the lame third game.

The solo adventure is a lot of fun with some nice touches of humour.

The multiplayer is totally addictive with fast and frenetic gameplay, great visuals and wacky characters.

The fact that you can design your own levels is awesome but to be honest the multiplayer levels supplied with the game were so good I didn't have much need to design my own.

I thoroughly recommended this game...I've had my copym for ages and still play it regularly

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