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Doesn't come up to the test of the Vitagraph pictures
deickemeyer25 February 2016
In this picture the love story seems to have been subordinated to one of its incidents. The early scenes serve to show the worthy character of the heroine and that the young doctor's mother is displeased with his attention to her. She seems to be a paid companion of the doctor's sister-in-law. A box of jewels is shown. The doctor is to take them to a jeweler's for "repairs." This having them overhauled seems unconvincing. The girl walks in her sleep and removes the jewel-box to her desk and is discovered doing it by the doctor's mother. She is accused of theft. The doctor and the others the following night watch while she repeats the performance. She thus is proved innocent and the doctor presumably marries her. The picture is played by an all-star cast; but, in interest, doesn't come up to the test of the Vitagraph pictures. - The Moving Picture World, July 8, 1911
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