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Film Threat
What really grabs your attention about Undead, however, are the effects. For a movie budgeted under $1 million, the Spierigs have done an amazing job putting together believable visuals.
Precociously inventive horror pic that combines brain-eating zombies with outer space aliens.
There's nothing under the goofball gags and gushing gore, and its welcome is worn out well before it's over.
New York Post
A campy, low-budget Romero homage that's badly in need of editing.
L.A. Weekly
Flesh-eating fish notwithstanding, Peter and Michael Spierig's low-budget schlock-horror parody brings precious little new to the undead genre.
In the end, the film is a stale, derivative mess that borrows heavily from every zombie and alien movie worthy of imitation, to only ho-hum effect.
The Hollywood Reporter
The over-the-top tone gets stale awfully quickly -- especially once it becomes clear that it's all wacky style over any real attempt at substance.
Village Voice
Watching it is a smidgen like listening to the same monkey-walks-into-a-bar joke for the 105th time, but for the Spierig brothers, it is clearly a demonstration of fast-cheap capabilities and a one-way ticket straight out of Queensland.
However visually striking, this Australian film is ultimately as tedious as it is derivative.
Entertainment Weekly
On the level of a no-budget student film in which the shots barely match up into sequences. It's about as much fun as watching blood dry.

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