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This delicious little period piece from Spanish writer-director Pablo Berger is like one of those really expensive chocolates, where you start out expecting a brief sugar buzz and end up surprised by the sophistication and delicacy of the flavor.
New York Post
Slyly funny.
New York Daily News
The result is a highly amusing folly, rendered with a surprisingly gentle affection.
Such a joyous celebration of sex and filmmaking that viewers will forgive its director for taking time out to enjoy a little of both.
Raunchy without ever devolving into flat-out prurience, Berger's oddly sweet comedy perfectly captures the naivete of the era and the unexpected wholesomeness of some of its adult entertainment.
Somewhat wacky tale, based on real events, is kept anchored in reality through attention to detail and by first-rate central perfs.
Village Voice
Its Saul Bass-y credits suggest an Almodóvarian flamboyance, but this impotent '70s-set comedy mostly skimps on discoteca stylishness.
Entertainment Weekly
Has the dubious distinction of being just about the mildest porno comedy ever made. It's like something the teenage Pedro Almodóvar might have written to shock his 10th-grade creative writing teacher.
L.A. Weekly
Pablo Berger's subtle satire Torremolinos 73 is almost there. Almost.
Chicago Reader
Camara and Peña are perfectly cast as the bewildered couple, and early on Berger gets some laughs from the one-note premise. But the material grows increasingly stale as the film drags on to its unintentionally creepy finale.

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