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Production begins for thriller 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'

By Seth Metoyer

Production has begun on the upcoming violent psychological thriller Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Starring: Timothy Laurel Harrison ("Out of my Hand"), Jeff Riberdy (“Half a Dozen”), Angela Sharp (“Gravedigger”), Gervase Peterson (“Survivor”), Keith Collins (“The Meat Puppet”), Michael Billy (“Clean Cut”), Annelise Nielsen (“The Samaritans”).

Directed by, Doug Bollinger. Produced by, Doug Bollinger, Josh Lee, Keith Collins, Ashley Steele (“Dark Blue”). Written by, Doug Bollinger & Josh Lee. Cinematography & Edited By, Cory Green (“The Jersey Devil”).

Check out the poster and official details below.

From The Press Release:

“How will they know when they've won”

Production is announced today for the frightening new Thriller feature film "Rock, Paper, Scissors." Director Doug Bollinger(“Waltzing Anna”, “Mail Order Bride”) takes you on a violent, psychological ride that pushes a simple suburban couple to the extremes and forces them to answer the question: How far would you go to get
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Production begins on horror/thriller ‘The Samaritans’

New horror/thriller The Samaritans, billed as “one of the most chilling stories set to fill your thoughts with permanent paranormal fear and fright” – from the minds of filmmakers Keith Collins (The Meat Puppet, Clean Cut), Doug Bollinger (Waltzing Anna, Mail Order Bride) and Cory Green (The Jersey Devil) – has started production in New Jersey.

The Samaritans tells the story of Four co-workers who get together to finish a project at their manager’s home. They haven’t actually met face to face and they discover they have more in common than the new App they are perfecting. As they piece together their histories, they realize that each of them has a deadly secret that could reveal a way out or seal their fates. Their pasts have provoked a vengeful force to show them the errors in their ways. The home they have been summoned to becomes their court and their prison.
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Round-Up: The Hallow Blu-ray / DVD, Road Games Release Details, I Fall Down VOD Info, The Samaritans

The Hallow Blu-ray / DVD will feature a “making of” documentary along with behind-the-scenes videos and much more. Also in this round-up: updated release details for Road Games and news on I Fall Down and The Samaritans.

The Hallow: Press Release: “Vividly atmospheric and brimming with tension, the twisted modern fairy tale The Hallow makes its Blu-ray and DVD debut April 5th, 2016 from Scream Factory, in conjunction with IFC Midnight. Wonderfully horrifying, this compelling and creepy film comes loaded with bonus features, including audio commentary with director Corin Hardy, a Surviving the Fairytale: The Making of The Hallow documentary, three behind-the-scenes vignettes, creature concept art, storyboard and sketchbook galleries, and more! Fans can pre-order their copies now by visiting

When a London-based conservationist is sent to Ireland with his wife and infant child to survey an area of forest believed to be hallowed ground by superstitious locals, his
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Promo Picture and Details for 'Gravedigger' Releases

By Seth Metoyer,

The upcoming horror/thriller Gravedigger is currently filming and a promo poster and along with movie details have been released. Take a look at the info below and keep your eyes peeled for more information as they become available.

From The Press Release:

Have you ever felt you needed to just bury your guilt? Literally…

Currently filming, is 2013’s most gruesome tale of fear & fright "Gravedigger." A sinister collaboration between the minds of Award Winning Actor Keith Collins, Doug Bollinger (“Waltzing Anna”), Brandon Ruckdashel (“Co-ed Confidential”) and from the eerie ink of NY Emmy Award Winning Writer Joseph Pepitone & Billy Pepitone (“Stuck in the Middle”), comes a horrifying shock fest that will keep you on the edge of your seat and the brink of insanity throughout a terrifying journey of paranoia.

A vigilante serial killer is stalking, killing and burying those he has judged
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'The Meat Puppet' Currently Shooting in New Jersey

By Seth Metoyer,

You just can't overlook a horror film titled The Meat Puppet. The horror/thriller said to sport lots of body parts and blood is currently filming in New Jersey.

The Meat Puppet is Directed by Joe Valenti (“Echelon 8”) and Produced by Keith Collins. Produced & Executive Produced by Blaze Kelly Coyle and Joe Valenti. Written by Joseph & Billy Pepitone.

With a well-rounded cast including many special appearances and Starring: Gregg Valentino (TLC’s “The Man Whose Arms Exploded”), Billy Sample (“Former NY Yankee”), Brandon Ruckdashel (“Co-ed Confidential”), Geri Reischl (“Gunsmoke”,“The Brady Bunch Variety Hour” aka Fake Jan), Jason Prager (“Beauty and the Geek”), Billy Garcia (“Survivor”), Gary Garver (“formerly from the Howard Stern Show”), Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (“Guns N Roses”), Erick Chopin (Winner of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”), Keith Collins (“Stuck in the Middle”, “BIdentity Crisis”), Jamie Reed-Kovac (Fury – “American Gladiators”), April Hunter
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Incredibly Unique Cast Assembled For The Meat Puppet

Currently filming in New Jersey, The Meat Puppet has assembled one of the more unique casts we've seen in some time. From wrestlers to reality stars to a GnR guitarist and a former New York Yankee, this line-up is certainly one to be appreciated. Dig it.

Looking like American Psycho meets Hannibal, The Meat Puppet tells a story of excess, vanity and cannibalism. Quite the combination. Now dig this line-up featured in the film: The Meat Puppet is directed by Joe Valenti (Echelon 8) and features Gregg Valentino (TLC’s "The Man Whose Arms Exploded"), former New York Yankee Billy Sample, Brandon Ruckdashel (Co-ed Confidential), Geri Reischl ("Gunsmoke","The Brady Bunch Variety Hour" as Fake Jan), Jason Prager ("Beauty and the Geek"), Billy Garcia ("Survivor"), Gary Garver (formerly of The Howard Stern Show), Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (Guns N' Roses), Erick Chopin (Winner of NBC’s "The Biggest Loser"), Keith Collins (Stuck in the Middle,
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