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A romantic young girl, visiting St. Augustine, finds that she must make the choice which means happiness or misery for life. She has two suitors, one an everyday young American who has made his way in the world and is proud of it. He has money, will have more, and in every way would seem desirable. But the other man had ancestors! True, he didn't apparently have much else except a fondness for cigarettes, but he could talk for hours of those knightly days and dazed knights. He had a wonderful ring which had been given to his great-great and a few more great grandfathers, who, as governor of St. Augustine had saved the fort and been rewarded with a ring from the fair hand of the Queen of Spain. He offered her the ring and asked her to marry him. She said yes, and took the ring. It was so romantic. And then some power transported her to "those good old days," and she learned the true story of the ring. It ended her infatuation, and she decided to stop being romantic, and wed a good ...

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