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Not Bad, Not Great, so...Good?
jerk148320 September 2004
"Mr. 3000" has those moments, those moments where you agree that this should have been made into a multi-million dollar feature with big stars and extras and a caterer and all that. There's some pretty funny jokes. It's not a bad film. But it just doesn't really excel anywhere that a sports comedy worth its investment should.

Bernie Mac plays Stan Ross, the titular Mister, and he kind of has the feel for the role all down. But there's two scenes where Mac's inner nice-guy comes out and deflate the bloated jerk he's supposed to be playing. Therefore, the film has this two-headed character, one who is Bernie Mac improvising a nice little scene, and one who is Stan Ross, Mr. 3000 himself.

People have complained the film is too Disney, too formulaic, but the essence of sports is surprise within the bounds of formula. Disney's rules of narrative almost work here; the embittered jerk stripped of his former greatness finds redemption in a second try for his title. It's up to the filmmakers to make it work, to make the redemption by baseball story find nuance and still move the audience. When the drama works (exclusively on the baseball field) and the comedy too (exclusively near the baseball field), this film works too. When it doesn't (pretty much all the arbitrary directions the plot turns to show that he is a jerk), the movie falls flat. So enjoy, but beware the slow scenes with little meaning.
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Bernie Mac drives one home
Jon Ochiai11 October 2004
Bernie Mac is what makes you watch Charles Stone III's "Mr. 3000". Mac is totally funny and has a great screen presence. No doubt this is a star vehicle for Mac, who really benefits from a surprising screenplay by Eric Champnella, Keith Mitchell, and Howard Gould. Their "Mr. 3000" is funny, edgy, and appropriately sentimental. Bernie Mac plays Stan Ross, a great Major League hitter, and also a major league arrogant jerk. Upon reaching his 3000th hit and securing his place in the Hall of Fame, Stan retires leaving his team in a lurch just before the playoffs. Stan parlays his "Mr. 3000" title into a successful business. However, 9 years later when Stan is on the verge of possible sports immortality with an induction into the Hall of Fame, a statistical error reveals that Stan Ross, "Mr. 3000", is really Stan Ross "Mr. 2997". Stan is shy 3 hits-- pretty much killing any chance of a trip to Cooperstown. So at nearly 50 years old, Stan decides to make a comeback. Seeing the potential of increased ticket sales by his return, his old team welcomes him back. Well, at least the owners do. How difficult would it be to get 3 more hits? Well, that is some of the movie.

Bernie Mac has this charm about him that even when playing a world class arrogant jerk, he is still likable. That is amazing. However, in the evolution of the story by Champnella, Mitchell, and Gould, Stan's (Mac's) introspection of the man he was in his youth is effective and at times poignant. Mac as Stan is smart and gradually sees the impact of selfishness on his teammates in the past and present, and with his old flame Mo (a wonderful and gorgeous Angela Bassett). He sees much of his young self in superstar hitter T-Rex (a commanding Brian J. White). Consequently Stan gives T-Rex a wake up call. T-Rex could end up being a lone jerk like Stan, or he could really make a profound difference by being a leader, and inspire his teammates. This is one of the great touches of the "Mr. 3000". Another great touch is Michael Rispoli as Stan's one loyal friend, Boca, who finally points out to Stan that he loves him, because he can always count on Stan to do what is right for Stan, regardless of anyone else. At the heart of the movie is the amazing Angela Bassett as Mo. She knows that Stan is a jerk and she still loves him. She also is sad and angry that Stan doesn't just grow up, knock it off, and be the great man that he deserves to be.

The end really took me by surprise-- I did not expect it. Without giving anything away, everything works out sometimes in the most unsuspecting ways.

Bernie Mac is wonderful here. "Mr. 3000" is that cool fantasy movie where one gets to atone and correct for being young and stupid. And I guess we all continue to do this is some way or fashion. "Mr. 3000" also does this with a sense of humor. This is a great thing.
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Bernie Mac saves Mr 3000
christian12313 February 2005
Mr. 3000 is a decent comedy that works a lot better then it should thanks to Bernie Mac and Angela Bassett. Stan Ross (Bernie Mac), an aging former baseball player, selfishly quit the game after getting his 3,000th hit, knowing that it would get him into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Ten years later, three of his hits have been disqualified, so he needs to get back in shape, get back into the game and try to live up to his nickname of "Mr. 3000". The plot sounds stupid because its only about getting three hits but Bernie Macs character is 47 years old and he is out of shape so it may be a challenge for him. Bernie Mac does a great job and he is the only reason for watching this movie. Angela Bassett is also very good and she is a very underrated actress and I'm surprised she wasted her time with this film. For me baseball isn't very interesting but the baseball scenes in this movie are kind of interesting. People who follow baseball may like but they might also find the plot too silly. This has been described as a family movie and I don't see how since they curse a lot in this. I mean threes nothing hardcore in this but nothing PG either. Charles Stone III does a decent job of directing and this movie is a lot better then other baseball themed movies out there such as Rookie of the Year. There are some laughs in this film but the preview covers most of them. Rating 6/10 a decent comedy with some laughs but nothing special that makes it a must see.
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i liked it
mattkratz8 December 2005
If you like baseball, here is a good film for you. Bernie Mac is perfect in the title role as a Brewers baseball player with an ego the size of Milwaukee who retires just after he thinks he gets his 3000th hit, which he assumes will make him a shoo-in for the Hall of Fame. Many years and no induction later, he learns that three of the hits did not count, and he returns to the game to get those three hits. Mac does a good job and actually fleshes out the character, as his return helps him learn more about being a team player. I really liked this film when I saw it.

*** out of ****
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History Will Be Kinder Than The Critics; The Bratwurst Steals The Show
ray-28024 August 2005
This is an excellent movie because it delivers on the promise of its marketing: you get the story of a 47 year-old former hitting star of the Milwaukee Brewers (Bernie Mac as Stan Ross), who retired nine years earlier with exactly 3,000 hits, believing that to be his ticket to the hall of fame, and milking the "Mr. 3000" persona for all it's worth commercially. It is very common in real life for former athletes to become car dealers and high-end stockbrokers, selling expensive things to rich people who want a little nostalgia as an extra, and if you check the end of "Miracle" you'll find many former members of the 1980 gold medal squad working in finance or banking.

The last-place Brewers are desperate for attendance (at least their owner, played by Chris Noth, is), and they lure Stan back to the ballpark to retire his number. While compiling a list of each of his 3,000 hits, it is learned that three of the hits were counted twice and he only has 2,997 hits, thus cancelling his ticket to Cooperstown. Stan will have none of this, and returns to the Brewers, whose owner figures he'll be a welcome distraction from the standings. Ross faces an uphill battle from the team he publicly derided prior to his return, even finding himself on the receiving end of a seemingly endless tirade of trash talk from a mascot dressed as a BRATWURST. The movie even paid an homage to the "sausage races" that occur in Milwaukee during the seventh inning stretch (a race between four mascots in various sausage uniforms).

The usual suspects (ESPN, etc.) make cameos, and Stan's on-again, off-again love interest (an ESPN reporter played by Angela Bassett) enjoys his company but finds him unsuitable for commitment to anything but his mirror. Stan has a full life and several close friends who accept his narcissism as part of the package that drew the fans to the ballpark all those years. The fans seem willing to forgive Stan everything because he came through for the team all those years, and even empathize with his plight to recapture his primary glory in life, taken from him through a mathematical error not even his. Paul Sorvino manages his best Earl Weaver impersonation as manager Gus Panas, but I was never a fan of that shtick when Earl did it.

The film has no real bad guy (other than Stan's ego), but they add an "It's A Wonderful Life" element to the film in the form of T. Rex Pennebaker (sp?), the brash young slugger you build championship teams around. T. Rex is a lot like Stan used to be, thus giving Stan pause, for like Stan used to, T. Rex walks the walk as he talks the talk. To his credit, T. Rex gives his all even for a last-place team, even if it's only to boost his stats.

Stan, who left the Brewers in a pennant race nine years ago, now tries to be a team player as he pursues the elusive three hits. He tries to show he has matured and loves the game, and assumes a mentoring role for a talented yet very undisciplined, young team, but the "old Stan" does not go away quietly, and in a way that's good, because for as egotistical as Stan is made out to be, it is obvious that he loves people, the spotlight, and genuinely wants to be liked. He just assumes that everyone is out for themselves the way he is out for himself.

If you tried to write the ending to this film, it wouldn't be surprising if you were not too far off from how they wrote this one. The movie doesn't even try to be unpredictable, and this is another strength, because there's really only one or two ways a movie like this can end.
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Bernie Mac & Angela Bassett did Their Thing
whpratt112 December 2006
Enjoyed this film primarily because of the great acting of Bernie Mac,"Guess Who", and his girlfriend in the film, Angela Bassett,(Maureen "Mo" Simmons),"Sunshine State". Bernie plays the role of a super baseball player who winds up having to prove himself all over again in the eyes of the Hall of Fame Judges. There are plenty of laughs and some very warm and sexy scenes with "Mo" who plays a CNN News reporter who has interviews with Bernie and has a quick tongue in response to his remarks about being in love and wanting to tie the knot. If it were not for the above mentioned actors, this film would have fallen completely on its head. Thanks Bernie Mac !
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And now batting again...
Michael O'Keefe12 October 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Stan Ross(Bernie Mac)of the Milwaukee Brewers is his own number one fan. Vain as the devil and as jaded, the big slugger on a slumping team achieves his career milestone...3,000 hits. He is more than happy to rejoice in his elite distinction that should be an automatic election into the hallowed Hall of Fame. After entering the stands and grabbing his 3,000 hit ball from the hands of a young fan; Ross retires and parlays his achievement into a strip mall based on his 3,000 hits. Some time later the owner of the Brewers(Christopher Noth)realizes that attendance is headed for an all-time low and decides to put some butts in the seats by having a Stan Ross day. That is when Stan realizes he had very little respect from his former teammates...but the fans still loved him. Upon checking stats in the record books it is discovered that three of Ross' hits were counted twice...leaving him three short of the actual three thousand hits. Stan "The Man" comes out of retirement and rejoins the dismal Brewers at the end of a season that finds them in reach of finishing third in their division. All Stan needs is three hits and finds it easier said than done. He discovers that he really missed the game that he took for granted. He now found enjoyment in giving advise to the younger players. And he found himself refurbishing a broken down relationship with an old flame Mo(Angela Bassett)who works for ESPN no less. Funny man Mac doesn't look too out of place as a ballplayer. I wish there was a way Bassett's role could have had more screen time. Also in the cast are: Michael Rispoli, Brian J. White and Paul Sorvino. Sexual content and language makes for a strong PG-13.
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A real sleeper
Clothahump25 September 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not a Bernie Mac fan per se, but he does a good job in this movie. It's a great baseball movie, but more importantly, it's a movie about growing up and maturing into a responsible human being who is willing to sacrifice for the greater good. It's better than I thought it would be, even allowing for the cheesy, semi-mandatory hump scenes with his girlfriend.

SPOILER ALERT - don't read past here if you haven't seen the movie.

The entire story is ostensibly based on Bernie's egotistical jerk character trying to regain 3 base hits in the major leagues that were removed because they had been posted in error. His entire life is wrapped around being one of the few 3000 hit holders in the majors, so he's dedicated to regaining them solely for his own ego. Along the way, however, he discovers something that he should have known all along (and that most professional sports figures have forgotten) - it's a team sport, not an individual sport. At the end of the last game of the season, with his last shot at number 3000 on the line, Bernie lays down a sacrifice bunt so that his team can win the game and take third place. He gives up his shot at 3000 and in doing so, he becomes a greater star than he would have if he had taken the big swing.
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Bernie Mac hits a triple
spgorelick20 March 2007
I love movies and I love watching sports. Not surprisingly, I really enjoy sports movies. Good ones. This is a very good one.

Bernie Mac, as the ragingly ego maniacal baseball star Stan Ross, accomplishes the near impossible. He makes us despise his character, then pity him, and finally adore him. He is completely comfortable in the role, and commands the screen with almost shocking ease.

The movie doesn't go for a home run, and therein lies much of its strength. This isn't "The Natural." The director and writer are content to tell a straightforward but very entertaining story with a good message for athletes of all ages. "Mr. 3000" is funny and ultimately quite touching, and the ending is both surprising and fitting.

My kids enjoyed the movie as much as I did. So count this as three "thumbs up" for a Hollywood movie with a little bit of heart.
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Mr 3000 The movie that everyone should be forced to watch.
david-vella26 March 2005
This movie is not only a work of art but every single second is gripping and welds you to your seat.

If you have kids you can watch it with them and explain what you learn from this movie, buffering the scenes that might be a little spicy which are not that chilly in today's world.

If you want to have a good time, and enjoy the thrill of learning something in an entertaining way then watch this film. It's terrific content and wisdom seeps from its seams like tea from a teabag.

Well done to all the actors, writers and producers. I don't know what criteria gives a movie Oscars, hopefully it is not just the millions they dump into it. I would have easily given it best actor and best screen play.

Not telling you any of the story here so that you go and watch it.
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Is that what I think it is??....Oh my! Laugh Out Loud Funny
sparkliegurl14 September 2004
After seeing the trailers, you hope for so much and hope that all the funny stuff isn't just in the trailer and that it will be funny. Then you hope you haven't over-shot it and get disappointed. This movie delivers! And is funnier than you will think, even from the premise and the trailers. Bernie Mac is perfect in this role; almost to the point where you think it may be type-casting...he's that good. The entire supporting cast is amazing too, and that is rare in a comedy. It's one that you have to watch a couple of times because you will miss bits and pieces in the theater as the laughter rolls over a few choice lines. The way it was shot and some of the surprises (like having some of the crew from the Best Damn Sports Show Period on the couch), also kept you into it. My expectations, although a bit high, were easily met and surpassed by this witty and wonderful movie. Oh, and the baseball references. There were enough to keep baseball enthusiasts interested, but not too many to go over the heads of most viewers. I had a good time watching it. That's rare in movies.
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The Most Entertaining Moment in Milwaukee Brewers History
Ryan12 March 2005
Bernie Mac plays a spoiled baseball player who does not like the media, does not respect the fans, and has no use for his teammates in the movie Mr. 3000. Is he playing, perhaps, a cartoon of a present day super star, perhaps one who plays left field in San Francisco? Regardless, Mr. 3000 is one of the hundreds of baseball movies that have come down the pike, and like most baseball movies, the super stars are jerks and everyone else on the team are just there to fill the background. This is not to say the movie is not entertaining, it does have several amusing moments and the baseball action is perhaps the most realistic in a movie, it is just that the movie does not break much new ground. Bernic Mac plays Stan Ross, an egotistical super star who retires the same night he gets his 3000th hit, the traditional statistic that gets a player into the Hall of Fame. However, because of the bridges he burned with the media, Ross cannot get into the Hall of Fame, and to make matters worst, it is found out that Ross didn't get 3000 hits, rather 2997 hits. So Ross needs to come out of retirement, not an easy task for a player out of the league for 9 years. Fat and out of shape, Ross beings his comeback. While not popular with the media, he is popular with the fans, as seen in perhaps the funniest scene of the movie where an old middle relief pitcher who still hates Ross is the only player who would volunteer to introduce him at his number retirement ceremony, and this popularity with the fans motivates the Brewers' owner (Chris Noth) to let the old player be apart of the team. The humor comes from Mac's natural charm an his ability to ham it up when playing the self-absorbing ball player. Sure there are certain sports formulas throughout the movie, but it is still entertaining enough to warrant a view, if for nothing else but to see Bernie Mac do what he does, or to see the very nice looking Angela Bassett as an ESPN reporter. Baseball fans will notice a few things that could upset them (how many times do the Brewers and Astros play?), but a nice touch was how good the on-field action looks and all of those sports talking heads play a part in this movie. Even a nit-picking sports fan enjoyed Mr. 3000.
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Mr. 3000: 5/10
movieguy102129 September 2004
Baseball movies usually aren't exciting. In fact, most sports movies aren't. To make a sports movie good, you need to focus on the characters and the plot. Or, you can just make it generic, like Mr. 3000, the first real Bernie Mac vehicle. The character's ego-centric, has a one-note love interest, learns his lesson, etc. No new ground is really covered, and there's not really any huge laughs. But I'd rather watch it again than get a lobotomy, and that's more than I can say about most other movies out there.

Stan Ross (Mac), an egotistical power hitter for the Milwaukee Brewers, aims to just get in the hall of fame, so once he gets 3000 hits, he quits. Nine years later, after milking the 3000 until the udder's dry, it's revealed that Stan only hit 2997 hits. Stan decides to rejoin the Brewers (they need all the help they can get) to get his 3 hits needed to be a shoe-in to the hall of fame. He's not treated with respect by his former teammates, yadda yadda yadda. Think Space Cowboys except on earth and one guy.

Much like Head of State, Bad Santa, two other movies in which Mac had small roles, there weren't many laughs. A moment here or there, but really I don't remember really laughing much at Mr. 3000. The old jokes were, well, old-they put a walker at his locker, how hilarious is that. He's also not as strong-he can't do exercises! Every joke seemed old and overused. And don't you hate it when in movies, tough guys talk about effeminate things (in this case, soap operas). It's just annoying, and still seemed predictable. And none of the supporting characters really added, either. The funniest character, I guess, would be the token Asian guy. Still, it's nothing that this movie required.

As expected, the movie had a one-note romantic relationship between Stan and Mo (Angela Bassett), his former girlfriend and now a reporter for ESPN (by the way, this movie had so many product-and TV show-placements it's not even funny. Actually, it's funnier than most of the film, and these placements weren't funny), which every sports movie must have in now. The whole backstory of their relationship isn't really explained, it seemed forced, whatever. But on the other hand, Mr. 3000 did prove its point, brought things around full circle, and ended up having a clear, simple, but worthy message at the end. Speaking of the end, it was really predictable. Not just really, I mean really. I couldn't really buy all of the twists in Stan, but it's a movie, so I guess I'll accept them. For a comedian, Mac did a surprisingly good job. He was effective in the dramatic scenes, and tried to be funny in the comedic scenes. He may soon become a leading man in comedies, and then turn over to dramas, a la Jim Carrey.

Director Charles Stone III (Drumline) is a mixed bag. One pet peeve I have is that TV shows are always in the aspect ratio of the movie, yet Stone doesn't do that. It's a small thing, but I congratulate him on that. But Stone can't seem to get many laughs out of this supposedly promising material. At least the tagline's funny.

My rating: 5/10

Rated PG-13 for sexual content and language.
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Entertaining, but left me wanting...
cpbeau19 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The premise of this movie was pretty good, and Bernie Mac playing a typical character was enough to get me to want to watch it.

It didn't disappoint, but it also didn't surprise.

Mac came across as pompous but likable, especially as you could see that the events of the movie matured him.

As a baseball fan, I usually disdain sports movies where too much reality is suspended. In this age of statistics, it's hard to believe that an error could have occurred but the explanation was reasonable. His comeback at age 47, for a losing club during September call ups, also was not too much of a stretch, nor was the 'publicity' angle.

This movie had one HUGE gaffe....why was Dick Enberg the team's announcer when Bob Uecker was such an obvious choice, even if he wasn't "playing" himself? I thought that the 'love interest' plot line was a little contrived. Personally, I think it would have been better in a baseball sense to explore the relationship between he and his former coach turned manager and see him become even more of a mentor to the younger players.

Overally though, it was entertaining. More good than bad. I'd put it somewhere between Major League II (better) and Maror League III (worse). About equal to Mr. Baseball with Tom Selleck.

If you're already paying for movie channels, worth watching, if not, catch it on regular cable in a years.
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What Can I Say? I Love Baseball Movies. I Liked This One, Too.
BigHardcoreRed7 October 2004
Out of the countless baseball movies made, I can't think of one that I didn't like. Mr. 3000 isn't one of the greatest movies ever made. It isn't even one of the greatest baseball movies ever made. However, I did find it entertaining and liked it regardless. It was better than I first thought it would be. Bernie Mac was funny, although I've seen him funnier, as was his team, in a Major League sort of way.

I always find myself captivated by the baseball scenes. Something about the "will to win" plot of just about all sports movies is what I can't get enough of. This movie was no different.

If you liked the Major League series, Mr. Baseball, *61, Babe, Bull Durham, Field Of Dreams, The Natural or even Angels In The Outfield, A League Of Their Own, The Fan and The Naked Gun (The baseball scenes made the movie as funny as it was), then there's no doubt you'll like Mr. 3000 as well. I give 8 of 10 stars.
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Great Fun Entertainment!
bitstorm13 September 2005
This is exactly the kind of movie that when you walk out of the theater you'll be smiling and not complaining about the price.

I'm not going to give you a blow by blow of this flick but i'll say this much, for a baseball movie it's truly funny, it's not clichéd and just when you think you know where the movie is going? it goes somewhere else.

It won't win an Academy Award because there isn't a category for "Just Good Clean Well Thought Out Fun", but's that's Hollywood.

Ultimately, this is great entertainment. Give it a shot, you won't be sorry.
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An accurate look at sports egos.
Walter Frith6 February 2005
I liked this movie. Bernie Mac is convincing, funny and a reflection of the selfishness of today's athletes that has turned a lot of people off of professional sports. A friend rented it as a surprise and I was impressed with its accuracy dealing with an athlete's ego and how everything is about him and forget about everyone else. A little bit of a twist comes in the film and while I don't think I've ever seen another film with more product placements, 'Mr. 3000' is worth a casual look and although it is about baseball, it is a wake up call with NHL hockey currently at a stand still and a reminder that any sport can be dragged through the mud at anytime.
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A great story finally makes it to the big screen.
solarsound712 September 2004
Some are questioning the accuracy of the trailer. Everyone and their brother knows 3,000 hits isn't an all time record, but it is the career record of our star. (Bernie Mac) Any accumulation of stats constitutes a RECORD! Chill out all you nit pickers, and just go see a thoroughly entertaining movie.

Bernie Mac finally has a star vehicle to elevate his performance from punch comedy to legitimate acting. The story itself provides enough hidden gems to round out the package, and deliver 2 hours of entertainment.

If you're looking for a baseball history lesson.....go rent "When it was a Game". If you want to laugh your butt off and feel good.....go see "Mr. 3000".
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The Ultimate Movie Review! - - @tss5078
Tss50785 February 2018
Bernie Mac was one of my favorite comedians, but I have to admit that I wasn't expecting much out of this film. Mac played Stan Ross, one of the best baseball players to ever step foot on the field in Milwaukee. He retired right after he got his 3000th hit, something that is very difficult to do in the Majors. After his career, Mr. 3000 became his personal moniker, as he launched a number of businesses under the Mr. 3000 name. Ross is even being considered for the Hall of Fame, when a review of his statistics finds an error. As it turns out, three of his hits had been counted twice, and now to maintain his Mr. 3000 persona, Ross must return to the game, at age 47, to try and get three more hits. While this was supposed to be a comedy, the part I really enjoyed was seeing how this superstar, who had everything handed to him, his whole life, struggled to do the simplest of things. The other players hazed him, the younger players resented him, and he had to somehow rectify this with his massive ego. As for Mac, he was outstanding! The man was truly unique and I feel as though he never got the chance to reach his real potential. Films like Mr. 3000 were fun and definitely enjoyable for the audience, but they weren't the kind of award winning, career defining roles that he was really capable of. This film is full of laughs and the sports action wasn't bad either, to say the least, I was fairly impressed and I think you will be too.
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Netflix has it, so I rewatched it for first time in a LONG time
benson343629 September 2017
I was 11 when this movie came out. It came out around the same time Taxi came out with Queen Latifa and Jimmy Fallon. Being a kid, I enjoyed both of the movies then, but since then Taxi has became nothing special to me, but Bernie Mac was always such a fantastic and enjoyable actor. So I rewatched Mr. 3000, for the first time in probably 10 years and I still enjoy this film. Bernie Mac was such an underestimated actor, but always played that enjoyable part. He was in LIFE with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence back in 1999 and that movie is an all time favorite of mine. I wish we could have seen a couple more movies with Mac in them, but his passing away some years back only make his movies that more enjoyable. If you have yet to see this movie, I would recommend giving it a watch and if you are like me and have not viewed it in a long time, I would rewatch it! It's a 7 out of 10 for me.
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Better Than My LOW Expectations
Ian2 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
(Flash Review)

I figured I'd clear this out of my streaming queue in honor of baseball's opening week. Not what I expected for a plot but that's good and it kept me moderately engaged throughout. Even with some cliché story arcs. Amusing little plot of an arrogant ballplayer (think Barry Bonds) who gets base hit #3,000 and immediately retires even with his team in a pennant chase. Getting to 3,000 typically punches your ticket to the hall of fame. Several years later, a statistical error takes away 3 of his hits before he get into the HoF. At age 47, he attempts a comeback to collect three more hits and prove he is HoF worthy. Can he do it!? And of course will he learn to be humble and more friendlier? There are actually a couple nice little twists, telegraphed yes, but made for an above average story. Certainly won't win any awards but it was better than I imagined.
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Mac Pinch Hits for Solid Baseball Comedy-Drama
Warning: Spoilers
This was a fun, enjoyable, film. It's as much about accepting the maturity of middle-age as it is about the main plot of a retired pro baseball player literally getting back into the game to hopefully achieve a benchmark statistic: 3,000 base hits. Bernie Mac is player Stan Ross, and Mac's onstage standup persona informs much of the portrayal of Ross: Gruff, self-confident, chip on his shoulder, but also with a sensitive side beneath all the "onion" layers. Ross's presence on his old team is polarizing among the players, but he quickly becomes an unofficial assistant coach, offering salient observations about team player performance and the competition alike. This film was produced by Touchstone/Buena Vista, so look for cameos by Disney-owned ESPN personalities as well as other celebrity pundits and TV hosts.

Ross's behavior before his retirement pushes the edge of cartoon-like satire, but the ensuing plot progression is intriguing, including the relationship with Bassett's sports reporter "Mo". This aspect in particular bears mentioning. Here you have two middle-aged African American single adults (especially Bassett, who remains severely underused) who are allowed to be vulnerable, haughty, and nervous with one another. It's a demographic portrayal that is often bereft in mainstream American film releases.

The bullpen camaraderie is engaging, particularly the mutual ongoing hazing and the tensions between Ross and Pennebaker. Intriguingly, the asides between the two men have nothing to do with race, but the price of letting ego drive your career even if you're talented-- Ross being a Baby Boomer who came of age when African American player participation and fan attention was at a zenith, and Pennebaker being a Gen X guy in the era of astoundingly huge contracts, hip-hop-infused on-and-off-field flamboyance, yet dwindling black American players and fans alike. Ross's chase of hit 3000 is a worthy main plot, but the generation gap in modern pro baseball could have provided another intriguing alternative narrative.
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Over paid, egocentric, pretty boy, Jock becomes Good Guy, in the end...
roygray4231 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
If you like baseball and you dislike preening, smug, rich whiny athletes, you should enjoy Mr 3000. If you're not a baseball fan, pass on this one. Not worth your time. The late Bernie Mac makes this movie work. He is 'Mr 3000' for most of the first half of the story. He struts. He preens. He sells himself as 'gods gift' to baseball and all things Stan Ross - his film name. From his car dealerships and restaurants to any and all baseball memorabilia that can make him another buck. He sells it, big time. The only thing he can't seem to sell. A place in baseball's Hall of Fame. A place he dearly wants and desperately seeks. After all. how can they deny him a place if he actually had a 3000 hit career? Well, there you go - **Plot Spoiler** - as it turns out he really doesn't have 3000. And here you have the 2nd half of the film / plot twist(ed)... Yea, he gets a chance to redeem himself / become a good guy / get in Hall of Fame / win the girl, in the last 45 minutes or so. And, it works, kinda. If you believe major league baseball would give a retired, fat, 47 yr old, bad-boy a 2nd chance, well, it is a Disney movie...
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Fantastic Comedy With a Great Message
schuster_mark19 June 2014
I can't believe the rating people have given this movie. It's easily one of the best all around comedies I've ever seen. Bernie Mac is what I call a "real" actor. He engages you from his first appearance on the screen and doesn't let go until the end. You can't say that about many actors. In addition, he's FUNNY! Comedy is all about timing and the ability of the actor to let it all hang out. Bernie does and as a result makes the entire movie better! This movie is about second chances, life and growing old. It's about one of the best, if not "the best", sports in America: Baseball. It's about doing what's right at the end of the day. It's about learning that age old lesson that we're all in this together, so you either play nice and enjoy the ride or get off. The human element of this movie alone earns it a 10/10 - but on top of that is some top notch acting and comedy. Well worth a view. I've watched this movie at least 5 times and love it more every time.
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When you get a base hit in this millennium, then you can come on down there, and talk to me.
Ben Larson9 December 2013
I do not know any baseball stars up close, so I have no idea if they are all assholes like Stan Ross. Bernie Mac does a great impression of the player that even the team mascot hates. Well, I wouldn't undo his zipper either.

He burned all his bridges and finds he is three hits away from the magic 3000 club. Now, he has to come back, and he finds it wasn't as easy as he thought. He will eat a lot of crow before all is said and done.

Angela Bassett comes into the picture, and Stan starts being nicer and helping out his young teammates.

All sports movies end the same way - the big play at th last second to win the pennant. The big play came, and a big man emerged.
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