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Leeches! (2003)
morrigan19827 September 2009
The movie was bad. But the guys playing in it made it possible to for me to see it until the end. I really don’t know what kind of budget they had for this movie, I am sure it wasn’t that much, but the director did a good job. The shots seemed weird but they served their purpose: not to see the hands! When you see the movie you will understand what I mean with the “hands”! For the money they must have had, I really thought they did a pretty good job although some sounds, like the heartbeat when the leeches came, made me want to break the TV screen! The positive of this movie was the director who had some interesting findings to make his movie work. On the other hand the movie didn’t work that well in the end! But I found it pretty interesting watching and learning how the director worked with what he had in every scene and made it possible for this movie to come out. Really don’t expect much, it’s not that good. For those who love low budget movies you will love this one. It is one of the worst and it is an honor I think for a horror movie to be one of the bottom. First the octopus in “Bride Of The Monster”, now the leeches in “Leeches!”. The actors had to do what Lugosi had done then!! Sorry for not saying more you will have to see it!
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Absolutely Atrocious
ucfmatt29 August 2003
Leeches is by far the worst movie I've had the "pleasure" of seeing this year. I love low budget creature-feature type flicks, but this one is unforgivably bad. It's also the most blatantly homo-erotic movie I've ever seen. Every two minutes there's a slow motion "buff guy undressing" scene for no reason. All the young male actors take off their shirts/pants (in gratuitous slow motion) for no reason at all, even during the horror scenes. Seriously, you have to see it to believe it, it's awful. The leech attacks are a series of strobe effects and bizarre editing, this is one horrible crappy flick. AVOID! 1/10
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oh god, the pain.
dravenlee7 October 2003
There is no reason why this movie is as bad as it is. wait, yes there is. it was shot in six days and as far as i can tell, the budget went to location fees instead of talent. the movie was made b/c one of the actors "wanted to play a nerd," and it's just downhill from there.

the actors all look alike, and i can't tell whose character is who. for a campy horror movie, there is NO sex, not even nudity. and the leeches. the barely muppet-esque, hand puppet leeches. the pain. the agony.

i've watched some bad movies in my time, but this simply takes the cake. a bad aprody of a film student's final project, this is a flick to be avoided AT ALL COSTS. and when something isn't even worth the cost of a 99 cent rental...

it's just bad. out and out painfully, not even mockably bad.
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Leeches is ... well it sucks...
A_Roode16 April 2006
I've got a friend who plays on my masochistic urges. He tries to dig up the worst movies that he can because he knows I'll watch anything once. 'Leeches' was his most recent bid to break my spirit. It is pretty far from great, but it is no worse than you might expect it to be. This is actually a very good time to 'judge a book by its cover.' Everything you need or want to know is there.

In fairness, the film is not trying to be anything more than a low-level exploitation film. A similarly masochistic buddy of mine watched it with me and we actually found it hilariously funny in a couple of spots. The acting is total cheeseball and the dialogue is ridiculous. The film is charged with homo-eroticism. Come on, it is just hilarious the number of shower scenes that take place, and the fact that all of the guys go into slow motion when they undress to go swimming.

The leeches are pretty funny. They move very slowly ... until they attack. Then suddenly they become piranhas and move with lightening speed. The leeches also have high pitched squeaky voices. Oh yes, this is a special film.

If I was going to be generous I would say you could watch this film as a satire of teen monster movies or that it is maybe a message film -- "Steroids are BAD!" You'll be happier if you watch it and just revel in the b-movie humour. A lot of it is unintentional and the actors all take their parts with a hilarious degree of seriousness. What little hope there might have been for this movie was spoiled by a completely random plot twist in the last moments of the movie.

I was going to list a series of questions that the movie had brought up for me, like why a competitive swim team with an Olympic sized pool would need to swim in a leech infested lake. I don't really want to waste anymore time on this movie though and I hope anyone reading this is doing it pre-emptively. I love bad movies but this is just garbage, sprinkled with a side of unintentional humour.
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Good For Only Two Things
boyinflares23 September 2005
I had been trying to get this for a long time, it had no release in New Zealand, but I eventually found it on a trading website. I pretty much knew what to expect, and the film turned out to be as I suspected, utter trash. That's not to say that the film could have been more, because it probably could have been. Though this is the first David DeCoteau film I have seen, I had heard what they were like. The story was rather absurd, but so are a lot of other's that pass for films now-days. The only redeeming qualities for this film were firstly the array of hot guys in the speedoes parading around for most of the film, and secondly the classy chicks who all had great hair! (Weird, I know). A lot of the guys looked alike so it was sometimes hard to tell them apart, but once they all began to get killed, it didn't really matter. So if you want a d-grade movie with plenty of eye-candy, check this out, otherwise, stay away, as it may "Bleed you dry" like the tagline says.
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richard cavellero26 August 2003
Wow there are some hotties in this movie. As a young gay man and a horror movie buff I've always appreciated Decateou's films. There obviously not meant to be taken to seriously. But they're always a lot of fun. This one features less homeoertocism than the others and still doesn't deliver on a good hookup scene or even a kiss. But there are tight, buff, bodies everywhere with the most beautiful faces attachted to them check out Jason(I think I'm in Love). And as far as the movie goes, it's not half bad. Sure there's some cheesy dialogue,spfx and plot developments. However,these things add to the overall fun of the film giving it an 80's horror flick type feel. Now before I begin a film synopsis may I say that this a huge step up from the other fare Decateou has directed. The acting is about average, the direction is tight and the filming is stylish. And for all those bashers out there watch the other flix before tearing my just opinion apart. So it's like this, There's a swim team who takes steroids and hang out at a leech infested lake. The leeches bite them and mutate into giant super leeches that kill off members of their clan one by one. There really isn't a main charachter and no one is really all that developed. But his charachters have slightly more depth than your average teen thriller. They have moral dilemnas and in most cases are fully redeemed before meeting there untimely fates. So no matter whats your thing you curious guys out there and girls there are alot worse ways you could spend an evening.
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I Just never stopped laughing. I Loved it.
ApolloBoy1091 December 2004
This is a specific target market: Gay men who love Horror films. It is not for woman who like seeing the flesh of men at all. Directed by super la cheapo David DeCoteau, who could bring any movie under budget. And it is not for heterosexual fans of horror either. Period! I have David's entire collection of these types of films. I surprise my friends with one every once in a while and they swoon. They love them! Someone -- with a sense of humor -- is actually smart enough to produce them and I'll bet they make a bundle. There is a market for this. It is not necessary to rip it apart. Yes. From the onset, anyone familiar with these films, (Voodoo Academy, Brotherhood et al.) knows what they're in for. Hot stupid guys with great asses running around in their underwear. The plots vary but who cares, the dialogue is straight from the 1950s Drive-In fare.

My favorite in this film, is the Leech coming up the leg of a sleeping hunk, right up to his lower ass, the Leech rears it's head and it looks like he's gonna plunge into the guy's . . . . I was laughing so hard. Alright, serious business here. David, please, please, please can't we have a couple of hot butt shots (naked)!! So. Hot studs. Underwear. Crazy plot. Acting not so good. DeCoteau's dazzling and interesting camera shots. What's not to like??
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This movie leached $3.50 out of my wallet and 85 min out of my life!
stormruston26 July 2006
I finally meet a monster movie I did not like, what a sad day. This seems to be a movie designed around shirtless men/boys. I gave up counting nipples at about 1000, sadly for me all men, good news for teen females I guess.

This is a monster movie, so lets talk about the monsters. What a joke, I could see the string in one scene dragging a lump of green rubber shaped like a turd, across the floor. Woo! That scared the crap out of me. Rest of the time it was a unconvincing hand puppet.Just brutal.

Acting sucked, Story was poor, sets were boring, and my time was wasted. I did like this better then "speeddemons" but that is not saying much.

I can not recommend this movie to a "B" movie monster film lover, or anyone else for that matter, avoid it.
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Possibly the worst film in the whole world
d_danux12 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Well, it was possible at least to watch this movie unless the big leeches occurred in the screen. The horror scene was so terrible and unprofessional that I got an impression it was a final work of a very untalented and poor student, who was finishing unknown film college. It could be affordable if movie was made in 1978 or smth, but nowadays it is more than a sin to release such piece of junk. The big killer leeches were clearly hand puppets - you can see how "actors" are touching their throats with their own hands in "leechy" gum gloves. That was the total bottom. And they even couldn't put some mucilage on those gloves - the absurd theatre. What is more, there are much scenes where's no logic and absolutely silly phrases like "Trust Steve" and all guys listened without any discussions. Why? There's no intrigue in this film at all - students are killed like cattle in the farm one after another. What is more, two guys in the college are killed (first two victims) and nobody misses them but when another guy takes a pack of steroids and is found dead on the shore, everybody makes a huge flurry. The final scene, when they are trying to entice the leeches and to electroshock them in the swimming-pool, is a total nonsense. The worst of the worst scenes I have ever seen. The director is a total idiot. "The Alien" , which was made in 1979, has 100 times better special effects than a movie built in 2003! Shame, shame, shame! And you don't have to blame just a poor budget - there are many holes and except that factor. TRY TO AVOID THIS MOVIE AND TELL TO FRIENDS.
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Really awful low budget horror film, real life leeches don't suck as much as this.
Paul Andrews20 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Leeches! is set in & around 'Lakecrest College' somewhere in California where lately hunky dude Jason (Josh Henderson) has been having disturbing nightmares. Together with his girlfriend Casey (Stacey Nelson) they come to the conclusion that the steroids he has been taking may be responsible, you see Jason is aiming to get a swimming scholarship & has been taking steroids supplied by his best friend Stevo (Matthew Twining). It's not like the rest of the swimming team aren't taking them is it? As Stevo & Jason take a dip in a river blood-sucking leeches attach themselves to their backs & start drinking. They eventually discover the leeches & pull them off but don't kill them... Having drunk steroid loaded blood the leeches mutate into, well, bigger leeches. As an important swimming contest fast approaches Stevo puts pressure on another team member named Tony (Stephen Swan) to take a whole bag of steroids for even better performance, unfortunately Tony ends up in the river where even more leeches feast upon his blood which has a seriously high steroid content. It's not long before Lakecrest College is overrun with giant blood-sucking slimy mutant leeches & the students are on the menu...

Co-produced & directed by David DeCoteau, who according to the IMDb also has a small uncredited role in the film as Franklin the Walkie Talkie Voice(!), Leeches! is a very poor film throughout. The script by Michael Gingold could have been decent fun as a creature feature type horror but instead it's just lame, it's boring & has no depth as it skates over & all but ignores the drug usage issue. The character's are awful, the dialogue sucks & everyone is one dimensional teenage leech food & wouldn't you notice or feel a huge mutant leech crawling up your naked back? It's one of those films which has an outrageous premise & promises so much but in the end I simply couldn't wait for it to end, speaking of the end there's a 'twist' which comes from nowhere & seemed totally pointless. The body count is low & the leeches themselves are far from scary or threatening, in fact the real leeches used at the start are more effective than the stupid rubber ones.

Leeches! was one of two films director DeCoteau made during '03, the other being Speed Demon (2003), so you can probably guess the sort of time & commitment spent on Leeches! First of all it's true what everyone says about Leeches!, DeCoteau uses & films as many half naked young guys as he can. I can't remember a shot where a guy actually had a shirt on to be honest, constant shots of young men in their speedos as DeCoteau's camera can't get enough of it! Surprisingly this was shot in a 2:35:1 aspect ratio (basically you will have thick bars at the top & bottom of the screen if you see it that way) which could have given DeCoteau the opportunity to make a nice looking & stylish film, he obviously passed the opportunity up. The violence & gore is as restrained as possible, someone coughs some blood up, a few leech bite marks & a decent bit where a wire slices through someone's throat. For some bizarre & highly annoying reason DeCoteau films the weak attack scenes with quick cuts & with strobe lighting effects which happen during the attack's but not before or after, the words cheap 'n' nasty spring to mind.

With a budget that probably wouldn't cover a round of drinks Leeches! is a pretty shoddy production that was probably made with the video/DVD market in mind. Low production values, really poor special effects as the leeches themselves are mostly just glove puppets & are only filmed from half way up their bodies & Leeches! just has that cheap vibe throughout.

Leeches! is a pretty poor film, to it's credit it's short & it moves along at a fair pace although generally speaking it's just poor. If you enjoy looking at half naked young guys then Leeches! is definitely for you, if you enjoy a good horror film then Leeches! definitely isn't for you.
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A Cut (Bite?) Above Other Low-Budget Creature Features!
LEECHES! (love that retro exclamation point! :-) turns what could have been another low-budget schlock horror flick into good creepy unpretentious fun, thanks to the witty, twisty script by Michael Gingold (of FANGORIA Magazine fame) and the stylish direction of David DeCoteau. The scaly-scary leech puppets are well-done considering the tight F/X budget, and the swim team angle provides a nice excuse to watch the cast of hotties writhe around in as little clothing as possible -- *yum!* ;-) Gingold freshens the Nature Goes Nuts plot by making the leeches' deadly transformation the result of sucking on the swimmers' steroid-rich blood -- so you see, LEECHES! is not only an effective horror film, it provides a strong subtext about the dangers of relying on steroids to enhance athletic performance, not to mention swimming in unknown waters! :-) The leech-attack set pieces were staged suspensefully and inventively (I won't go into detail because I don't want to spoil any surprises). My only complaint is the strobe-light-style transitions; I suspect director DeCoteau might have been trying to emulate the lightning motif he's used in previous movies (listen to his commentary on the DVD for more details), but I'm afraid I found these flashing transitions migraine-inducing (I'm not being snarky -- I am in fact a migraine sufferer). Luckily, these are only a very small part of this otherwise enjoyable popcorn flick; it's a fun rental for a lazy afternoon or night of horror movie-watching!
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The Movie Is Crap
Bocklocke24 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This movie coudln't even be classified as a "horror" movie because it's not even scary. What we have here are several actors who think they know how to "act", and several very moronic leech props. See, the leech thing is what gets me the most. The leeches don't even look like leeches; they look like rubber snakes with someone's hand inside (which is so) moving it. The movie looks fake and even the little skirmish in the end when the guy gets a pipe stuck in his back and blood fakeishly oozes out. Even in the end when the guy in the pool dies looks dumbly fake. Anyone who likes real horror films can easily pass this on up w/o guilt.
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The "Tingler" meets "Bikini Beach"
wadeboi20 December 2004
Campy fun reminiscent of William Castle's classic "The Tingler." Never takes itself too seriously as rather obvious hand puppet leeches crawl up victim's bodies. Not sure why people think this film is "gay." Gosh, boys on swimming endurance team wearing Speedos. What else would they wear? If a woman directed this picture no one would make such an outrageous observation. When two boys strip off their baggy swim trunks to shower in their Speedos we get the feeling that the director is being a little too cautious about offending homophobic straight males. "Porky's" (1982) showed far more male nudity, including frontal, and the boys in the Annette Funicelo-Frankie Avalon "Beach" movies were shirtless more often that these guys. This is one of the better DeCoteau outings: beautiful location work and a good-looking cast (a departure from the pimply 1950s teens this film pays homage to). The shower scene with the leeches is an interesting blend of Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" shower murder and the attic bird attack in "The Birds." (This victim showers in his underwear, alone in his own house -- I guess that saves doing laundry?) Like most modern horror epics this is more of an ensemble story with too many characters that lead to dead-end plot lines (no pun intended). This would have been a better film with a smaller cast and stronger character development. Curious R rating, apparently for steroid use. Violence is bloody but make believe. Watch it as a double feature with "The Tingler."
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Good bad horror movie
GreenRangerv128 June 2006
This is by no means a good horror movie other than sitting around to make fun of it. My friends and I have entire bad horror movie marathons, just to get a kick out of how bad they really are. We watched this Wednesday evening and laughed and laughed. It's not so terrible it's unwatchable, but watch it if you love good "bad" horror movies. It's akin to the 70's movie "Frogs" for the modern age and is still as crappy. Still, it's watchable, unless you're a homophobe and are too insecure to handle shots of male chests and legs and the occasional butt shot. Most people rate it badly because of this, but since I am secure with my heterosexualness, I don't need to judge it solely on the fact that it seems to have gay undertones. (even though there's no gay couples what so ever)
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Gay porn, masquerading as a killer-leeches movie
Phillemos27 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is apparently someone's way of getting revenge on me for putting all my thoughts about the attractiveness of the females in all my IMDb.com horror movie reviews. "Leeches!" (as opposed to "Leeches?") is a hideously slow-moving movie that features a lot of bathing-trunk clad guys getting attacked in slow motion by mutated leeches in the shower stalls of their local community college, with pseudo-porn background music. Apparently one of the students had been messing with steroids and accidentally created the leech problems. Conversely, NOBODY involved in this disaster has been messing with script-writing, special effects or casting. I could live with the homo-erotic influences of this movie if it were not for the absence of actual horror movie scenes. The ending is incredibly dumb, too. They try to leave the door open for a sequel, but the way they do it with a plot twist that is just so silly you'll laugh. In conclusion, there is more modeling time by the male actors than there are scenes featuring the killer leeches. I can only hope that someday, someone will do a movie called "Gay Porn!" that will be about an invasion of killer leeches. A truly terrible movie.
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Nice homo-erotic film, but not a horror film
slayrrr66627 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
"Leeches" is a troubled DeCouteau effort.


At Lakecrest College, the male swim team, Stevo, (Matt Twining) Jason, (Josh Henderson) Spencer, (Michael Lutz) Tony, (Stephen Sowan) and Fish, (Greg Lyczkowski) are preparing for the swim meet by taking steroids, which Jason's girlfriend Casey, (Stacey Nelson) doesn't approve of. While going swimming for Spring Break, they take a swim in leech-infested waters, and they come back to campus with the leeches following them. As the leeches start devouring the swim team, the remaining members of the team and their girlfriends race to stop the creatures.

The Good News: Speaking as a heterosexual male, it doesn't bother me that the film was an implicit homosexual film. It's quite obvious from the first five minutes that this was the intention of the film, and as such, it succeeds quite capably. There are plenty of shots of young buff men in swim trunks in this movie, and the camera literally lingers over then for minutes at a time for a single scene, and this allows the bodies to be on display for the entire time. It's exactly the sort of thing that would appeal to the kind of characters on screen, as they get loads of moments to ogle over their favorite swimmer. When it wants to, there is some nice gore in here, which is mainly the eaten away faces of the victims. It looks okay, and definitely won't be called one of the goriest movies ever, but it gets the hob done. Plus, any time a film purposefully knocks off the lead couple is quite and refreshing, and gives an anyone can die atmosphere. Much appreciated.

The Bad News: The fact is, even though this is an implicit homosexual movie, it still ends up shooting itself in the foot for several reasons. By keeping it "secular," for lack of a better term, it basically becomes just a tease of itself. It can never be the fully explicit soft-core movie it so wants to be. There isn't really a glory shot in the movie that would make it seem to be that way, and never really goes for what it truly wants to be. Plus, instead of trying to romanticize the scene, which was obviously the intention, the incredibly hokey slow-mo effects are basically a way to just drag the movie's pacing down. Most of the time, the required slow-motion sequences are so out-of-place that by becoming so ridiculously cheesy, the effect of the shot is ruined by forcing us to endure it so often. A couple times is nice, however doing it this many times is just aggravating. It slows the already snail's pace it travels at even slower, and certainly the drug-storyline isn't helping matters. Most of the movie is either implicit soft-core lusting or drug pushing, and not a monster movie. There's already a whole genre of films devoted to anti-drug users, there's no need for them in the movie. Had it been the back-story or a subplot to the monster attacks, it wouldn't be so bad. But, it instead pushes the monster attacks to the back, with the rest of the time spent between the two previously mentioned qualities. Even worse, the creatures in here, being given literally third billing despite their name on the film, aren't that scary. They have a nice low-budget appeal, and an effective reason for being, but themselves are very slow, obviously fakes, and really do nothing other than crawl ever so slowly towards their target. Not that effective for a titular creature.

The Final Verdict: With a little more work, this could've been good. It has enough good elements for all the different plots it has, but the film still has some trouble. It wants to be both, but it succeeds in being neither. Only recommend for those that enjoy these kinds of films, or those thinking about it. Serious horror fans will find too much trouble in here to enjoy.

Rated R: Pervasive homosexual attitudes and themes, gratuitous drug use, Violence and mild language
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anxietyresister3 November 2005
In what is possibly the most unscary horror film ever made, college students are having the blood sucked out of them by the terrible creatures in the title. Er.. why not just stay out of the water, then? Unfortunately, this bunch of morons are the stupidest people ever to graduate.. so we get scene after scene of them diving in, despite being given plenty of warnings about the danger. In fact, it is impossible to care whether they live or die after a while, their behaviour is so idiotic and suicidal. So instead, why not sit back and enjoy the plastic toys that are supposed to pass for leeches and the worse acting you'll see outside pantomime. And this little treasure was made in 2003. The mind boggles.. 0/10
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Just what I was expecting...
The Shane14 December 2004
I have some obsession with movies about animals (preferably mutant) that attack people. It all started when I went to film school and was so tired of watching movies that made me think for hours on end… so I went out and rented all animal attack movies that had one word titles, then I bought a bunch of 40's and had a movie marathon… I have been hooked from that day forth!! Leaches is a funny movie about leaches with roid-rage, attacking a college campus… at some points you can see where the leach glove props run out and you can see the arms inside the gloves!! so if you're expecting a hilariously bad movie, you won't be let down…. LEACHES!!!!

...the shane
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Just the story of a director who cherish male actors with a "leech-glove" and no research
aptpupil1814 November 2004
Did someone make a research before this movie? At the Olympic games, they said that swimming is one of the only sports where steroid decrease the performance of an athlete. Also, just a look at Zoboomafoo and we know that these creatures don't have the real life style of the leeches! Just to say that nobody made a minimum of research!!!

Also, everything looks like fake in this awful film: monstrous leeches, small leeches, the school lab and even the glasses of the "bright guy"! It was like to watch a Baywatch episode, but where boys replaced all the girls. Worse, it was like a skin flick, but the sex in less, just a director who loves male body. He film them at the lake, running shirtless on the campus, at pool, laying in the bed and in the shower with a water spray which make a cast of their muscles. And tell me why everybody in this movie takes its shower with Speedo or boxers! Would it have also been necessary to make a research on how taking its shower to make it real!?
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Pleading the 5th
BHorrorWriter10 October 2004
Yes, I knew what I was getting into when I rented LEECHES! Yes, I know what kind of films Dave makes for Rapid Heart. Yes, I knew there would be non-stop guys-in-speedo scenes. And yes, I even knew this movie would be flawed.

So why did I see it?

Simple, I was on a swimteam back in the day and I thought: "What an interesting concept!"

Of course, all of the other thoughts in my head kept telling me "Stay away...stay away. You know what this is gonna turn out to be!" But I say to hell with it and rented it anyway.

All of what I thought did come true. Too many speedo shots, boring and obviously mechanical "leeches" and an ending so rushed and so dull I think I could have slapped one of the leeches on my and let it suck out my blood. Just to numb the pain of seeing this film.

Still, the fact of a swimteam taking on a "hord" of killer leeches was fun, funny and out of the norm!

Oh well...I am a sucker of b-movies and will be until my dying day. If they keep making them. I'll keep watching them.

5 out of 10
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Leeches on the juice.
tamimarie22818 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This movie sucked so much. It was about leeches who were "accidently" given steroids to grow bigger and they do. Then they kill people by sucking out blood but very little blood appears. So how do the people die? They probably died from knowing that their film career has gone down the drain and their life is now going to suck. The giant leeches looked so very fake that they looked like hand puppets. Actually, I think I did see a hand.

The only thing I liked about this movie was the hot bodies of the guys. This movie would appeal to bored housewives and gay guys- for about two seconds.

It sucked.
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Skip this movie!
x_file_boy29 July 2004
This movie is not worth seeing. The special effects are worthless. The movie doesn't even make sense from the very beginning. The first giant leech to attack crawls in a guy's mouth when he slips in the gym shower room and is knocked out. In fact, the leeches almost always wait until they get to a person's face before they bite. It's so dumb.

There is nothing of value no matter what your gender or sexual orientation. The director obviously thinks guys are more interesting to watch. The guys are always scanned up and down by the camera and almost always topless.

There's nothing added to the movie to make up for the lack of special effects, sanity and imagination. If you're going to make a B thriller movie, at least make it interesting.
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loooser20016 January 2007
Wow!!! David DeCoteau has assembled one of his Hottest casts and stuffed them all into tight swimming speedos to provide his fans with the type of movie we have been begging for! Fast paced, Entertaining and Sexy (with Greg Lyczkowsky, Josh Henderson and Matt Twinning in the cast how could it not be). If you are tired of movies in which the girls run around naked while the guys stay fully clothed, then this movie is for you. Also, don't let the R rating put you off; the blood/gore is kept to a minimum (I have seen more in PG-13 movies) and there is no nudity. The only reason this movie has an R rating is because of the personal feelings of the Censorship Board, I mean MPAA Board, who will allow women to show whatever they want but get uptight and nervous when guys take off their shirts.
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Belly Buttons that look like ani
Steroids for endurance swimmers? Sucking down pills of 'steroids' with whiskey, and belly buttons that look like ani.

If you are gay or very naieve you will like this movie. I hate every actor in this movie, and if they were actually eaten by leeches, that would be a very good thing. TERRIBLE, there is no point to list how many bad specific areas in how bad this movie.

TERRIBLE: Sprecial effects, gayness, dialogue so low you cant hear it. Homoertocism is what the purpose of this film apparently is. Its currently on sci-fi right now, I thought I would watch it to make fun of it, but when i realized just how bad this is, I had to go online to write this review, I'm going to turn it off and take a nap insead, and thats what I recommend rather than watching this movie. It doesn't even deserve the 2.8/10 it currently has. My score: -0.05/10
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When leeches attack...
TheLittleSongbird8 January 2013
I was expecting little from Leeches! in the first place, but that didn't stop me from hoping that it would be entertaining at least. Apart from maybe- big emphasis on maybe- having some entertainment value from how bad it is, Leeches! was everything a good movie should not be. It looks cheap for starters, the scenery is alright but the camera work is rushed and annoying and the special effects unfinished-looking and cartoonish. The dialogue has no real momentum, often very cheesy accentuated by the awkward line delivery, while the story is predictable and turgid and the characters stereotypical and irritating cardboard cutouts. The acting at best is very amateurish, and instead of having like a standout in a good or bad sense this is a standard of amateurishness that sees everybody on the same plane to one another. There is also nothing scary or suspenseful about Leeches!, partly because nobody seems to give a tuppence about what is happening or going to happen to them, partly because the leeches look and act in such a cartoony way and partly because all the attack scenes are shot too quick and reek of stupidity. So all in all, an awful movie, that might have some novelty value, where the only things attacked are your senses. 1/10 Bethany Cox
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