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A few sexual comments.

Guys and girls are seen in swimsuits.

A guy takes off his underwear and his girlfriend laughs because his penis is missing (no nudity).

A guy takes a nap in his underwear.

We see a guy take a shower.

A guy is tied to the bed in his underwear. His girlfriend finds an empty condom box so she goes to get more. She comes back with some condoms in her hand.

Leeches are pulled off some guys backs and blood bites are seen.

A leech forces itself down a guy's throat.

We see a guy throw up a bunch of blood and a leech. His dead body is seen several times lying on the floor.

Several leeches attack a guy. When the leeches attack, the camera shows quick bloody shots of them attacking their victim. We see his bloody face after he is dead.

A drunk guy has some leeches on his back after getting out of the water. He rolls around and falls back in the water. His drowned body is found later.

A woman is choked with a rope from behind. We see blood on her neck.

A guy's face is attacked by leeches.

A girl's face is attacked by leeches.

A guy is attacked by leeches. His girlfriend finds his body and is attacked by leeches too.

A girl's dead body is found.

A guy is attacked in the shower by leeches. His face is very bloody. A couple find his body.

A girl steps on a leech and electrocutes it. She picks up the dead leech and drops it.

A woman's dead body is discovered. Her neck is bloody.

We see a guy in a bloody shirt.

A guy cuts his hand with a knife (no blood seen).

A guy bites and eats a leech whole.

A guy hits another guy with a lead pipe several times (his mouth is very bloody) before impaling it into his back (we see blood coming out of the pipe).

A guy is attacked by leeches and then electrocuted in a pool (we see his dead body and the dead leeches).

Some mild profanities: 'bastard, hell, damn, dick, asshole, Jesus Christ, oh God'.

Major plot point about swimmers taking steroids.

A guy takes some steroids and washes them down with a sip from a bottle of whisky. We see him finishing the bottle later.

The leech attacks could be frightening to some viewers.

Rated R for some violence and drug content

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