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Author: Moonbeam1980 from Utah
24 March 2004

This is easily the worst movie I've ever seen, but it is the kind of awful that makes it oh so worth the price of admission. I have never witnessed worse acting all around as real-life couple Brandi Sherwood and Dean Cochran (how are those for porn names?) scrape the very bottom of the acting barrel to great comedic effect.

A summary of the plot is quite unnecessary, as it is really a horrible Jaws pastiche- think greedy mayor, disgruntled but ever-hopeful hero guy trying to protect his family and add a goofy subplot involving predictably nefarious Russian diamond-hunters and you get the idea. The film is basically a composite of pre-recorded shark footage from the Discovery Channel (in fact, most of these scenes are played SEVERAL times within a few minutes) meshed with fake looking death scenes. And oh, are there a lot of death scenes. I've never seen a higher body count in a shark movie, and I have made an effort to see as many as possible. Definitely a case of quantity reigning victorious over any semblance of quality, but I digress.

A more warranted review of this movie would detail the numerously ridiculous and consequently wonderful mistakes:

Wagner, a so-called shark expert, informs the mayor that these pesky sharks are related to the Jurassic sharks of 50 million years ago. News flash: The Jurassic period ended 145 million years ago.

Sharks do not growl.

It is rare to see Great Whites together, but I'll be damned if they aren't chilling with their bros all up in this Shark Zone in about every sequence.

During several of the attack scenes, you can see the flesh of some animal used as bait tied to a fishing line. Well, gee, no wonder Wagner is only batting about .010 in terms of saving the many hapless victims. I guess all of the budget was spent on erasing the Discovery Channel logo from the footage.

The final shark scene in the pool features a SURFBOARD with a shark painted on the bottom.

How could a Spanish ship crossing the Atlantic ocean sink in the Pacific outside of San Francisco? Must have been one hell of a storm.

During Wagner's dream, his wife is dragged out of the boat by a shark that has crashed through the bottom. She is dragged into the water but somehow manages to splash and drip water from her submerged hands and arms.

Overall, my feelings about this movie are mixed. While it offers countless thrills in terms of sheer laughable entertainment, the truly scrate-awful acting and egregious errors render it nothing short of the worst movie ever made.

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Gluttonous sharks chow down

Author: Dr. Gore ( from Los Angeles, California
27 October 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


So there's a bunch of sharks in a zone. A Shark Zone. The mayor sends out the world's worst shark hunter to clean up the Shark Zone. His modus operandi is to look into his binoculars and make pained expressions as every living soul he knows gets chewed on by sharks.

There were a lot of shark attacks in this flick. The sharks were gluttonous pigs. They couldn't eat enough bathers at their beach buffet. Most of the shark attacks were film clips of real sharks swimming and then a lot of thrashing and yelling and red water to simulate the kill.

"Shark Zone" has its B-movie points. I always enjoy a good, bloody shark attack. Just don't expect much in the way of logic or originality. Expect shark munching and a clueless shark hunter.

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Instant Classic!

Author: moviefreakazoid from England
22 October 2004

The small town of San Francisco relies upon the beach for all of its business. A school of sharks roam near a ship containing diamonds which sunk many years ago. The mayor wants to keep the beaches open, the hero disagrees with him. Token Russian guy wants the diamonds and he wants the hero to help him find them. etc etc etc

Sounds familiar? Welcome to Shark Zone. A movie so terrible that thousands of people watching this may be sworn off movies. Cliché after cliché. Remember Jaw? Well its part jaws, part every other bad(and by bad I mean really really bad) movie you've ever seen.

This movie is a comedy of errors. There's lots of National Geographic and Discovery Channel footage, which if you've watch for just 10 mins, you will instantaneously recognise all the shark clips.The deaths are messy, lots of really really bad fake blood. There's plenty of errors in the movie to pick from. In one scene when they're throwing in chum for the sharks, you see jelly (jello) mixture. The sharks grunt for some reason (don't ask). The sharks devour everyone in sight, oo and my favourite - corny dialogue. Lots of lines to pick out from. My fav though-Dean Cochran saying 'Class dismissed!' (Doesn't sound funny out of context, but when watching the movie, it is definitely amusing)

If you notice carefully, you see the main character's father returns as the mayor, without a beard and no apparent dress sense.

Looking at the movie from another perspective, it is hilarious. Brandi Sherwood's acting is terrible, but funny nevertheless. As a former Miss Teen USA its obvious why she got the part. The whole screenplay is so bad, you'll be on the floor in riotous laughter. I mean sure, shark attacks are nothing to laugh about, but this movie, makes the attacks look so fake, you have no choice but to laugh.

This is definitely the Holy Grail of bad movies. This should be shown in film school as not what to do when making a movie.

The movie has so many faults, its unbelievable. Not really worth renting at all. Unless you have some friends around and you want to laugh, watch this!

The writer/director has another shark movie out next year,beware!

A generous 1 out of 10 Laugh factor- 8/9 out of 10

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One word: disaster

Author: johnny-08 from Rijeka, Croatia
6 July 2007

To begin with the plot. But hey what plot? Lots of sharks somehow gone completely crazy so they kill everyone on their way. "Great" script. Only man who can stop them all is Jimmy Wagner (Dean Cochran). Excellent so we've got some sort of Bruce Willis type of character against sharks. Only difference is that Bruce Willis is great actor and he doesn't act in this type of movies (read:"z" type of movies). This movie is category for its self and I don't know how people who worked on this one call themselves professionals. From director to actors completely disaster. Disaster of epic proportions. Please avoid this "movie" if you can by all means. 1/10

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Super terrible

Author: SanteeFats from United States
12 June 2012

I gave it a 1 because I couldn't give it a 0. The Syfy channel seems to lean a lot more to fantasy with their "original" movies than the realm of science fiction.Great Whites are solitary hunters.There is no natural way they would hunt in packs. Yes several might show up for investigative purposes or to feed on something big like a whale carcass but never as a school. The growling, especially underwater, is more fantasy. Great Whites do not growl. Even though the gestation period is unknown, the growth rate of Great Whites are extremely slow. They eat mostly fish until about 10-12 feet in length. So even though the main sharker mentions it a couple of times it has no bearing on the attacks. I may seem like I am too exacting about these matters but they are so well known where I live that I think it could have been written closer to real life since they were using known locations and sharks.

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A Load or Laughs of Shark Toothed Messes? You Decide!

Author: jspitzl-914-679430 from United States
4 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Let me just say...THIS MOVIE ISN'T EVEN A MOVIE!!! It's pretty much just a bunch of stock footage of sharks and clips from other shark movies! It even gets worse, they roar! Plus, in the beginning, the divers can talk underwater. It's like another Cruel Jaws! In my opinion, it's pretty much a shark toothed mess! On the other hand,the good things in this movie are, that the whole storyline is awesome, and it's a fast paced movie. But, why did they call this movie "Shark Zone"? It isn't even about any kind of zone in any part of this movie. The mayor is really dumb in this movie, for not closing the beaches. So, if I were you, I would buy it off EBay, and watch it for the fun of it. I gave this movie 4 stars.

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Jaws Zone!

Author: russofdenver from United States
24 July 2008

So a few porn writers, filmmakers and stars decided to go legit and write, direct and act in what I'm sure they thought would be a major movie. They got some financial backing from some Russian mobsters who not only wanted to be executive producers of the movie, but they also wanted to have a part in the movie along side their mistresses who appear in cameo / extra rolls (even in scenes after their character has been killed). Oh and one more thing... the Russians want the premise to be identical to "Jaws" but also include a sinister plot involving Russian Mobsters. Like all pseudo sequels, this one has way more sharks than "Jaws" way more blood (blood effects are awesome!) and way more attacks. This shark movie is infested with bad shots, bad acting, bad dialog, and bad Russian men who want the diamonds!

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Cheesy acting.Poor storyline.Roaring sharks

Author: ayboday from Canada
13 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Just when I thought I already watched the worst movie I ever will long ago,Shark Zone comes along on my TV screen.It had that B-movie feel from the start.The plot has to do with evil Russians and diamonds and somehow sharks get thrown into the mix.The heros son gets kidnapped and he is forced to help the Russian mob get diamonds from a wreck which is in a place infested with sharks.Give me a break.That sounds like the plot for a TV series episode rather than a movie.Crap like that shouldn't be an hour and a half long. The acting was horrible.Once you see the acting in this movie you start to appreciate good acting.In the crunch scene he kills the mob leader and the boat catches fire,he and his unscathed son magically appear on the speed boat speeding away from the burning wreck,hows that for action. I am glad I didn't pay money to watch this movie.

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Dumb, Gory, Violent and Oh So Fun

Author: Michael_Elliott from Louisville, KY
30 June 2012

Shark Zone (2003)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

Ten years after seeing his father eaten by a Great White shark, a man (Dean Cochran) is forced to save his small Costal town when the people come under attack from a pack of sharks. Also, there's a legend that there's a sunken ship with a trunk full of diamonds but it's being protected by the sharks. Soon our hero must not only defeat the sharks but he's forced to take some mobsters out on a treasure search. This here was the fourth film in the SHARK ATTACK series and I must admit that I'm rather confused by all the negative reviews. Sure, this isn't JAWS but I think it's a lot better than many of the imitations out there. Plus, I think this one benefits from not having all CGI sharks and thankfully we get to see the real creatures and the director wisely puts them in countless attack sequences. The film certainly earns its R-rating because there's quite a bit of violence from start to finish. The attack use real shark so of course there's going to be a lot of editing to pull off the dead people but for the most part it works. There's all sorts of the red stuff for gore fans to enjoy and I think the adventure also works quite well. Some of the negative stuff includes some pretty bad performances. Cochran isn't too bad in his part but the Brandi Sherwood, who plays his wife, is quite awful and each of her lines sound like they're coming from a stripper and not a wife and mother. The producers not only give us the violence and blood but there's also some nudity, which means all three of these just add up to some good exploitation. Again, if you're wanting a masterpiece or some well-made picture then this isn't going to be for you. If you enjoy these nature attack movies then I think this is one of the better ones out there.

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Stupid JAWS pappy-show!

Author: smiley-32 from Luton, England
6 February 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I saw this film yesterday.. I gotta hand it to you.. It was one of the worst shark films I've seen. OK! I saw JAWS a few times.. But the film itself left me with a scar.. This one didn't..

While I was watching this film.. It had the same storyline as JAWS as well as PIRATES OF THE Caribbean.. But for some reason, the plot began to change course.. So, I was thinking to myself.. what was director Danny Learner trying to do..? Is he telling us a story about sharks attacking people on the beach, or is about a ruthless guy going after sunken treasure?

Well, somehow I managed to figure out it was both..

Anyway, it was a total waste of money doing something like this.. I didn't enjoy it.

I don't see why filmmakers struggle so hard to come with the next big thing, with sharks in it?

Well, I guess for director Danny Learner.. He should go back to the drawing board.

0 out of 10!

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