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Whoa whoa whoa-hold up

Author: moneyhungry from United States
5 February 2007

Alright, I got passed the horrible acting. I got passed the fact that Lil Kim was blasting some cannons and her arms or hands weren't moving, I got passed the weaves, I got passed the colored contacts.

This is what killed it for me: In the scene where the four roses were sitting at the table arguing. Lisa-Raye and Monica Calhoun stand up and, and then Lil Kim gets up to break up any hostilities by saying, "Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Hold up. Let's CHILL OUT here for a HOT SECOND." I am a fan of the western movie genre, and I never heard anyone talk slang like this in any of Clint Eastwood's movies.

If anyone thinks this movie deserves over a 1 rating, please tell me another movie that's worse than Gang of Roses.

I'm through.

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Author: (lilmac0012) from United States
1 December 2009

An absolute steaming pile of cow dung. It's mind-blowing to me that this film was even made. Hip-Hop and old westerns just don't seem to mix. What target audience were these people thinking of when planning this trainwreck.

Not only is the concept and plot a joke, but the acting is atrocious and the fact that some decent actors were even in this nightmare of a film makes their entire careers a laughing stock. The chick from clueless should never be forgiven and she is stripped of any remaining dignity she had. After reading the first ten pages of dialogue she should have been asking which one of her friends was playing this sick joke. After some research, I actually found a list of some other actors who passed on this film: Jada Pinkett-Smith, Denzel Washington, Brandy, Monique, Kim Kardasian, Jenna Jameson, Oprah, and finally Marge Simpson.

Simply put, I would rather stare at a blank TV than watch this movie again.

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Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!!!!

Author: lwilliamson-6 from United States
8 June 2006

I have to honestly say that this was probably the worst film that I have ever seen in my entire life. I really don't know what was on the producer's, director's, or writer's minds while this piece of garbage was being created.

The setting centers on five gunslinging, outlaw women (four black, one Asian) in the Old West. This fatuous movie instantly loses all credibility on viewing because of, in addition to lousy acting and a lame story line, its gross historically inaccurate nature. Who ever heard of black outlaw women in the Old West? Did black women really wear hair weaves and extensions during the 1800s? Were idioms like, "get with him" and 'Why you gotta be all that?" used 150 years ago? Yeah, I know it's Hollywood and films are not 100% realistic, but COME ON!

I find it interesting, as well as completely understandable, that every IMDb-user comment pertaining to this movie contends that it is terrible. On the basis of Gang of Roses and Civil Brand, movies that are throwbacks to the Blackexpioltation era, it looks as if Lisa Raye is the Pam Grier of the new millennium.

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Well, the Music Was Good and the Sheriff Was Fine but...

Author: mycatslyone from United States
8 August 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Rose Gang looked like they just learned how to ride.

Who buried 1/2 the map in the grave & who put the other 1/2 on the Sheriff's chest? (BTW, Louis Mandylor's sheriff was FINE but who gave him such a big hat?!)

Why did the sheriff wait until Bobby Brown's gang came into town before he tried to get to the well where the gold was? Why didn't he go get the gold sooner?

Why did the sheriff accept money from Bobby Brown's gang for women?

Where were all the REAL deputies to help out the sheriff?

The big woman with the long black hair who was lookin' for the girl who shot her sister - since it wasn't one of the Rose Gang, what sheriff was it that killed her? We're not told. Couldn't have been Sheriff Shoeshine (where'd he get that name?!) becuz that was a different town from Flatridge, no?

Why did Mario van Peeples shoot Kim down from the noose & then disappear for the rest of the movie? Was he paying homage to his film POSSE?

Why were the last 3 of the Rose Gang left at the well at the end of the picture? Did they ever get the gold because we didn't see it.

How could Maria in white never get dirty?

There's just so many unanswered questions to this movie! I saw the edited version. Maybe I need to watch it a few times to 'get it'?! But the riding is too long! I keep fast forwarding!

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there were black cowboys!!!!!!!

Author: shantbe from United States
28 October 2009

first of all three out five cowboys in the old west were black, Mexican or native-American. Read a book. Preferably one on Bill Pickett, Mary Fields, or Clara Brown. Read up on influx of Chinese labor after the Civil War. This movie wasn't bad because there weren't any minorities in the Old West. it was bad because it wasn't focused. There was no plot and the characters weren't authentic. Neither were their outfits. If you took out the horses and the dusty western town, it would be just like any those other ghetto films where rappers get top billing just because they contribute to a soundtrack. Bobby Brown was the best actor in this whole,horrid mess. And that's really saying something.

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one of the worst movies of all time

Author: whitenipple from United States
30 June 2008

the costumes, the dialog, historical accuracy are terrible. For instance, - Stacey Dash and the hanging scene. The noose was accurate ( as for as I could tell), but that type of noose broke the person's neck. Ms. Dash is left hanging at the end of the rope with no ill effects until the rope was shot. This type of not did not strangle the person, it killed them at the end of the drop.

And right before they go in to rob a bank (in a flashback), they pause on the street for a group hug - with their bandannas hiding their faces - that would have been obvious to people on the street.

The poor editing - that is a battery pack under that shirt and it is obvious, the clip of the "long ride" shows them riding along, then reverses the film.

I did like the fact that they kept the scene with the horse taking a crap - it seemed symbolic. The entire movie was crap.

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this sucks...

Author: tcandelario-1 from Chicago, IL
8 June 2006

I would have liked to give this movie a zero but that wasn't an option!! This movie sucks!!! The women cannot act. i should have known it was gonna suck when i saw Bobby Brown. Nobody in my house could believe i hadn't changed the channel after the first 15 minutes. the idea of black females as gunslingers in the western days is ridiculous. it's not just a race thing, it's also a gender. the combination of the two things is ridiculous.i am sorry because some of the people in the movie aren't bad actors/actresses but the movie itself was awful. it was not credible as a movie. it might be 'entertaining' to a certain group of people but i am not in that group. lol. and using a great line from a great, great movie..."that's all I have to say about that."

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Every western cliché in the book...

Author: toonhead3018 from United States
8 June 2006

Must have to agree with the other reviewer. This has got to be the WORST movie, let alone western I have ever seen. Terrible acting, dialogue that was unimaginative and pathetic (let alone completely inappropriate for supposedly being in the 1800s), and oh, did I mention a battery pack prominently displayed on the back of one of the characters? I was waiting for the boom mike to fall in the middle of a scene. And the ending? The least I can say is that it was consistent with the rest of the movie...completely awful. And yes, it did contain every cliché in the book from the slow walk down the empty dusty road to the laughable "let's remember when" shots when a main character dies. Luckily I saw this on free TV. Don't waste your time.

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Great Idea, Horrible Execution

Author: Jazzie3789 from United States
31 July 2005

This was an excellent idea and the scenery was beautiful but that's where it ends. It seemed like a lackluster Set It Off meets The West. The plot barely made any sense. There were so many characters and not enough time to develop their personalities. There were too may unnecessary things going on that didn't pertain to the plot nor did it help further the story along. There were also long blank moments where the plot could have been explored but was used for silence or unnecessary conversations. The script should have made more sense as well as the directing. I had a huge question mark on my head watching this movie. But the casting was great in my opinion. If you're only watching for eye candy then this is the movie for you.

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A horrible waste of the studio's money.

Author: joyce_hudson from Pheba, MS
15 February 2004

Who? What? Where? When? Why? The acting was terrible. Very robotic, rehearsed. I have seen all of the actors in this film in better roles. The screenplay was very elementary. By the end of this film, the story line was tied up. And Jeane Claude LaMarre should be tied up, too. So that he never attempts to write/direct another film.

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