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Season 2

4 Apr. 2005
These Little Piggies Went to Market/Now Museum, Now You Don't
"Their first trip to a big grocery store fascinates the Baby Looney Tunes. After warning the others to stick to Granny's shopping l ist, Baby Bugs succumbs to buying a favorite treat; then feels guilty. Note: This episode marks the initial appearance of Granny's nephew, Floyd. Their very first trip to an art museum unleashes creative energy, turning the Baby Looney Tunes into enthused cultur e connoisseurs and budding artists. Baby Bugs recreates the museum experience back at Granny's house, finding abundant art history in everyday objects to the others' sheer delight...
5 Apr. 2005
Take Us Out to the Ball Game/Clues Encounters of the Tweety Kind
"The Baby Looney Tunes experience their very first big stadium baseball game. Lola's favorite team's star batter gets her undivided attention until Lola's ""coaching"" affects the very outcome of the contest Tweety feels neglected when no one wants him on their museum scavenger hunt team. Using his innate sleuthing abilities, and the help of a friendly museum guard, Tweety proves to be the best scavenger hunter of them all. Once Tweety wins the contest, everyone wants him on their team."
6 Apr. 2005
A Bully for Bugs/The Wheel Deal
"Baby Elmer Fudd makes his series episode debut as Bugs' first real nemesis. With Floyd's adult assistance, Baby Bugs and the Baby Looney Tunes learn an effective way to deal with a bully. Everyone's excited about a grand bicycle outing through the park--everyon e except Tweety, whose little legs don't quite reach the pedals. Frustrated after riding on the back of Floyd's bicycle while every one else has fun, Tweety is ready to go home. That's when Taz opts to build a special bike just for Tweety, cannibalizing the parts of everyone else's bikes. Tweety, discovers he ...
7 Apr. 2005
Oh Brother, Warehouse Art Thou?/Flu the Coop
"Baby Sylvester is overcome with angst because Granny's broken old chair, his favorite napping place, must be replaced by a new, unf amiliar piece of furniture. The other Baby Looney Tunes work together to help turn Sylvester's trepidation into enjoyment during th eir mammoth furniture-shopping adventure. Baby Bugs and Baby Daffy decide to team up, and unlike the other Baby Looney Tunes, fake having received their annual flu shots at the local clinic. The joke's on them when they awaken on the day of Granny's big party un able to have fun because they both have the ...
8 Apr. 2005
Blast Off Bugs/Baby Brouhaha
"Baby Bugs tries to realize his dream of traveling to the moon while the Baby Looney Tunes are on a space museum visit. Overhearing Granny on the phone say that she's ""expecting a baby,"" Baby Bugs goes into overdrive, revving up the Baby Looney Tunes to prepare to care for an infant. The BLTs meet the ""baby""--a newborn hamster that Granny was ""expecting"" to come over for her to baby-si t. Baby Bugs learns not to leap to conclusions."
11 Apr. 2005
Log Cabin Fever/A Mid-Autumn Night's Scream
"Granny takes the BLTs back to a simpler lifestyle during a rustic weekend spent in an 1800's log cabin, where they learn to enjoy l ife minus all modern conveniences. Baby Bugs and Baby Daffy get in trouble for smuggling their palm-sized computer game along, and they face Granny's consequences. Though initially recalcitrant about temporarily living such a Spartan existence, the BLTs regret l eaving their newfound simple life behind at the end. The Baby Looney Tunes first Halloween involves a costume contest for Lola, Mel issa and Petunia, group trick-or-treating and ...
12 Apr. 2005
Are We There Yet?/Save Our Cinnamon
"During a long road trip, Floyd, obsessed with taking the Baby Looney Tunes to visit the distant, annual Acme Garlic Festival, endur es countless variants of the universal kid question--""are we there, yet?"" Each one of the BLTs enjoys many fun ways to pass time in transit. Despite Floyd's garlic agenda, fate has other plans. The BLTs and Floyd learn to appreciate the journey as much as the destination. Granny's sister's beloved bakery, Cakery Bakery Dock, home of her wonderful trademark cinnamon rolls, is being put ou t of business so that her landlord can tear down...
13 Apr. 2005
Lights! Camera! Tweety!/Backstage Bugs
"The Baby Looney Tunes are very eager to visit the local TV station, home of their favorite live children's show. When Floyd accide ntally locks them inside the studio moments before airtime, they are forced to put on today's program all by themselves! Baby Tweet y, initially terrified of being on television and watched by so many people, ends up saving the show as its calm, assured host, lett ing his natural, friendly personality shine through. Baby Bugs can't wait to see his favorite children's musical group, The Wormies , and he absolutely thrills to the notion of ...
14 Apr. 2005
Bend It Like Petunia/Cock-A-Doodle-Doo-It!
"The Baby Looney Tunes learn all about soccer from Floyd, who surprisingly is an enthused soccer expert. At first awkward, Baby Pet unia works the hardest and displays the best sportsmanlike attitude, eventually becoming the very finest all-around soccer player of all the BLTs. On their first farm visit, the Baby Looney Tunes meet a young, dispirited rooster named Baby Foghorn Leghorn. They work together to build his self-confidence, unleashing powers of persuasion and elocution that even Foghorn never knew he had. We a lso meet Dawg, Foghorn's eventual adult canine ...
15 Apr. 2005
Wrong!/Win, Lose or Daffy
"On an orchard outing, picking bushels of fresh apples for Granny's home-baked pies, the Baby Looney Tunes encounter Melissa, who is in a mood to tell everyone that her method of apple picking is the only way. The BLTs unite to show Melissa that it's okay for peo ple to do things differently while having fun. A day playing miniature golf is fun for everyone but Baby Daffy, who believes he mus t beat everyone else at the game. At the end of the day, all but Daffy are having a good time, regardless of how they scored. Daff y learns the hard way that playing fair and ...
18 Apr. 2005
A Turtle Named Myrtle/There's Nothing Like a Good Book
"A trip to the seashore brings the BLTs into contact with a just-hatched turtle that Melissa, apart from the rest because of her bos sy attitude, names Myrtle. Melissa just loves little Myrtle and wants to keep her from walking into the ocean so that she may take Myrtyle home for herself. After a misguided attempt to transport the turtle home, Melissa learns that though Myrtle wants to be with her, Myrtle really needs to be in the sea. A nagging question regarding the composition of the moon brings the Baby Looney Tunes t o experience their very first visit to the ...
19 Apr. 2005
The Dolly Vanishes/Duck Reflucks
"On an overnight train trip to visit Floyd at college, Lola's doll vanishes. Baby Bugs acts as a detective as he tries to solve the missing Edna mystery via a series of simple flashbacks, seen from each Baby Looney Tunes' point of view. In a precursor to the cla ssic Looney Tune ""Duck Amuck,"" Baby Daffy has Baby Bugs right where he wants him--as the subject of his digital photography and at the mercy of his endless, egocentric creative whims. A gently paternal character named C.J. helps keep the zealous Daffy calm with a few wise words."
20 Apr. 2005
Stop and Smell Up the Flowers/Firehouse Frolics
"Young Pepe Le Pew makes an appearance as an avid gardening docent at Acme Gardens. The BLTs explore a world of botanic wonder, as they search for just the right spot to plant a young lemon tree. The youthful Gossamer tracks them, fond as he is of the scent of l emons. The BLTs learn to accept Pepe despite his pungent aromatic trademark. The Baby Looney Tunes tour the local fire station, le arning fire prevention tips from friendly Fireman Frank. Later, Baby Daffy, the most reluctant and uninterested participant, displa ys the most fire-fighting knowledge when he is ...

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