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Not predictable
vchimpanzee28 March 2006
At the start of the movie, Holden is being questioned by the police, so we know there will be a crime committed and that he might be involved.

We go back to when Holden returned to his father Mason's mansion after graduating from Harvard. Mason wants Holden to run the family business; Holden wants no part of that.

Mason has remarried. Lana is beautiful and not much older than Holden. She seems to be only interested in Mason's money, and she and Holden are attracted to each other once they meet. Mason is abusive but Lana is tough.

Mason tries to set Holden up with Nicole, but she's not particularly attractive.

You may think you know what is going to happen next. You will probably be wrong. Then when you think you have it all figured out, you won't. This movie has a lot of surprising plot twists.

I didn't see anything outstanding about this film other than the way it surprises toward the end. Angie Everhart was surprisingly good for such a beautiful woman, but not exactly Oscar-worthy. I did like the housekeeper, who I assumed was Mason's wife at first.

For a TV-movie this came close to pushing the limits on steamy sex scenes, and the moral standards of the characters should not exactly be seen as a positive example.

Anyway, a good mystery keeps you guessing, and I suppose this was good enough.
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Wicked Minds-Whose Wicked Mind thought this One Up? **
edwagreen14 June 2006
Too many plot twists in this 2002 thriller.

The All American Guy returns home after touring Europe. He has graduated from Harvard but sure does not act like a Harvard graduate.

His verbally and mentally abusive father has remarried. The son is bitter by the fact that the father showed no attention to his ex-wife during her final illness. In addition, dad has married quite a beauty who is much younger. This beauty has quite an abusive past herself. You know what that leads to so why bother to explain the point further.

Dad's is murdered and you begin to wonder, who did the 50 year old in? The plot goes through too many turns and it turns out that everyone is suspect with two people in cahoots together. You'd never expect them to do dad in.

Anyway, since everyone should have a plan, your plan should be to avoid this confusing mess. I will say-Did the police ever fall in!
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Very Good For A TV Movie!
BigHardcoreRed29 July 2004
Pretty good thriller turned murder mystery movie. It was pretty predictable in some areas, but what movies aren't? It was done in a way that made me care about the characters and the story. The acting was even better than I could have hoped for in this kind of movie. Andrew W. Walker and Amy Sloan both provided excellent performances. Winston Rekert made his character, the rich, protective father, come alive. Even Angie Everhart pulled off a convincing act.

My only real complaint on the movie is it had about one or two plot twists too many. Otherwise the story seemed to make sense to me, and I enjoyed it.

7 of 10 stars.
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Lots of Hot Love Making
whpratt130 March 2005
This TV film was great, it had lots of romance, mystery and the story kept me guessing right to the very end. Angie Everhart,(Lana),"Bare Witness",'02, married a very very rich older man and kept him very busy in bed much to his delight. However, the rich man's son returns from Harvard and accidentally walks into her bathroom while she is in her birth day suit and from then on, sparks seem to fly and the plot takes off in more ways than one. Andrew W. Walker,(Holden),"The Secret Pact",'99, is the rich man's son and after staying around the mansion for a while and getting to really know his father, he finds out his father has some very horrible and mysterious hang ups. You will find this film very hard to figure out and it is a very well produced film to enjoy.
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Really Twisted Movie- Some Spoilers
Jermbuf1419 December 2003
Warning: Spoilers
I rented this movie from a local store just to see how it was. I guess Spoilers could be in this. I read that it was about a seductive woman who had her eyes on money. I thought that it would be one of those weird tv movies that never really are good but this one is a keeper. It's about a harvard grad who comes back to his rich father's house. He meets his father's new wife and drama ensues after he finds his father dead and he's the prime suspect. The acting was good, but you could tell it was a made for tv movie. What I was most amazed by was the plot. It seemed really cut and dry as one of those murder mystery movies until the suprising ending. It was possibly one of the best endings to a movie I have ever seen. Andrew Walker, Amy Sloane, and Angie Everhart put on amazing performances, you truly believe you see them for who the character is but nothing is as it seems in this movie. That's probably why I gave it a 9 out of 10. I definately recommend the movie and I hope that if you watch it you will enjoy the ending as much as I did! Happy viewing.
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Good Story, Disappointed Scenery
Luciphyre2 October 2005
OK So I saw this movie because Angie Everhart was in it. A lot of others did too. I rented this movie with Unrated on the DVD case. What a bunch of crap! If this movie was unrated, yeah maybe for language or some stupid reason other wise. I mean, for crying out for a good naughty scene. You could have aired this movie on FOX and no one would have thought any different. I've seen better adult scenes on Fastlane, that's how bad this movie dragged you in. So the story, good idea "Needing someone to take the blame." The ending is expected as you will see when you watch Wicked Minds. I do like the movie for the story so I gave it 3 stars, but I actually wanted to see Angie and the movie just didn't come through. Rent this movie for the story, wanna see Angie don't rent this one rent "Bare Witness."
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Terrible who done it movie!
guilfisher-130 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This has to be one of the worst ever. Directed by Jason Hrens, it lacked the punch good thrillers give you. First of all the plot, written by Turi Meyer and Al Septien, takes you all over the place, without any sense of where you're going. So it goes around and around. Secondly, it is probably the worst cast ever assembled in one film. One level performances by almost all of the leading players. Angie Everhart, supposedly the temptress, looks old enough to be the hero's mother, even tho she's supposed to be his wicked stepmother. Her acting consists of pursed lips, low cut nightgowns and fussing with her hair. She constantly is playing with her much too long hair. Always brushing it out of her face even thought it continues to fall in her face. Anyone ever hear of bobby pins? She was quite annoying to watch. The hero, played by a poker face Andrew W. Walker, offered nothing but a vacant look on his face and brains of a deadbeat. He was boring to watch. His hot love scenes were toneless and unbelievable. How could anyone be so stupid to fall for the stepmother's obvious put ons. Then there's papa, played by Winston Rehert, who goes around doubting his wife's motives. Is he blind not to see her obvious flirting with his son? Isn't he rich enough to hire a private detective to catch her in the act? Oh, well, some things never occur to jealous husbands, I guess. Amy Sloan as the other woman, was certainly not that attractive to kill for. Please. Get real here. With all the attractive and young starlets, there could have been better choices for this role. Frank Schorpion as the lawyer friend of the family never had his character defined enough to figure just what he had to do with the movie. Although Scorpion was one of the better actors in this trashy film. Bobo Vian as the housekeeper also was good with the little she was offered to do. John Tapor as the Homeless Man should get a mention here for his excellent characterization. He was very believable. Unfortunately he gets two shots in the film and that's it. It seems the better actors are wasted in this chestnut. I give it 3 stars for the three actors I just mentioned. Scorpion, Vian and Tapor. Sorry.
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hot step mom
kai ringler25 December 2009
Angie Everheart plays a hot step-mom married to a guy just for his money,, no big deal happens every day,, this guy does treat her like crap no surprise there ,, the dad wants his son to be part of the business,, the son rebels says no,, is introduced to his step mom,, but he first sees her in the shower ,, how awkward is that,, well he falls for her and the two go at it quite often together, as she is barely a few years older than him,, they go to a bar get drunk and so on,, it seems that the dad knows she's cheating but too stupid too see that it is his own son. you would think you would know what happens next .. wrong,, this movie has all kinds of twists and turns, and frankly you won't see all of them coming at once. so without giving anything away i would say that the average viewer will enjoy this as a mystery, thriller type movie,, and don't judge it on morals or anything like that and you should be just fine,, the sex seens are steamy,, especially for lifetime movie network,, but hey a little sex never hurt nobody.
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An hour and a half totally wasted
limism19 August 2006
This is not a very good movie and I don't recommend it for those of you who aren't dedicated Andrew Walker fans. If you for any reason still want to see it you'll probably survive, but you'll never be able to make up for the lost hour and a half.

Andrew Walker is very cute and sure there is a twist, but since you now know there is a twist you'll be looking for it and then it's not that surprising. Note this is a standard thriller made for TV.

The music in this movie sets the tone like it should, but also reveals when something isn't right - a good tool when figuring out the plot in advance.
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Terrible thriller with huge plot holes!
Ryno_II4 June 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Don't watch this movie. There are plot holes that cause most of the story not to make sense. There are so many questions left unanswered in the end, but twists in the story takes are so incomprehensible that I don't see how they could possibly be answered.

******MAJOR SPOILER***********

Holden Price tells the police that there was a homeless man who can verify where Holden was at the time of the murder. Holden is lying and is guilty of the murder but there was a homeless whom he did speak to right after the murder in the place where he claimed he was, which is true. The police are unable to find that homeless man. Later, we find out that Holden new the man and he was part of the murder scheme all along. The only reason for the man being part of the scheme was if he were to testify to Holden's whereabouts. But he didn't. The police couldn't find him! If this plot was to make sense. Holden knew the man by coincidence, but we never know because it's not revealed. What usefulness is he to the scheme then? It doesn't make sense! The writers must have inebriated or just plain dumb.

I give this excuse of a movie 0.5/4
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A surprisingly very good thriller!
nadinesalakovv20 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Iv'e only recently heard of these "Harlequin" movies and have started streaming them on the free section of Amazon Prime Video. This "Wicked Minds" is actually a very-well-put-together flick. It seems predictable and if you've watched enough of these type of thriller movies you'll find yourself trying to find the twist, but obviously the writers thought a lot about this movie because the plot-twist is very unexpected. The only annoying thing are the sex scenes.

If you like TV Thrillers, you will like this movie. It is still on the cheese-factor, but is worth watching.
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