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positive surprise!

Author: sth_Weird from Germany
28 May 2006

Maybe it's because I started to get used in seeing Judd Nelson in movies that don't really fit my taste or that were poorly done...maybe it's because the last movie I've seen my most favorite actor in before this one was Dark Asylum which is one of the worst movies I ever watched from beginning to end... But "White Rush" was a positive surprise for me. I found the story quite exciting and I really got suspicious about who's the bad guy and who's the spy and who is trustworthy and who they should better avoid. I really wanted to know how the story would end, and the end was not a disappointment at all. For a change, it was neither all predictable nor completely far-fetched. The actors served their purpose, they played their roles believable, but there wasn't really much of a character development...but then again it wasn't supposed to be a character movie but an action movie, so I guess that's alright (but Judd Nelson is just such a genius character actor so that it's always a disappointment when he plays "flat" characters where he can't show his brilliance). It's not one of my most favorite movies, but it definitely did not leave me like "never again". I gave it 6/10 and I think that's well deserved.

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low budget but not awful

Author: TheGOLDENWALRUS from United States
20 June 2006

I took this movie home understanding what I was getting myself into. But really it wasn't that bad! Friends discovered that they could make money selling cocaine. Their decision to do so places their life in jeopardy. The effects were very mediocre and same to the acting but it was a different plot. The ending was pretty off though and I wasn't very satisfied with it. The quality of the movie did not look much better than a dv cam but it was quite a good effort. If you like really low budget films and thats all you like, than perhaps you should give this one a look. I would give this film a 3.5 - 4 if comparing it with bigger films.

I give the directing a 3, acting a 5, plot a 7, editing a 4. Not a bad movie but rent Crash, North Country, or 11:14 instead.

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What a fun: All Clichees in one Movie!

Author: LaserLounge from Wil, Switzerland
1 January 2004

Twists and turns which cannot be more unbelievable. Poor Judd Nelson. Poor Me! Where has my youth idol gone? Guess I have to wait for "Breakfast Club 2 - The Reunion"... "White Rush" features some pretty faces and the plot itself could have been quite okay. But too many coincidences and too many stupid decisions by too many stupid protagonists are responsible make you laugh at moments when the director probably wanted you to be astonished.

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White lines running through my mind

Author: movieman_kev from United States
12 May 2013

When a group of friends who are camping in the wilderness stumble onto a drug deal gone fubar. The crooked cop of the bunch decides to take the stash of coke for himself, this of course doesn't sit well with the one remaining living criminal, Brian (Judd Nelson) who takes one of their number, Eva (Tricia Helfer), hostage as he needs the coke back before a beautiful hit-woman for the drug cartel comes gunning for him.

This movie was extremely cliché, but it was also more enjoyable than Mark Lester's previous film that I just watched "Hitman's Run" yet still a far cry from his earlier movies that are classics such as Commando and Class of 1984"

Eye Candy; Deborah Zoe gets topless

Judd Nelson will return in my next review for "bad kids go to hell"

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This probably wasn't the Coen Brothers' inspiration

Author: MBunge from Waterloo, Iowa
12 December 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A better title for this film would be "No Country for Smart Men". It has too much dumb storytelling and not nearly enough sex and violence. What White Rush does have going for it is that it fully embraces the friend of all dubiously talented filmmakers. This movie is fast paced and things move at such a rapid clip that even the most absurd turns of the plot pass by so quickly that they're easy to forgive. If there had been a lot more nudity or a lot more violence, preferably both, this would have been one of those stupid action flicks worth watching. Lacking that, this is a "move along, nothing to see here" production.

A group of five friends is out in the woods for some sort of annual vacation just as a drug deal is going down nearby. The deal goes bad and only one drug dealer, Brian (Judd Nelson), is left alive. One of the friends, a cop named Chick (Louis Mandylor), hears the gunfire and goes to investigate. He misses Brian but finds the cash and the cocaine, which he takes and convinces 3 of his friends that they should keep the money and sell the cash to get even richer. The fourth, Eva (Tricia Helfer), decides she can't be a part of it and runs off, where she then gets captured by the wounded Brian. As Chick comes up with an increasingly idiotic plan to sell the coke, Brian and Eva essentially team up to…well, Eva pretty much just leaves messages on her friends' answering machines. Meanwhile, a Mexican drug lord sends in a beautiful assassin (Sandra Vidal) to retrieve his drugs and kill everyone connected to their theft. Will Chick's harebrained scheme work? Will Brian and Eva discover that it's possible to drive to someone's house and talk to them directly? Will the assassin complete her mission before she runs out of ludicrously sexy outfits? You don't need to know the answer to any of those questions.

Some films will have seemingly stupid things happen and then some revelation at the end explains the reason for it all. White Rush has a lot of stupid things happen and then the revelation at the end makes them all even stupider. If you get to the big reveal in this film and can figure out the character in question's plan all along, you're a better man than I am, Gunga Din. For an example of the dumb storytelling on display here, I can do no better than to point out that Chick's plan for selling the coke hinges on him basically walking up to a notorious LA drug lord, identifying himself as a cop and asking "Do you want to buy some cocaine"? And the drug lord responds with "Sure. When a policeman offers to sell me drugs, what could possibly go wrong?"

The edge of moronitude is dulled by the speed at which director Mark L. Lester has everything running. Scenes are short and crisp. Dialog, even at its cretinous worst, is brief and to the point. Probably 75% of all films and 99% of bad films would benefit from being quicker in all things and White Rush is a great example of that. Unfortunately, while there's also two sex scenes and several shootings, a movie like this needs way more bare flesh and bloody bodies to completely distract the audience from how crappy it is.

I do want to point out that the best thing here is Louis Mandylor's portrayal of Chick. He does a really good job of embodying the reality that bad guys are always "the hero" in their own minds. Because he's a cop and he thinks he has good intentions, Chick operates as though those two things elevate him above all other moral or ethical concerns. Mandylor is so convincing that projecting that attitude that it's hard not to forget that Chick is the main source of everyone else's problems. None of the other actors rise above the material like that, though they're all perfectly acceptable besides Ivo Cutzardia playing the Mexican drug lord like he's doing a bad night club impression of a Mexican drug lord.

If Tricia Helfer had taken her clothes off or the women who did had kept them off a lot longer, if there'd been one or two more full blown action scenes, White Rush might have been the sort of movie you turn off your brain and enjoy. Since none of that occurred, it's not worth flipping that switch.

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