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Great PPV, Terrible Storylines

Author: metalhed73 from Toronto, Canada
16 November 2002

The problem with the WWE is that of three things: 1) Vince McMahon's persistant approval of terrible storylines created by... 2)the writers, mainly the highly criticized head writer Brian Gewirtz, and... 3)the backstage politics mainly instituted by Triple H and the Undertaker.

These are reasons for falling ratings and sup-par Pay per views. This was a pay-per view that was pretty good considering the horrible necrophilia angle and the Brock Lesnar's mind games with Sara (which I believed bombed the first time with DDP back in June 2001). Triple H also not wanting to even lose a match let alone a title results into a predictable outcome of a possible classic matchup. The highlight of the night was, without a doubt, the Hell in the Cell. It was great but it became more serious and realistic after Undertaker began bleeding profusely. It became evident that he was hurt and cut severely. It was unfortunate that he was actually hurt but this match should make the top 10 list of best matches in 2002.

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A lot of great matches on the card, but overall it wasn't really bad

Author: kliko400 from Australia
29 March 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There were a lot of matches on this card, a Hell In A Cell match, 5 titles on the line also including a winner takes all match. This PPV was not really bad, but in my opinion could of been better.

FIRST MATCH- BOOKER T & GOLDUST VS. CHRIS JERICHO & Christian FOR THE WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Okay match to start the show with, but these men did not have enough time in the ring to prove how great they are. After accidentally Jericho breaking the ropes, the referee tries fixing them while Jericho nails Goldust with the World Tag Team title, followed by a Lionsault for the win & to retain his World Tag Team Championship with Christian. 4/10

SECOND MATCH- TORRIE Wilson VS. DAWN MARIE Another match which is not that bad, but as you always expect, Diva matches are not what you want to call entertainment. Torrie Wilson wins after a neck breaker. 4/10

THIRD MATCH- ROB VAN DAM VS. RIC FLAIR This surprisingly was a good match, much to the athleticism of RVD, but if they had more time in the ring, it would of been a very good match. RVD wins after a Five-Star Frog Splash. 5/10

FOURTH MATCH- TAJIRI VS. JAMIE NOBLE W/ NIDIA FOR THE WWE CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP I'm a great fan of Cruiserweight matches, but this one could of been better if more acrobatic moves were in the match as well as more time. Jamie Noble wins after a Tigerbomb while Nidia distracted the referee for the win to retain his WWE Cruiserweight Championship. After the match Tajiri kisses Nidia then super kicks Jamie on Nidia as both lovers fall on each other, pretty funny. 4/10

FIFTH MATCH- TRIPLE H VS. KANE IN A WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT & WWE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP WINNER TAKES ALL MATCH Surprisingly another passable match, between the best wrestler HHH & the mid-card wrestler Kane. Hurricane tries to help out Kane during the match, but gets Pedigreed on the mat outside for his troubles by HHH. HHH overcomes the monster Kane & nails a Pedigree for the win to retire the WWE Intercontinental Championship for some time. 5/10

SIXTH MATCH- KURT ANGLE & CHRIS BENOIT VS. EDGE & REY MYSTERIO FOR THE WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP A great match & definitely in my opinion the match of the night. These matches make PPV's the best & more enjoyable to watch. Angle makes Edge tap out to make him & Chris Benoit win the vacant WWE Tag Team Championships. 6/10

SEVENTH MATCH- VICTORIA VS. TRISH STRATUS FOR THE WWE WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP Very short match, plus these two Divas can seriously do way better as they have some chemistry when they are in the ring together. Trish Stratus wins after a Chick Kick to retain her WWE Women's Championship. 3/10

EIGHT MATCH- BROCK LESNAR W/ PAUL HEYMAN VS. UNDERTAKER IN A HELL IN A CELL MATCH FOR THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP I'm a fan of Hell In A Cell matches, this one was brutal & violent as you expected. It was okay, nothing really to complain about, but Brock Lesnar was focusing on Undertaker's hand for a large majority of the match, when he was supposed to try & bust him open really badly so he can win, but still a great match & a great main event. Brock Lesnar survives the brutal match after reversing a Tombstone into his own signature move F-5 for the win & to retain his WWE Championship. 5/10

Not a bad PPV overall, but most of the matches seriously needed more time so it would be more entertaining, but it was still good.

Overall I'll give it 6/10 & a D+

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Pretty average (Match result SPOILERS follow)

Author: Gary Ballance from Dublin, Ireland
10 November 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Here are descriptions of the 8 matches on the 2002 No Mercy PPV (matches are rated out of 10):

MATCH 1- Chris Jericho & Christian vs Booker T & Goldust --(FOR THE RAW TAG BELTS) Not bad at all. Things really pick up after the 'hot' tag to Booker, with plenty of action. The highlight of the match is that the middle ring rope snaps as Jericho goes to springboard dropkick Booker. Christian & Jericho win, as Goldust is bulldogged on a tag title by Jericho and is hit w/ a top rope moonsault- excellent improv by Jericho as he would've gone for the Lionsault had the rope not broken. (7)

MATCH 2- Torrie Wilson vs Dawn Marie. Good effort by both women. I'm sure w/ a bit more improvement a women's division on Smackdown! could be formed. Torrie wins w/ the swinging neckbreaker. (5)

MATCH 3- Rob Van Dam vs Ric Flair. Not as ugly as I thought it would be, but, still, they could've booked RVD a better opponent. Thankfully RVD picks up a deserved win w/ the 5 Star Frog Splash. (6)

MATCH 4- Jamie Noble vs Tajiri--(FOR THE CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE) Totally non-Cruiser match and a big disappointment. I think it's time they gave someone else the Cruiserweight title - Billy Kidman, Shannon Moore, even Matt Hardy- Version 1.0) Not an atrocious match, but nothing memorable. Cheap rollup for Noble gets him the win. (5)

MATCH 5- Triple H vs Kane--(FOR THE INTERCONTINENTAL AND WORLD TITLES) Typical slow Triple H match. Triple H retires the IC title by beating Kane w/ the Pedigree (w/ help from Flair & a sledghammer). The short-sightedness of the WWE at the moment is shocking- they have NO singles titles on RAW besides their World title. The IC title was an excellent means to push a lower card wrestler- look at all the former champs who have gone onto greater things- Rock, Austin, Jericho, Triple H, etc. As well as the IC title going down, the Hardcore and European titles have gone down right along with it. Unbelievable stupidity- what are they thinking?? (5)

MATCH 6- Chris Benoit & Kurt Angle vs Edge & Rey Mysterio--(FOR THE SMACKDOWN! TAG TITLES) Good action as usual from these 4 gents. Edge & Mysterio are a fantastic team- their double team moves are very innovative, especially Edge launching RM into a top rope Frankensteiner. Looks great. Unfortunately, Benoit & Angle slow down the action until the 'hot tag' but it gets very good after. Benoit & Angle become the 1st holders of the new Smackdown! tag titles, as Angle traps Edge in the anklelock, and Edge taps out. (8)

MATCH 7- Trish Stratus vs Victoria--(FOR THE WOMEN'S TITLE) Not as good as I thought it would be- average. Victoria's a good challenger, but drop the soap opera storyline! It's unnecessary. Rollup win for Trish. (6)

MATCH 8- Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker--(FOR THE UNDISPUTED TITLE) Hard-hitting HIAC match, which [disappointingly] doesn't leave the Cell. Lesnar reverses a Tombstone into an F-5 for the victory.(5)

VERDICT- One very good match out of 8. They are going to have to drop the UNBELIEVABLY POINTLESS soap opera storylines (Katie Vick, 'Taker's affair ,etc.) and start putting more emphasis on the wrestling. (ie,take a page out of ECW's book.) The Smackdown brand is flourishing because of it. RAW really needs Scott Steiner as their top 'face.

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Hell in the Cell and best tag match ever?

Author: Lunatic_Fringe from Old Hickory, Tennessee
11 November 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

(spoiler warning) The event opened up with a short but funny segment of Kane asking Undertaker how his week was, that was brilliant. In the opening match Chris Jericho & Christian retained their tag titles over Booker T & Goldust when Jericho hit a moonsault on Goldust, the middle rope broke in the match so that probably wasn't the right finish, decent match to start off the night. Funaki interviewed Al Wilson which was kinda funny. Torrie Wilson then took on Dawn Marie which was better than expected but still didn't belond on a PPV by a long shot! RVD defeated the washed up Ric Flair, not that good of a match but RVD didn't have much to work with. Jamie Noble retained his cruiserweight title by defeating Tajiri in a pretty good cruiserweight match, with some help from Nidia. Triple H then defeated Kane to keep his pathetic world title, go figure Triple H doesn't put Kane over he's hurting business badly, not a very good match either. Then we had the match of the night and a match of the year candidate as new Smackdown tag team champions were crowned as Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit set aside their differences and defeated Edge & Rey Mysterio, this match was worth the money alone maybe the greatest tag team match I've ever seen! These 4 guys really have chemistry together they don't miss a beat. Trish defeated Victoria, another pointless match. And in our main event Brock Lesnar defeated the Undertaker to retain his heavyweight title in a really bloody hell in the cell match! The bloodshed is pretty cool fake or not in this match and overall it's a pretty good violent match, Heyman gets busted open too. They don't fight outside or on top of the cage though I guess that's too much of a risk. Overall the event had some good moments and some bad but the tag title match is worth seeing alone. 7/10

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