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The Hollywood Reporter
This creature feature is exhilarating fun, a richly designed and often quite funny re-exploration of the movie past.
Chicago Sun-Times
Silly and spectacular, and fun.
Chicago Tribune
A movie that's underwritten, overdirected, overproduced and almost constantly over-the-top. But it's also, at its best, a big tongue-in-cheek extravaganza.
Miami Herald
For all its tangle of characters and plot twists, Van Helsing isn't the slightest bit involving, and more than once (especially whenever Beckinsale is onscreen), it is unintentionally hilarious. But it's the rare kind of movie where the badness just adds to the fun.
Kind of like a basketball team of all-stars -- no names, please -- that has difficulty jelling into one smooth and efficient unit.
The dashing Jackman plays his part well enough, but the script doesn't provide sufficient "Indiana Jones"-style bons mots to win us over.
New York Daily News
Old monster movies were thrilling in a way that mingled terror, sexuality and a real preference for the monsters over their tormentors. Van Helsing is a kiddie adventure on an endless, meaningless loop.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Instead of paying homage to these creepy creatures of bygone Hollywood, Sommers seems to be unwittingly lampooning them. The first few minutes of Van Helsing, shot in black and white, look like outtakes from Mel Brooks' gagfest "Young Frankenstein."
Entertainment Weekly
Van Helsing, a fusion of eye candy and brain sputter, is a long, kinetic, yet dreary mess.
Here's a shrieking bore of a horror flick.
Sommers film just lies there, weighted down by a complete lack of wit, artfulness and internal logic. So it's a disaster -- a big, loud, boring wreck.
Wall Street Journal
Nothing's alive in this trash-heap travesty of warm-weather entertainment, despite the frenetic pace.

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