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San Francisco Chronicle
A film of wisdom, emotional subtlety and power.
A tender and perceptive film.
Philadelphia Inquirer
A quiet, glistening love story - or not-quite-love story - adapted from Martin's novella of the same name, Shopgirl is such an atypical Hollywood affair that it's almost startling.
New York Post
Like Truffaut's heaviest work, it's less interested in what brings people together than in what keeps them apart, and it achieves a painful truth you won't find in dating comedies.
Wall Street Journal
This is a special film whose delicate tone ranges from tender to astringent, with occasional side trips into sweet.
Even the film's missteps (the score, by Barrington Pheloung, is cringe-inducing) can't stop this meditation on love -- Martin calls it "Jane Austen for the twenty-first century" -- from melting into heartbreak.
This is a smart, adult romance that rarely panders to clichés, and gives up the heady bliss of most such movies in favor of something bittersweet.
The Hollywood Reporter
Displaying some fine performances -- including a lovely one by Claire Danes and a lively one by Jason Schwartzman -- the elegantly appointed Shopgirl certainly has the goods but it ultimately fails to make the sale.
Entertainment Weekly
In their way, Mirabelle and Ray are the deracinated West Coast equivalents of a Woody Allen couple.
The film ultimately lets Mirabelle down and leaves the viewer dissatisfied. A "Lost in Translation" drained of its wryly observed humor, Shopgirl is worth a browse. But it isn't always easy to buy.
New York Daily News
Danes' smart, fun, radiant and very attractive Mirabelle actually undermines the premise of the book

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