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A movie for more than one season; it will become a perennial, shared by the generations. It has a haunting, magical quality because it has imagined its world freshly and played true to it,
An enchanting, beautiful and brilliantly imagined film.
The Hollywood Reporter
A story that soars with breakneck pace but slows in all the tender moments. Visually, this train ride is both majestic and edge-of-your-seat.
New York Daily News
It's a sensation - both a milestone in computer-animation and a likely Christmas classic.
Miami Herald
It's a good, old-fashioned North Pole adventure.
New York Post
Devoid of 21st-century irony, this visually stunning, action-packed yuletide treat is sweet and, yes, magical in a way that will enchant kids and give older viewers a twinge of nostalgia.
It's hard not to wish this film were more of a piece and less like loud music at the wrong party.
Simple and evocative, yet teeming with intriguing visual effects.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Visually, taking its cues (mostly) from Van Allsburg's Hopperesque art, The Polar Express is eye-popping. Storywise, however, it can be eyelid-drooping.
Entertainment Weekly
The screenplay, by Zemeckis and William Broyles Jr., plumps Van Allsburg's simple fable about the purity of childhood faith in what can't be seen with all sorts of wholly invented characters, complications, and declarations.
Wall Street Journal
A train wreck of mind-numbing proportions.
The result is a failed and lifeless experiment in which everything goes wrong.

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