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Chicago Tribune
Good movie westerns these days may be too few and far between, but Ron Howard's The Missing is almost a great one.
As for Blanchett, she's simply wonderful. She has played her share of queenly figures, but her acting essence is, emotionally speaking, plain-Jane. She's a straight shooter, with an uncanny ability to find a character's spine and communicate it without fuss or feathers.
Howard’s inclination toward graphic, gruesome violence, reminiscent of Ransom’s grisly denouement, The Missing is, at its core, a story well-told and built upon the solid foundation of Blanchett’s supremely capable performance.
Does not surpass Kevin Costner's "Open Range" for the title of Best Western of 2003, but it's a worthy effort and makes for an enjoyable (if slightly overlong) two-plus hours.
Ron Howard has never before made a picture this raw and alive. At the same time, this tale of the desperate pursuit of the kidnappers of young women makes for a fundamentally grim and unpleasant experience.
Charlotte Observer
The only thing they don't take time for is characterization, which the story badly needs.
This murky, thriller-tinged Western has the terrain down cold -- from the wide-open spaces to the rocky vistas -- but beneath all the requisite genre trappings there's a vast, empty gulch where the affecting dramatic element should have been found.
Film Threat
The performances are great, the chemistry between the two leads is very good, and Ron Howard again proves himself a slick hand behind the camera. But like a lot of these power-packed pictures, there’s just something missing.
New York Magazine (Vulture)
You can believe this man (Jones) left his family because he felt born into the wrong tribe. Now if only he had picked the right movie . . .
Entertainment Weekly
What's missing in The Missing -- despite throwing in The Everything, from magic trinkets to group hugs -- is soul.

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