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The large columbarium (mausoleum for crematory urns) in the Gracey cemetery could not have existed because the first legal cremation in the United States did not take place until 1876, and the practice did not become common until the 1890s - long after the circa-1855 Gracey backstory.

Character error 

A few jokes are made regarding Madame Leota's inability to move on her own. However, when Jim Evers is trapped outside the house (after being thrown from the attic) she seems to have the ability to roll along under her own steam. Of course, this is ignoring the fact that she'd need to be able to get out of the attic in the first place.


When Ramsley throws Jim out of the mansion, the ground Jim lands on is dry though there had been a flood earlier that same day.
When Jim's daughter is coming out of the water in the crypt after getting the key, a hand with a glove and a watch grabs her shoulder. It turns out to be Jim. However, in several shots before and after that, his hands are bare.
When Jim Evers enters the Crypt he takes the torch on the right yet when Michael Evers has to open the door both torches are there, yet once Jim Evers leaves the crypt you see the right torch is gone.
Jim Evers gives Sara Evers a teddy bear with a watch on. He takes it off the bear and puts it on her, but in the next shot the watch is still on the teddy bear.
When the children are in the attic Emma is holding the tray of cookies. The cookies disappear when the children "must hide" and reappear in the hiding spot. There is an extended scene on the DVD that explains how the cookies appeared there.
When Jim and his daughter are trying to get out of the mausoleum you can see that from the inside the door that light is showing through the cracks before Michael opens the door.
When the Evers family first arrive at the Haunted Mansion, Jim opens the driver side window to yell for the gate to be opened. In the next shot the window is closed.
When Ramsley confronts Emma and Ezra in the attic, Emma grabs a cookie off the plate that has brown sugar lines on it. The cookie she puts back on the plate is a plain white cookie.
After the family get caught in the rain, they run up the steps to the front door and you can see the effects of the rain which include their wet clothes and Sara's frizzy, uncurled hair. Later, when they go into the house a few minutes later, her hair is again curled and their clothes are dry.
When the Evers family is driving to the mansion, Sara is wearing a bright yellow suit. When they get out of the car, Sara's suit is pink, and it is yellow again when they enter the mansion.
When Mr Gracey and Sara are walking up the steps arm in arm, it appears that Mr Gracey is in normal physical human form, but when Jim lashes out at Ramsley, his hand goes straight through.
When Jim and the kids are outside the crypt you can see fog slowly creeping up towards them. Then when Jim and the daughter go inside and are trying to get out, the fog is at the sons feet. In the next shot or two the fog goes back to slowly creeping up upon them.
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When Jim is thrown out of the mansion and lands on his car, all the the doors lock and all of the shutters on the windows close. However in the very next scene, the window shutters in the room are clearly open.
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Crew or equipment visible 

After Jim exits the painting and goes into the hallway, look down onto the rug. You'll notice dark lines on them, that's not part of the rug as they tried to make it look, it's the railings for the ride. They filmed it inside the ride, that includes the rails leading to the breathing door.
During the scene when Eddie Murphy's character finds the letter in the trunk a modern day spotlight is visible to audience left hanging down from the ceiling (When the camera is shooting upwards at him from the POV of the trunk.)

Factual errors 

The Evers' car has a personalized Louisiana license plate on both sides. Louisiana does not issue front license plates.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.


When Sarah dies, her head falls away from Jim, to her left. In the next shot, her head is lying against Jim's chest.


When Ramsley throws Jim out of the mansion, he doesn't throw anybody else. However, Madame Leota turns up by Jim's car. How did she get there?

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