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Chicago Sun-Times
What I got was a fairly intriguing story and an actual plot that is actually resolved. That doesn't make the movie good enough to recommend, but it makes it better than the ads suggest.
Philadelphia Inquirer
The result is like near-beer: The taste is familiar, but the spirit is missing.
The Hollywood Reporter
Pleasant and atmospheric family romp, offering enough mildly chilling thrills to keep everyone entertained during its brief running time.
Surprisingly decent.
Chicago Tribune
The words "Welcome foolish mortals" open Walt Disney Pictures' The Haunted Mansion, a movie based on Disneyland and Walt Disney World's classic theme park attractions. The foolish mortals, of course, would be those who pay $9 a ticket at the door.
While it may supply giggles and shivers to preteens, grownups should think twice before entering this all-too-haunted house.
Miami Herald
Won't surprise you, but it's more tolerable than the grating, garish, millinery-challenged Cat. Besides, a cadaverous Terence Stamp trumps a glossy Alec Baldwin as a bad guy any day.
A Disney Thanksgiving movie that plays like a Halloween holdover is odd enough. Even so, it wouldn't be that bad if you stuck your hand into the trick-or-treat bag and found a hefty, succulently dressed and edible turkey instead of the other kind.
Entertainment Weekly
Tame and witless enough to make me long for the ancient, dusty fright kitsch of ''The Munsters.''
New York Daily News
A tepid comedy whose only saving grace is the face of Jennifer Tilly in a crystal ball.
Wall Street Journal
The only entertaining member of the cast is Terence Stamp.

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