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Los Angeles Times
A fright show artfully designed for the whole family, a comedy that all but the most impressionable children will likely get a kick out of.
Washington Post
It's perfectly palatable family fare for a long weekend.
Eddie Murphy is less offensive than Dr. Seuss.
Miami Herald
Won't surprise you, but it's more tolerable than the grating, garish, millinery-challenged Cat. Besides, a cadaverous Terence Stamp trumps a glossy Alec Baldwin as a bad guy any day.
Entertainment Weekly
Tame and witless enough to make me long for the ancient, dusty fright kitsch of ''The Munsters.''
The A.V. Club
It's also hard to figure out who this movie is supposed to delight: It's too scary for little kids and not nearly scary enough for anyone allowed to rent "The Ring" without getting carded.
Learn from the Evers family: The Haunted Mansion is not worth the detour.
New York Daily News
A tepid comedy whose only saving grace is the face of Jennifer Tilly in a crystal ball.
This mostly laugh-and scare-free turkey offers an utterly bored -- and boring -- Eddie Murphy taking a back seat to special effects, elaborate sets and a wispy story slapped together by David Berenbaum (the overrated "Elf").
The film equivalent of the dark, boring period on a haunted house ride before the gondola crashes into another room filled with dirty mirrors.

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