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Supercharged with an energy and ingenuity that "Run Lola Run" once had a patent on.
Chicago Tribune
As entertainment, Nicotina manages a bracing balance. It arrests with violent bursts and anxious pauses until its three plots merge in a satisfying resolution; its laughs caught in my throat like smoker's cough.
Chicago Reader
The master principle of film noir -- that everyone is corruptible -- turns a pinwheel of plot complications in this fleet, stylish little crime drama from Mexico.
Nicotina's every loser, criminal, dreamer, crank and cynic is flawed, but their flaws are primal and as human as thumbs. In the end, it's this grim but tender view of humanity that gives the movie its appealing combination of mordant humor and cheerful pessimism.
While obviously not a unique or uniquely satisfying experience, the film still does the job in a pinch, and looks cool doing it.
New York Post
Lightweight but enjoyable entertainment.
Though "Pulp Fiction" is the obvious point of reference, but this hugely entertaining Mexican crime comedy is actually closer in spirit to "Go," Doug Lyman's underrated 1998 lark.
The Hollywood Reporter
Flawed but imaginative film.
The stylistic cleverness of the opening minutes settles into a self-satisfied flair.
It seems likely that how much you enjoy Nicotina will be tied to how much you enjoyed the Guy Ritchie pictures it strongly resembles. Those who thought "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels" and "Snatch" were the cats p.j.'s will likely enjoy Nicotina.

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