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Chicago Tribune
It creates a strong sense of a living, breathing community, and you root for its affectionately drawn characters as they experience the giddiness of triumph without forgetting the project's bittersweet inspiration.
The story hooks us because stars Helen Mirren and Julie Walters look as fetching in woolens and Wellingtons as they do in the altogether. But it reels us in because it is about people who for so long have paid lip service to making a difference that they are profoundly altered when they actually do.
The Hollywood Reporter
It's a real-life story adapted into a grown-up comedy that is warm, winning and sexy. Call it "The Full Auntie."
Village Voice
Remains a genial lesson in how to both honor and subvert womanly expectations.
Unfortunately, the material doesn't justify the talent. These women deserve more than Calendar Girls ultimately gives them.
Though the film is never dull, and playing by the cast is spirited, it's actually a surprisingly gentle movie, with no big "Full Monty"-like finale to send auds buzzing into the street.
Closer in texture and consistency to individually wrapped American cheese than good, tangy English cheddar. But even humble plastic-wrapped cheese has its virtues and so does this film.
The real-life calendar girls were actual human beings, and here they're merely comic patsies, lacking the distinctive personalities that made the men of "The Full Monty" so endearing, their final act of revelation so peculiarly dignified.
Don't race to see it unless a female "Full Monty" is just what you've been waiting for.
The New York Times
When the biggest compliment you can pay a picture is that it is professional and not smug, there's a little something missing, like invention.

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