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The eerie tale is steeped in brooding atmosphere and psychological suspense thanks to Glazer's hugely imaginative visual style and creative use of music, sound, and silence.
An effective thriller precisely because it is true to the way sophisticated people might behave in this situation. Its characters are not movie creatures, gullible, emotional and quickly moved to tears. They're realists, rich, a little jaded.
There are moments so beautifully composed and so resonant in Jonathan Glazer's (Sexy Beast) sophomore effort, I can at least propose it's a "near-great."
The best of what's onscreen is a mesmerizing mind-teaser.
Birth presents an intriguing premise about death and the possibility of rebirth in an elegant, melancholy and deliberate fashion.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Birth makes its oddball supernaturalism seem completely, compellingly real.
New York Daily News
It's corny, plodding, implausible and - on occasion - seriously creepy. At the same time, it contains a couple of this movie year's most sublime sequences, and features one of Nicole Kidman's bravest and best performances.
San Francisco Chronicle
Begins like a penetrating exploration of love, grief and suffering and ends looking like a highbrow version of "Bride of Chucky."
Entertainment Weekly
When Kidman slithers into a bathtub with her young ''husband,'' the scene, in its soft-pedaled way, is the definition of exploitation: It appears to have been cooked up for no other purpose than to conjure creepy child-porn overtones.
The Hollywood Reporter
A paranormal mystery without a spine. It has no suspense because it has no belief in itself.
Wall Street Journal
Might have qualified as dumb fun if they hadn't left out the fun.

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