Something's Gotta Give (2003) Poster

Plot Keywords

love heart attack
doctor dating
beach weekend
hip hop record company
auctioneer nurse
beach house sex
senior citizen age difference
playwright hospital
emergency room love triangle
mature romance accidentally looking at naked person
title directed by female ecg
electrocardiogram intentionally misspelled title
reference to mr. midnight party
boat caribbean
snow tea
personal assistant spaghetti
magazine afghanistan
cherries scissors
ice cream cone grocery store
manischewitz tylenol
dinner chateau margot the wine
limousine bridge
le grand colbert paris taxi
seine river baby
bryn mawr college university of pennsylvania
aspirin play rehearsal
monogamy lightning
pancake reference to joan rivers
los angeles california playboy
libido reference to new york magazine
nitroglycerin i.v.
belching sense of smell
christie's auction house reference to martha stewart
reference to carly simon reference to diane sawyer
reference to joan collins butt slap
mouth to mouth resuscitation gurney
lipitor cook
teacher knife
champagne rap music
record label wine auction
wine women's studies
columbia university reference to lillian hellman
commitment reference to marvin gaye
artery balloon
flowers flirting
wheelchair reference to the man who came to dinner the play
reference to kaufman and hart reference to sigmund freud
french picnic
pajama party pajamas
art auction auction
candle menopause
bra chat room
e mail falling out of bed
photo album telephone call
cell phone photograph
rain death
sparkler restaurant
cafe montage
hyperventilation drunkenness
drinking drink
birthday cake happy birthday
actress neurotic
blood pressure aunt niece relationship
spinster old maid
sister sister relationship eyeglasses
erection fiend
friendship fired from the job
website internet
computer 911
ambulance sleeping
marriage wealth
voice over narration undressing
theatre director father daughter relationship
tears crying
date cigarette smoking
cigar smoking bare butt
husband wife relationship fifty something
thirty something sixty something
ekg female frontal nudity
topless female nudity chest pains
hamptons long island new york chauvinism
chauvinist machismo
kiss divorce
three word title produced by director
written by director new york city
manhattan new york city soul mate
pregnancy paris france
older woman younger man relationship older man younger woman relationship
flashback bare breasts
true love rivalry
jealousy doctor patient relationship
nipples male nudity
hospital gown told in flashback
may december romance bed
bedroom opposites attract
lawyer aging
bachelor viagra
writer old woman
broken heart anxiety attack
product placement professor
theatre production midnight snack
laptop computer instant messaging
feminism broadway manhattan new york city
birthday boyfriend girlfriend relationship
mother daughter relationship city
stairs staircase
nudity female nudity

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