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San Francisco Chronicle
But probably the best thing about The Prince & Me is the way the story doesn't end in the obvious place but keeps going, showing the characters continuing to develop.
This is a smart piece of revisionist fluff that dares to question what happens after the royal honeymoon is over.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Stiles is lovely, forthright and believable, so much so that when the scene shifts back to storybook Denmark (actually shot in Prague), she grounds this fluff in recognizable reality.
Quite appealing, thanks to good-humored acting and to Martha Coolidge's quiet directing style. She lets romance and comedy bubble up from the characters instead of imposing gimmicky twists on the story.
It's all done with such good heart, and Stiles is so perfectly appealing as one of cinema's most grounded Cinderellas.
Chicago Sun-Times
The Prince & Me has the materials to be a heartwarming mass-market love story, but it doesn't assemble them convincingly.
Even its pre-teen audience could use a bit more quirkiness and a little less formula.
New York Daily News
To her credit, director Martha Coolidge has crafted a fairy-tale ending that is both old-fashioned and newfangled, allowing her heroine to have it all. But despite a few magic moments, the rest of the film feels stale.
It's a perfect choice for a mother/daughter evening out...decently constructed, solidly performed, and not too naïve.
Entertainment Weekly
In a series of endings, she, and the audience, are falsely promised that she can have it all. In other words, The Prince & Me is committed to the controversial American policy of No Fantasy Left Behind.
The Hollywood Reporter
An unremarkable romantic comedy that gives short shrift to both romance and comedy.

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