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goofing off
movieman_kev23 August 2005
This 8 and a half minute featurette on the sound looping of "Men in Black 2" can be found on the second disc of the 2-DVD special edition of the aforementioned movie. Looping is probably the least interesting and downright boring jobs that one can do when working on a movie, so do they try to make it the least bit interesting? Nope. They just show the actors and actresses pretty much goofing around. Also it goes on for a bit too long. Nothing that one would ever watch again..ever. That's if anyone else even bothered to watch this for the first time. For those who DID suffer through it, please accept my condolences.

My Grade: D
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Could have been interesting but fails to be more than cast joking around for the cameras
bob the moo20 April 2003
When the dialogue isn't clear or background noise is too high, the actors need to loop their lines in the recording studio or ADR (automatic dialogue recording). This short looks at that process on MIIB with Will Smith, Johnny Knoxville and Lara Flynn Boyle among others.

I think everyone knows about looping and what it is for, so this short immediately runs the risks if being redundant unless it manages to make the subject interesting by revealing interesting things or having good insights from those people actually doing the job. Sadly this short really fails to put the subject in any sort of interesting frame.

Rather than focus on the people doing the job, the focus is on the actors. They all hate doing it and it shows. So we have some clowning around between Sonnenfeld and Smith, Knoxville being shy on camera etc but only a brief mention of those people actually working. I would have been much more interested in hearing what the people who work in ADR actually think about it and maybe a bit of detail on their jobs. Sadly it's all clowning around.

Although ADR is a pretty dull subject, the short could have at least tried to make it interesting and informative. Instead it knows it's subject is potentially dull and decides to almost ignore it and only uses it as a device for footage of the director and cast having a bit of a laugh - a wasted few minutes.
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