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Chicago Tribune
An irresistible Irish comedy, lovingly told, beautifully acted and graced with the perfect balance of chuckles and bittersweet heartache.
Lots of lively tunes and spirited acting.
The New York Times
Appealing if obvious little fable.
The A.V. Club
The film's modest charms are ingratiating and sweet, thanks to Colm Meaney's hilariously salty lead performance and a soundtrack that channels the warm spirit of traditional Ceili music.
Entertainment Weekly
Feel-good ethnocomedy.
Highly unoriginal tale.
New York Post
Isn't a total loss, but neither does it have the charm of "The Full Monty" or other feel-good indie Brit flicks it emulates.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
There will be occasional tears, there must be frequent laughs and the whole contrived structure has the calculated quaintness of Ye Olde Pub at a EuroDisney theme park.
Grateful fans so enamored of traditional Irish folk music that they don't care how they come by it may enjoy John Irvin's folk-filled feature, but while there's lots of great Ceili music on tap, it's wrapped in a story so traditional that it's not especially interesting.
Portland Oregonian
County Clare holds little of interest, with a generic story line and a cast that's mostly just going through the motions.

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