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Flat-out awful

Author: kelvin-9 from Sunnyvale, CA
30 December 2003

First, let me say that I am a fan of westerns, including many of the more recent in the genre. Still, I found this movie to be an utter waste of time.

The action scenes in this movie are easily the worst that I have seen in a movie which was not a total spoof. This is made clear in the second scene of the movie as a man is "thrown out" of a building, which involves hopping a few times out a door into a small somersault. Action scenes throughout the movie have some of the least convincing fake punches, gun wounds, and deaths in cinematic history. Some of the kung fu scenes are a small step up, but the editing into and out of these scenes is awful.

The tone of the story is mostly serious, with random bits of comic relief thrown in, but it becomes difficult to sort these from the extremely shallow story and pathetic acting.

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Nonsensical Mindless Entertainment

Author: NIXFLIX-DOT-COM from
21 December 2003

A "western" with people running around doing Shaolin kung fu. There's a "Chinese" character who looks as Chinese as my Aunt Sally, who has never seen a Chinese person in her life. All the bad guys are dummies, and even though they always have their guns aimed at the good guys at point blank range and could kill them at any time, never bothers to pull the trigger. This, despite the fact that the bad guy's head honcho (Gary Busey) has killed people randomly throughout the film, but for some reason always lets the hero go so he can come back for one of those final shoot-outs. The script by the star is nonsensical, even as camp. The martial arts is actually quite good, but in the background of a western, it's just...wrong. Also, did the female lead steal Sharon Stone's clothes from THE QUICK AND THE DEAD? Someone call the police.

4 out of 10

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Two Thumbs Way Up...

Author: filmfortheblind from United States
8 July 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I saw this movie I gave it two thumbs up... and then proceeded to use those thumbs to gouge out my eyes to end the visceral torment this movie had inflicted on me. As much as I wanted to like this movie it didn't make sense, contradicted itself multiple times and stole countless scenes from other movies.

First off the martial arts in the Wild West: Okay this is original. It's not like Jackie Chan didn't do this three years ago in Shanghi Noon. Second, it's almost insulting to watch the movie confuse Asian cultures. The Chinese were brought over to construct rail roads. Even the martial arts style used in this film is Chinese. So why does the main character say to his leaving Chinese friend, "Arigato." Someone needed to grab the director and say "Hey... That's Japanese you moron."

So other than the entire stolen concept for the film, there were multiple other scenes stolen from other movies. When the three badass gun-slingers arrive in town (pretentiously played by the Director and his two brothers) taken from "Once Upon a Time in the West". The shot for shot copy of Tomb Raider with the gunslinging woman whipping her hair out of the water and drawing her guns. I can keep on going but I think you get the idea.

Now to the disaster also known as Ghost Rock's plot... *Caution Spoilers (HAHAHAHAaaa)* Okay there are two main characters in Ghost Rock, John & Savanah. Both kill people, move objects, talk to others but at the end one of them is a ghost. How this is possible I don't have a clue but even more confusing is we don't know which one is the ghost... we don't even know if there is a ghost. I'm not even sure that the Director even knows.

Wow I don't know who I would recommend Ghost Rock to... the movie is the cinematic equivalent to crap. Don't rent it, don't buy it, don't waste your time.

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Bleedin awful movie

Author: wh08117-1 from Maryland
3 January 2005

When I saw that Gary Busey was in this movie, I had to see it. I knew it would be bad, but I did not know how bad. This movie was bad, and not in a funny way. Gary Busey plays the mayor of a little Western town, and his job is to maintain order while a group of Chinese railroad workers and locals fight for control. There was so much fighting in this movie that it was hard to keep track of the reasons. The fighting was also matrix style, and it was kung fu. Gary Busey was not the only horrible actor in this movie, everyone involved was equally nauseating. I had to turn the movie off after an hour. The worst part is that I had this movie in my home for almost a week.

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This picture had a budget of $.19 , and they had change left over.

Author: dsteere02 from United States
3 October 2005

I am a true lover of westerns, including the "B" westerns of Hollywood's golden era, so I tend to be tolerant of diverse production values. However, this is truly a time-waster. Continuity is sporadic, transitions are sometimes clumsy, comedy breaks are mediocre to silly, and stunt work is often abysmal. Gary Busey is the highlight in this film, although he did nothing to elevate his status by playing in this movie. He is a talented and accomplished actor and would undoubtedly shine, in even the worst movie. (Perhaps he just had that chance.) Now, not every small movie is a time-waster. Some of them turn out to be real gems. This is not one of them.

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One of the VERY WORST wannabe Westerns

Author: gary_aumieux from United States
1 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Gary Busey and Adrienne Barbeau should hang their heads in shame that they participated in what in my opinion it a TOTAL Piece of TRASH and a TOTAL waste of my time.

Netflix should be spanked for even offering this total turkey as a movie for anyone to watch.

The lines in the script are AWFUL.

The supposed "action" scenes are a VERY BAD JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is NOT entertainment. This is punishment!!!

I am 64 years old and I have seen thousands of movies and hundreds of westerns.

Why would anyone do the things the script has these characters doing? NEVER in the most remote fantasy would anyone have ever done what these characters are supposedly doing. Kung foot totally unrealistic. Even Chucky boy Norris did better and some of his movies were pure attempts to make money at the total expense the viewers.

The martial "arts" fight scenes are so very bad that one does not know whether to laugh, cry or just turn this TOTALLY HORRIBLE movie OFF!

The gunfire sounds like CHEAP cap guns. What were they thinking when they made this filth in 2004?

Gary Busey and Adrienne Barbeau have never been more at their WORST! And I really LIKE BOTH of them !!! Busey's death scene is Ludicrous!

I can NOT say ENOUGH BAD about this TOTAL FAILURE that provides ABSOLUTELY NO entertainment.

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Travesty--an insult to two great genres

Author: bth2004 from United States
26 July 2006

It wasn't an original idea, the thought of combining the martial arts and western film genres into a single project. It's been done before: Kung Fu with Davind Carradine, The Fighter aka Savate (a straight to video film by Oliver Gruner). However, none before were this horrible.

For starters, the acting was wooden throughout the entire film. The only recognizable actor was Gary Busey, and I truly pity him for having to resort to this kind of crap to pay his rent. It is such a fall to a truly talented actor.

Then there's the so-called martial arts in this. Holy crap, can none of these "martial artists" really do martial arts? It's almost as bad as most of Bloodfist! I've seen children who are more impressive martial artists than these people! The only possible upside to this entire thing is that the two lead actresses were very attractive, and this certainly isn't enough to carry a movie, especially if the viewer has any appreciation for acting talent.

At all costs, DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE!! You will waste valuable brain matter if you do! For the sake of your intelligence, do not watch this!!

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You didn't spend twenty bucks in a theater to see this....

Author: cowboyblob from United States
11 March 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As an extra and conscripted stunt guy in this flick, I've seen this movie more times than I would have otherwise, mostly at the request of friends and family who wanted me to point out where I show up. Having joined the Corps of Unpaid Extras in the second week of filming and sticking around for Wrap-up Day, I was witness to the proverbial sausage-making. Michael Worth wrote a dime-store novel and called it a screenplay. Gary Busey quotes Shakespeare...nuff said. My friends say it's a pretty good movie -- AFTER I tear down their expectations. The martial arts were well-choreographed, the gunplay cheesy, and the T&A gratuitous. What's not to like? Continuity was problematic since much of the movie ended up on the editing room floor. Lindy Teague's part was pared down to almost nothing and who knew the one girl was Japanese until the "Arigato?" When they started running out of extras (and Old Tucson stunt regulars literally ran out over not getting paid), some of us got recycled as other characters.

The marshals arrive on the train engine because that's the only train prop Old Tucson Studios had. Remember, a large chunk of the budget must have been spent just getting Gary A-Busey and keeping him supplied with cigars. Cinematography was crisp and bright (they thawed Bernie Abrahamson out of cryogenic storage to put another big name in the credits)...that said, *I* would have dulled down the saloon lighting for a moodier, more realistic atmosphere. But what do I know? This low-budget movie has many faults but still makes for a decent adult night in front of the DVD player. Just tear down those expectations first.

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For what it's worth...

Author: Frank Markland from United States
3 August 2006

Michael Worth stars as a gun-runner who goes up against the local mobster (Gary Busey) who wiped out Worth's friends and family years ago, however a mysterious blonde has returned and is killing of Busey's gang one by one, also on hand is Jeff Fahey who is fairly useless to the High Plains Drifter rip off storyline. When I think westerns I don't think of dynamic martial artistry combining with six-shooters. There is a problem of tone and due to this the movie never gels and we are left to flounder in the silliness of watching a hybrid of two genres that never mix that well. The best of these hybrids was Lone Wolf McQuade but the movie this reminds me was the Olvier Gruner starred dud The Fighter. Which also combined kickboxing with western antics, the western ripped off there was Shane, where as this one rips off High Plains Drifter, even down to the "twist" at the end. This is of course a very silly effort but Dustin Rikert is not much of an action director and for this the movie is fairly dull.

*1/2 out of 4-(Poor)

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not as bad as others say but thats not saying its good

Author: villianthehero from United States
9 January 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

first of all i stumbled across this movie on show-time about 5 in the morning when i couldn't sleep and nothing else was on. i like westerns and love martial arts movies so i thought id check it out.

well there's nothing great about this movie in fact there's not much good about it. everything about it is average, the acting, the script, the directing, all in all its a average direct to video movie. the gun fights are OK nothing spectacular. the martial arts are probably the best thing in this movie but not nearly enough to make the movie any better.

warning spoilers ahead some things i had a problem with, the hole ghost thing was a little weird. how is a ghost gonna interact with everyone, hold cards, push stuff around, drink a beer, and shoot people.

some people are complaining about the clichés and the fact that a few scenes are taken from other movies. that doesn't bother me. there will always be clichés in movies. and one of the greatest directors from my generation takes bits and pieces from other movies all the time, and the director i speak of is none other than quentin tarintino.

all in all if your up late and cant sleep and stumble across this go ahead and watch it if u like direct to video b movies and western / martial arts movies, but don't expect much.

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