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Entertainment Weekly
Smart enough to hook us with the best thing it has going: Cedric the Entertainer's gruffly uproarious and lived-in performance as Eddie.
L.A. Weekly
An even richer, smarter, funnier sequel.
Less cartoonish and more generous than the original.
Just as sharply funny and as heartwarming, yet unsentimental, as the first.
The Hollywood Reporter
Has a rollicking time reaching its foreseeable conclusion.
Washington Post
What separates Calvin and Eddie from the typical comic hero -- and each "Barbershop" movie from the standard yuk-fest -- is that these folks know how to back up all the hot air with meaningful action.
Chicago Tribune
This time around, the razors are a little duller, the clicks not as slick, the patter not as snappy.
The A.V. Club
Intermittently funny, and at times even affecting, but its drama veers into soap-opera territory, and its comedy too often reeks of sitcom laziness.
The New York Times
Given the stature and the presence that the entrepreneurial rappers-turned-film-moguls Ice Cube and Queen Latifah possess, the fizzle of their scenes is doubly disappointing.
Village Voice
Cube is still adorable, but the potentially poppin' battle between the shop and big-box competitor Nappy Cuts gets obscured by sloppy chronology and flat, cartoonish politicos.

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