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Season 4

29 Aug. 2008
Does God Make Sense?
How can you know whether God really exists, if you do not know what God really is? Diverse religions have diverse views.
5 Sep. 2008
How Vast Is the Cosmos?
Everyone knows that the universe is huge, but no one could have imagined how staggeringly immense the universe, or multiple universes, may actually be. It stops your breath.
12 Sep. 2008
Why Is Consciousness So Mysterious?
How can the mindless microscopic particles that compose our brains "experience" the setting sun, the Mozart Requiem, and romantic love?
22 Sep. 2008
Did Our Universe Have a Beginning?
Everything in the universe has a beginning, but how can the universe as a whole have a start date? Does a universal commencement make sense? What would it possibly mean?
26 Sep. 2008
How Are Brains Structured?
As far as we know, brains are the most highly organized matter in the universe. How they make their magic is just astonishing.
3 Oct. 2008
Arguing God's Existence?
You've heard the raucous noise about God; now listen to the cogent arguments, con and pro. Not that determining the existence of God is up for vote; when searching for Truth, majority opinion counts for nothing.
10 Oct. 2008
Why a Fine-Tuned Universe?
How can so many numbers of nature, the constants and relationships of physics, be so spot-on perfect for humans to exist? Beware: there is more than one answer lurking here.
17 Oct. 2008
Do Persons Have Souls?
Is the "Real You" a special substance that is both nonphysical and immortal? Most people think "Certainly". Most scientists think "Certainly Not". What some theologians think may trouble you.
24 Oct. 2008
Arguing God from Design?
The world certainly appears to be designed. Are appearances deceiving? Discover new twists to this old argument.
31 Oct. 2008
Could Our Universe Be a Fake?
Perhaps our entire universe is like a gigantic computer game, the creation of super-smart hackers existing somewhere else? Before you smirk and laugh, watch and think.
7 Nov. 2008
Does ESP Reveal the Nonphysical?
Some claim that their scientific study of extrasensory perception, or parapsychology, overturns the worldview of science. Should we take these startling pronouncements seriously?
14 Nov. 2008
Arguing God from First Cause?
Does everything need a cause? Everything in the universe surely does. But what about the universe as a whole? And what about God - assuming God exists - does God need a cause?
21 Nov. 2008
Can Science Deal with God?
Science can deal with God in at least three ways: Showing how God is not necessary; showing how God is likely; not relating to God at all. Only one way can be correct.

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