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This Is a Great Show And Needs To Be Out On DVD!
ryon-225 December 2004
There are a lot of "kiddies shows" that are so obviously for kids, but Strange Days at Blake Holsey High, or as it's more appropriately titled, Wormhole High, is not just for kids but for us grown folks as well.

At the heart of this show we see evidence that there is a conspiracy of sorts going on, but we don't know for sure it's with who or why, but each week we see more of the puzzle as Blake Holsey's Science Club learn about science the hard way. Nothing like becoming very small or disappearing into the past or the future, to get someone to remember their science lessons. The writing for this show is sharp and sophisticated, making this show a little like the old Dark Shadows soap opera with it's surprising plot twists and bizarre happenings that can only happen when you build a boarding school on top of a failed science experiment.

I would really love to see this show either on video or on DVD so it would free of the annoying graphics that the networks feel they need to clutter up the screen with each week, and with the cryptic secret messages the janitor makes for each show, it would be easier to make sense of the whole series when you can go back to previous episodes and catch all of those small clues. But until then, I'll just have to keep looking at the re-runs I taped. :-)
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A cool TV series that ended in 2006.
Yoshi666630 April 2006
I loved this show when I first saw it on Discovery Kids. I couldn't wait till I could watch the movie on January 11, 2006. Too bad that is where the show ended. This show was a cool and funny educational show that makes me wanna be in that school. From wormholes to mysterious disappearances, this show would have been better if it kept on going.

This was the best of Discovery Kids, and it will always stay like that.

Blake Holsey High 2002-2006. Too good to be cancelled. but I just knew that it was going to be cancelled. Plus, the movie did pretty much answer all the questions that was left over from the series, but it still contains some questions. Still, this show was still too good to be cancelled.

I will still treasure it.
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I used to LOVE this show!!
karl_with-1223 August 2009
I remember this show! I used to watch it when I was 8 years old when it used to be on TV. I wonder why they cancelled this show?! It's brilliant. It was very sc-fi-ish and mysterious.

In a boarding school called Blake Holsey High Josie Trent is the new girl. In her 1st day she finds out there's very strange events happening in the school like a vortex in a classroom leading to a wormhole. Along with her friends in the Science Club Josie investigates the secrets of the school and soon finds out the school is not what its actually like...

This show was great! I love it and found it very entertaining.

BRING THIS SHOW BACK ON TV! I really want to watch it again.


(8/10 stars)

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This is a cool show!
misty67673 July 2003
I've watched this show before and I have to say, the storyline is interesting and intriguing, the actors/actresses are so good @ acting its like they really are the people in the show themselves. Even if I don't like Science fiction that much, this show has caught my attention and got me stuck on the plot. And I do agree, Vaughn and JOsie do make a cute couple. My favourite character is Josie but I do know the cousin of the person who plays Marshall (Noah Reid). Keep up the good work ppl working on this show!
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Like "The magic Schoolbus" but for high-schoolers.
Carolyn Wood17 July 2010
It is a great show, but when it came out I was only 9 years old, so I didn't really understand what was happening. But now that I am 17 and re-watching the show, it is much easier to follow. I never saw myself as a science person, but this makes me want to learn more about DNA, the periodic table, and everything else in science. I suggest you watch it and see what I mean. I think this is like "The magic Schoolbus" but for high-schoolers. If you are scared easily, maybe you should watch it when it is NOT dark out. Some of the shows can be creepy. One thing I don't understand (still to this day) are some of the situations they get into. All in all great show!!! Sorry if I rambled, I am new to reviewing.
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Another one bites the dust.
furgygirl27 February 2007
I looked forward to watching this show on the weekends. It's a shame that I won't be watching them getting themselves if some sort of a mess. Kids have wonderful imaginations, this show allowed them to open up and imagine more.

I find it truly a shame that good entertaining scifi shows always get canceled. This show will join a great many more in the graveyard of great shows.

I just hope that they hurry things along and get it out on DVD for purchase soon. Another thought would be to put it on itunes for download. Whatever they do I hope it's soon.
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Strange Days
doglover275 April 2006
When I first saw Strange Days, I loved it. My two favorite characters are Vaughn and Josie(Robert Clark and Emma Taylor-Isherwood). I usually don't like science,but with this show I have learned stuff about science in a fun way. It also taught me that things can happen that you may not possibly believe,or suspect. I also like that the show is made for everyone.It has my attention and many ways that I am not even sure why I like it.It has many different ideas that all seem to come together. I also like to see other characters in different shows to see how they act. I realized that Micheal Seater and Shadia Simmons(Lucus and Corrine) both are in Life With Derek. Micheal Seater acts different in Life With Derek. He is more popular and less smart then he is in Strange Days. This show is a really interesting show for everyone.
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Best Show!
JMusinga4 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Black Hole High(as it is known in the UK)is an excellent show. Dealing with the journey of adolescence at boarding school is hard enough without having a black hole in the middle of school. Edgy red-head Josie Trent and Science club friends Corrine, Lucas, Marshall and Vaughn along with professor Z try to discover the mysteries lurking beneath the walls and why strange events take place so often at Blake Holsey. Romance blossoms between Corrine and Marshall and Josie and Vaughn. But Josie is unsure whether to trust Vaughn as his father is Victor Pearson, the creator of Paradyne Labs. What is Josie and Vaughn's destiny? What will happen next to Corrine, Marshall and Lucas? How long can the science club keep their secret? Everything happens for a reason!
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I totally love this show!
momscaffienec27 December 2005
Strange Days At Blake Holsey High is the best show ever! I have seen every episode, and I remember the very first time I saw the show. I was at my grandma's house flipping through the channels, and I saw a red haired girl acting all worried because someone named Vaughn was outside of their professor's office. I decided to figure out why the science club was worried about this, and continued to watch the entire episode.

That was two years ago, and ever since then, I have become a loyal fan of Strange Days At Blake Holsey High, and all of the actors/actresses. I cannot wait for the DVD to come out, and I have been searching frantically online for it. (Oh why can't our television be compatible with recording on VHS tapes!?). I even made a count down calender to the day Conclusions is airing. I am sad that the series is ending, but am also ecstatic that there is going to be a movie.

Also, I would like to encourage all new fans to try and view all of the episodes before the movie airs: It will be totally worth it, and the movie will make so much more sense!

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this show..
xxWHOAAdudex10 October 2005
I started watching this show when i was channel flipping a few months ago. Now I'm addicted to it. Its has a great plot.When i first saw the beginning of my first episode i had a feeling i would not like it, now I'm obsessed and i love it! Not only does it have a great storyline, but its actually educational. Plus, there's plenty of romance and drama! For example, Josie&Vaughn are the cutest couple ever. There might be a something going on between Marshall and Corinne! The show has some hilarious lines in it. Also, the actors are really good at playing there role. They make it feel all so real, and it takes a lot of imagination to make it feel like its really happening. Really, when you watch it it feels like its a real school.
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Another kids' "The X-Files"
Sparrow_in_flight17 January 2004
Let's see....there was Eerie Indiana (in my opinion, the best of this genre), Eerie Indiana: The Other Dimension, Round the Twist (I believe that's the name - anyone else remember that?), The Zack Files, and now Strange Days at Blake Holesy High. This is a cute show, and I think I like it next after Eerie Indiana...some elements also make me think that this show really may be more of the child of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The X-Files. The occurences are more X-Files in nature, but the way the friends interact, and the school being the center of weirdness is more Buffy. Definitely a fun to watch.
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great show
chakotay243 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I liked this show, it was good for teaching kids basic and even some theoretical science. I loved how over time they went from calling the black hole to a wormhole. I have not seen all the episodes as they are very hard to find but I've watched about half the series and liked what I saw. The show was creative in the fact that through the years the audience is made to think that Victor is the villain but in the end he's a hero. I realize the show is for kids but the temporal side of the show is intriguing. The paradoxes they deal with make you think. The show did get old after a while so I'm glad it ended when it did. The finale was very unique. I liked how they finally explained who the janitor was along with Josie's clone.
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Spin off? Please?
Alphathewolf30 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I have fell in love with Black Hole High since I first seen it during season 2 I believe. At first I didn't really notice, but the show secretly teaches Science using science fiction as it's way to give you more info. This show has helped my in spots in Science from Elementary School all the way to the 11th grade, Sophomores for some regions. While the under lying teaching method was great another lesson would be learned by the end. All the science fiction events happened because of some deed the character did or was withholding. By the end of the episode they would of learned a lesson. This in a way teaches moral values. I wish I could use more lines, but I must in here with this last thought. Discovery Kids please give us a much needed Spin Off of Black Hole HIgh. Even one "What happened" episode would be nice I feel.
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R.I.P. Strange Days At Blake Holsey High
Mai29 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Strange Days At Blake Holsey High was one of the best TV shows I had seen in quite some time. Although I only became a dedicated viewer in 2005 I did watch it occasionally before that. Strange Days was a show that not only kept you in awe but in mystery too as you never knew who was truly the bad guy until you met Avenir in the end. Characters such as both Victor and the Janitor helped to keep this detail hidden until the end. From strange occurrences such as a sick school furnace to amazing finds such as reversed DNA, Strange Days At Blake Holsey High kept me watching for all 4 seasons. This show was great and I will dearly miss it in the future. I feel that there are some questions still unanswered such as what happened to Josie's clone. I hope in the future they may make a reunion episode so that all answers will be revealed. Until them I am saddened by the end of a great show.
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DramaRamaQueen6911 August 2005
i think the show is great and its even more great that they're filming the last 3 episodes because its a great way for the cast that doesn't go to school together (everyone excluding Noah and Michael) to get back together and reunite, while at the same time, get to film something because one star in specific was just itching to get back on screen. The show is kinda wacky and some bits are lame but in the long run, i love watching the show because its entertaining and fun to see people you know on TV. Oh people are probably a bit confused, I went to school with Noah Reid and Michael Seater at Etobicoke School of the Arts and they are two of the nicest and most attractive guys that I've ever met. The entire cast are wonderful actors and it's a shame that the show doesn't continue for longer but I'm hoping to see a few of them on the Big-Screen soon and I also look forward to Michael's new TV show, "Life With Derek", premiering on Family Channel in January. Please Bring Strange Days at Blake Holsey High Out On DVD!!!!!!
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Great Series
piaguisax27 September 2004
My name's Guy, Strange Days at Black Holsey High is my favorite series. It's so cool! Each series is as good as the one before. My favorite actor is Josie which really fits the character she plays. It includes all the coolest science subjects. I got really interested in some of the subjects shown in the series. I really feel similar to Lucas and also act like him (meaning I have a similar personality). In addition, I also feel attracted to girls with a personalty like Josie's. I think each actor represents a different group of people in the society (quite reminding me "The Little Prince"). In short, I highly recommend this series to anyone with interest in science.
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Love Strange Days!!
Jerzey_gurl4eva29 August 2004
This show is awesome! I have been watching it since I found out I had the Discovery Kids Channel, and I now see it on NBC on Sat Mornings! I love that you can enjoy it and still learn something all in 30 minutes! lol. I sometimes dream that I am at school had Black Hole High! It is so cool! and I am part of the science team and everything. And I think Noah Reid is very cute! And in the episode called Reflections where Corrine goes on the other side of the mirror...he is so hot in Black, Marshall!! That is like what my dream guy looks like! lol. Watch it if you don't already!!! You're missing out! The Plot will keep you begging for more! They should have a Strange Days i could tape all of them! lol. Toodles
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SC4everAtHeart22 November 2003
This is my favorite show! I watch it every time it's on I have all of the second season so far on tape and have almost all of the first series taped except for 4 episodes. I am a huge Josie/Vaughn fan! They belong together! Josie is my favorite. My least favorites are Marshall and Lucas. I really hate science in school, but I love BHH science, probably because at school I don't get to learn about Wormholes!

To Anyone Who Hasn't Seen This Show, Watch It The First Time You Get A Chance, I Promise You'll LOVE it!
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The Best Show On Discovery Kids
OragamiSauce211 July 2006
When I first saw this show, the 'title' screen said Black Hole High. Didn't like it then, but the time slot it was on didn't have anything else on, so i watched it.

Then i watched it EVERY DAY! I was mad when i found out it was cancelled. Some things were left unanswered. Can't quite remember what they were though.

I think they canceled it because all of the Science Club were in their Freshman year of high school, and the last episode was graduation day.

I WANT TO SEE THIS SERIES ON DVD! Professor Z. is HOT, and so is Lucas in the first season. I like the geeky guys.
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Amazing show but I don't get it yet!
reema kureishy5 May 2006
I didn't see many of the episodes but i started when...OK i actually don't remember but i think that Josie and Lucas make a better couple..cuz Lucas is cuter than Vaughn...OK but people please as I haven't seen many episodes can you just tell me a bit about the story and the ending?And yeah,this show IS amazing.All the actors have done such a wonderful job,especially Lucas,Josie and Proffespr Z.I hope there is going to be another season as this show can earn billions.I am serious,this is such and awesome show that even my parents have started watching it!And i also cant wait for the DVD to come out.Is it even true that there are going to be DVD's of the show?If yes then I am going to be the first one to but them.And once again-A.W.E.S.O.M.E show!!
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Great Show
bb_260820 July 2003
This is a great show. I watch it every week even though I've seen nearly every episode. I really wish NBC would put it on prime time, it would do great (I think). Tons of interesting plot lines I'm really hoping that they keep making new episodes so that we can see how everything works out. If you aren't watching this show you should be.
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I love it!
dramastar95111 January 2003
Strange Days at Blake Holsey High is probably my new favorite show. It invovles valuble science lessons with paranormal aspects and great plots. Blake Holsey High is setting on top of a Black Hole that is somehow connected with Peradyne Industries which was demolished in an explosion. Now the science club, made up for Corrine, Lucas, Marshall, Josie, and Vaughen, have to try and figure it out. The show is very wonderfully acted. Michael Seater, Robert Clark, and Shadia Simmons appear together as Lucas, Vaughen, and Corrine and the chemistry between the three of them is fabulous. They are very talented actors. It's just a cool show with some actual educational value. I definatly recommend this show!
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You Tube, v1.01
annevejb19 February 2013
Used to be that I knew that I would like a DVD set of the four Blake Holsey seasons, but that was because of Mona The Vampire. Now I know it after being able to watch all of the episodes, mostly sans end credits, on You Tube.


An interesting mixture. The science is mostly weak in the science fiction, but as fantasy it is strong. Meanwhile, the concept of the series is a loop created by dabbling with the past while the loop was active, the loop has no beginning, tongue in the cheek SF.

As with Raspberry Magic (2010), the quasi science typically comes as highlighting flaws that need to be cleared if local reality is to be worthwhile. This is a commonplace ploy and maybe is to be expected in much modern SF.

School fashion. This has variations that allow it to be either good and proper or explosive wow or a fashionably untidy mess.

The bio for the actress who plays female room mate of Josie-ex-Mona-the-vampire. A lot of the story is action in the science club, science kids and a teacher, and by the time that the series ended she was also in the third year of a four year degree course in education, followed by a higher degree, she is now believed to be a teacher at a school. And of course this choice of direction to head in is never a hint that this was a nice series for the young actors to work on?


I used to be suspicious about You Tube. I experience the pervasiveness of digital cameras as invasive. I note the feature films that show those who lack credibility being walked over by way of modern digital tools. Except this access to vintage television shows a different side.

I first went to what for me was scary YT in order to try to recognise soundtrack songs on feature films. Lyrics search allows a lot to be traced, but scary YT allowed even more to identified.

I next went to YT for information re understanding problems around my flat, such as a leaky tap. Then for computer problems such as how to set the memory speed and overclocking on my Asus machines. Then for questions of what is a balanced vegetarian diet, discovering a bit about Linseed and Hemp and B12.

The 'download button' adds to the feel that YT is both practical and legal. I now have to consider YT as including a lot that I consider to be respectable and useful and I have not noticed so much of the scary side, though I have seen that it is there.

As far as other broadcast type video on You Tube is concerned, I checked, via Linux Mint and FireFox, to see if there were indicators of other stuff that I would really like to get and found yes for all but Clarissa Explains It All seasons 2+. Just none of them had a download button. Switch to XP and the download button was there, but it was mostly fan video rather than full episodes. Still, now I know that if and when Shake It Up becomes available and affordable then I am likely to find it to be a must.
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A sc-fi thriller set in school
atomius18 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
For the rather gigantic genre of 'wierd teen' shows, this one stands out in the usual ways. The names and the characters hairstyles.

Sure, for those who survived Seriously Weird and the other 10,000 shows of that sort and still soak in what they see, give it a try. Even i admit it's worth watching, but then again, so is the weather report.

The characters, school students at 'blake holsey' high are your usual 'different' and 'unique' people, each giving their own part to complete the puzzle of solving extremely inaccurate scenarios loosely based on scientific facts. Josie Trent, the lead, a skater girl who gets mixed up in a inter-dimensional portal and it's consequences, finds the over-used help of her friends saves the day for the school.

And the 'conclusions' episodes with their pieceing together of the crumbs of this rather dry cake didn't exactly impress me the way a real portal appearing would. However, for the fact that TV in general isn't top quality, i give it six stars for effort, and a mildly amusing plot and 'cliffhangers' if you can call them that.
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