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28 Jan. 2006
Conclusions: Part 1
A year after Josie steals the Chi ball from Victor, he is in ruins and a man named Avenir is chairman of the board and plans to close the school after the students graduate. Vaughn, estranged from Victor, quickly becomes part of Avenir's plans. In the Science Club, Lucas becomes increasingly obsessive with finding Josie, who reappears suddenly from the wormhole. However, she is quickly exposed as Josie's clone when she realizes that she is unable to open Victor's device to receive Sarah Pearson's message.
28 Jan. 2006
Conclusions: Part 2
Josie's clone and the Janitor reveal to Lucas and Professor Z that the original Josie is trapped in an alternate timeline where she is the only inhabitant. Realizing she can't replace Josie on Earth, she decides to replace her in the alternate dimension.
28 Jan. 2006
Conclusions: Part 3
Josie, faced with the revelation that Avenir is her father and the true villain behind the events at Blake Holsey, becomes upset and turns to Professor Z for advice. When Marshall visits from his new school for everyone's graduation, the Science Club, save Vaughn, are reunited again. At Victor's house, Josie opens the device with Sarah's message detailing specific instructions that will allow them to stop Avenir from achieving his goal at last; having learned about different alternate universes, he intends to control each universe. Josie and Vaughn are forced to ...

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