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3 Jan. 2004
The Academic Olympics team trains under Capt. Corrine (who is obsessed with winning). Josie, Lucas, Marshall, and Vaughn must figure out why they are doing things they normally couldn't or shouldn't be doing.
10 Jan. 2004
When Corrine auditions for Magnet 360 (Marshall's band) as a singer, she looks at an antique mirror, through which she travels. Everyone there is opposite (for example, Vaughn, the athlete, is a bookworm) and everything appears as a mirror image (i.e. whenever she would normally, say, go left, now she must go right). To return, Corrine must learn to use the creative half of her brain without losing her ability to use her logical side.
17 Jan. 2004
Students are becoming addicted to energy bars, especially Lucas and Vaughn, who aren't willing to give them up. The others must attempt to save them when it is discovered they contain zero calories or energy, thus weakening the addicts.
24 Jan. 2004
After listening to her new CD too loud, Josie develops super-sensitive hearing and echolocation and uses her new power to help Vaughn sneak into Pearadyne Labs.
31 Jan. 2004
Josie and Vaughn go on their first date. Josie's watch allows her to stop time which is good at first until she can't control it and only Lucus can save her. Also Josie finds out who took her missing Qui-chong ball and the return of an old friend.
4 Sep. 2004
After an argument, Josie's intelligence transfers to Vaughn faster every minute, to the point where Josie is on the verge of collapse and Vaughn rebuilds a cold fusion reactor for his father. Meanwhile, Josie's clone returns the floating Qi ball to Victor.
11 Sep. 2004
Josie experiences sleep deprivation and it causes her to wig out, until she realizes Vaughn is the key to the problem.
25 Sep. 2004
Corrine's need to schedule every moment of her life upsets Marshall, who wants to be able to spend some random free time with her. Before they can talk about it, Corrine's Venus Flytrap turns into a human being - a girl named Diana who attracts the attention of all the boys at school and leaves mysterious marks on their arms. When Diana sets her sights on Marshall, Corrine must stop her before she eats Marshall alive.
2 Oct. 2004
While his friends are away during a long weekend, Lucas stays behind to spy on Victor's movements. Instead, he finds a tesseract device hidden in Professor Z's office. After activating it, the school begins to fold in on itself like a mathematical tesseract. Lucas discovers what happened to Professor Middleton and learns something about Vaughn.
9 Oct. 2004
Tyler organizes the school's fundraiser car-wash event, but he overhears a conversation about a new "gravity sensor", develops the ability to camouflage himself, and uses this to find out what the science club is up to.
30 Oct. 2004
The science club uses nanotechnology to follow Tyler. Thing go bad when one of them accidentally swallows a camera.
4 Dec. 2004
Lucas is upset about continuously losing at Hearts, so he rigs his his glasses and a deck of cards with invisible ink to win. To bad that the effect is permanent and he might just go blind.
11 Dec. 2004
Marshall's rocket disappears into black hole energy and returns in a completely different form; only Vaughn can unlock its secret. Also Lucas starts to think he might be wrong about Vaughn.

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