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Addicted to a wish

Author: ushiros from Chiba, Japan
2 July 2004

Ho-jin (LEE Eol) and Dae-jin (LEE Byung-hun) are brothers in very good terms. They speak about everything to each other. The relationship has not changed after Ho-jin married Eun-su (LEE Mi-yeon). The three has made a happy family in the house in the suburbs which contains a workshop for Ho-jin, a carpenter, and a garage for Dae-jin, a car racer. But their happiness suddenly comes to an end and trials begin. On the same day at the same time, the brothers meet a car crash respectively -- Dae-jin during a car race; Ho-jin on his way to the racing circuit. They both fall into a coma, and one year later, only Dae-jin awakes from his coma. Dae-jin goes home, and he and Eun-su start the life without Ho-jin. Before long she finds the brother-in-law is somewhat different than he was. He waters the plants in the garden every morning, which was Ho-jin's part. He prepares dinner for Eun-su -- he didn't cook before; Ho-jin did. And he begins to repair furniture, saying that his fingers don't move like they did. Dae-jin tells her that he is Ho-jin. Eun-su cannot believe him. Does possession really happen? Has Ho-jin's soul taken over Dae-jin's body? But when she's inclined to accept him as her husband, more cruel trials are beginning. The twisted and detail-conscious story line has made the film soar beyond a simple possession story or a stereotyped romance. The performance of the two leading actors, LEE Byung-hun and LEE Mi-yeon is splendid! Especially Byung-hun's eyes are great. They shows purity and strong will at the same time. Without the eyes, the film might have not been a success. And Mi-yeon's ability of expressions is incredible. She's the kind of actresses who talk by their looks much more than words. When Dae-jin wants to enter her bedroom, or when she proposes him to talk together about Ho-jin and starts talking, the strained atmosphere build on the screen is enormous. (9 out of 10) - USHIRO Satoshi

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Smart and thought-provoking

Author: Xiayu from Sydney
6 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

An old idea given a new spin, this film ponders the idea of a living person possessed by the soul of the dead. But it's not the Exorcist - there's no horror, no gore, just intricate, unsettling emotions and impossible-to-answer questions.

Two brothers, Ho-jin and Dae-jin, are close but with the kind of tolerance and exasperation that comes from a lifetime of living with someone who is your polar opposite. Ho-jin is a carpenter who is about to have an exhibition of his carefully crafted furniture. Dae-jin is a bit of a lout, races cars for a living, and doesn't really pull his weight around the house.

They share a home with Ho-jin's wife, Eun-su. Ho-jin and Eun-su enjoy a special relationship, writing letters to one another daily and treasuring their good fortune at having found one another. On the day that Dae-jin is to race in a rally, Ho-jin, running very late, catches a cab to the speedway. Then disaster strikes: both brothers are simultaneously the victims of shocking car accidents. Both end up in the hospital in deep comas.

A year later, we see one of them awake. Dae-jin opens his eyes, staggers out of bed and catches sight of himself in the mirror. The significance of this is not overdone, but the shot is held long enough to let the viewer know that it's important. He is released from the hospital and goes home to pick up his life. It's slow going - he is often confused and distracted, frequently falling into very long sleeps, and physically shaky. He begins to adopt habits; watering the garden, making elaborate dinners, building furniture, putting toothpaste on Eun-su's toothbrush in the early morning. This freaks Eun-su out - these are all things that Ho-jin used to do.

It becomes clear that Dae-jin believes himself to be Ho-jin inside Dae-jin's body. The tension comes from the fact that, as he tries to convince Eun-su of this by revealing facts about her that only Ho-jin would know, the viewer is also likewise convinced. The question - is soul possession possible, and if so, is Ho-jin really living within Dae-jin - which outside the confines of this movie may strike you as rather silly, is treated in all seriousness and therefore works a treat. The ending, which I will not reveal, is highly ambiguous and therefore fitting.

The lead actors, Lee Byeong-heon as Dae-jin, and Lee Mi-yeon as Eun-su, are a perfect balance. Lee Byeong-heon in particular is quite amazing. His voice, his body language, his facial expressions, are all noticeably different when the transformation from Dae-jin to Ho-jin takes place. Lee Mi-yeon has an ethereal quality to her that makes Eun-su's struggle to believe all the more poignant.

At 114 minutes, this is well worth your time.

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I saw her first!

Author: BA_Harrison from Hampshire, England
15 June 2012

Brothers Dae-jin (Byung-hun Lee) and Ho-jin (Eol Lee) are both involved in car accidents that leave them in a coma. When Dae-jin regains consciousness he begins to exhibit mannerisms that suggest that he is possessed by his brother's spirit, which leaves Ho-jin's wife Eun-su (Mi-yeon Lee) uncertain how to react.

I watched the dreadfully dull Sarah Michelle Gellar movie Possession not so long ago, unaware that it was a remake of Korean drama Addicted, a film that has sat gathering dust in my box of unseen DVDs for quite some time now. On seeing that the original had a pretty decent rating here on IMDb, I decided to dig it out and thankfully found it to be the superior film, a classy affair that, unlike the remake, deals with its subject matter in a subtle and intelligent manner.

Like Possession, Addicted is a real slow-burn of a film, the narrative unfolding in a considered manner that I suspect will be way too leisurely for many viewers, but with the Korean film successfully avoiding the dumb plot holes and ridiculous characterisations that made its US counterpart difficult to endure, it proves to be a thoroughly engaging bittersweet romance, twisted and yet touching at the same time.

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After falling in a coma, waking up in another body?

Author: Alain from Germany
24 February 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Eun-su and Ho-jin are a happy married couple, after a few years of marriage still exchanging love letters. They life together with Hi-jin's bother Dae-jin, who is addicted to his car and drives races for his profession.

But this happy idyll is broken, after each of the two brother have an accident at the same time: Dae-jin has a car crash while racing and Hi-jin's taxi gets smacked by a truck.

When Dae-jin wakes up out of the coma, it's not Dae-jin speaking, it's Hi-jin!

This theme might sound familiar, but in this movie there are still some surprises waiting for you...

It is really worth watching!

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Addicted Offers Interesting Premise And Makes It Realistic

Author: Desertman84 from United States
1 December 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Addicted is a South Korean thriller film written by Byun Won-mi and directed by Park Young-hoon.It stars Lee Byung-hun and Lee Mi-yeon together with Eun-su Lee Ueol and Park Sun-young.The story involves a couple who begin a more passionate love as the people around them look distastefully at their relationship.

Addicted tells the story of a married couple Eun-su and Ho-jin, whose younger brother Dae-jin also lives with the inseparable pair. Seemingly they enjoy the perfect life in harmony, Ho-jin is a caring, loving husband, while Eun-su shares the same uncontrollable affection. They are the perfect twosome, whose relationship is looked upon as solid and ideal, a yardstick, if you will, for others to measure up to, an unshakable bond. Dae-jin, meanwhile, is carefree, behaves erratically and could do with finding himself a decent relationship in which he would have to care for someone else other than himself.However, their tranquil world comes crashing down around them when tragedy strikes one fateful day when two separate car accidents put both brothers in a coma.Dae-jin crashes his car during a car race and Ho-jin is involved in a taxi collision while on his way to the racing circuit. Only the younger sibling wakes, leaving Eun-su to restart her life alone without her husband. Left disorientated, events take a strange twist as Dae- jin's behavior changes, beginning to resemble that of Ho-jin, leaving everyone familiar with his antics questioning his peculiar mannerisms.Through the trauma and hysteria, Dae-jin believes he is in fact his brother and that he is possessed. Eun-su is left to wonder if her husband's soul is trapped in the body of her brother-in-law or if he's just mentally unstable.

The movie offers an interesting premise.Although the story was implausible,the movie made it look like it can happen in real life.The characters involved especially Dae-jin made it look realistic.Credit the outstanding and excellent acting of Lee Byung-hun.The movie was absorbing especially during the development of the relationship between Eun-su and Dae-jin,who in the process loses his own identity to possess the characteristic of his brother in order to obtain the love and affection of the woman he desires most.The movie offers how much sacrifice one makes but in an awkward situation.Overall,Addicted's implausible storyline works with cast as well as the director and the screenwriter make it look realistic and that is the reason why this movie highly recommended to watch.

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worth watching

Author: martin-fennell from Ireland
15 October 2017

Although, you will probably guess what;s going on. You might not guess how it will end. But if you are a korean movie fan, you probably will. Good acting, an exciting motor car race, and some really lovely colour scenes. Some of which reminded me of 50's Hollywood movies, particularly probably those of Douglas Sirk.

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It depended way too much on the twist

Author: KineticSeoul from United States
27 April 2010

"Addicted" is a story about two brothers that live in the same house with a very good relationship, while the older brother is a nice and caring husband to his wife the younger brother played by Lee Byung-Hun is a carefree guy who is into racing. But things come to a drastic change when both brothers get into a car accident on the same day and the tragedy leads to both brothers into a coma, except the younger brother wakes up while the older brother is still in coma and things start to make a drastic turn from there. It's a somewhat boring film for most part since there is nothing innovative about it except the twist at the end which isn't much of a payoff either. Everything is just too slow and it felt like it dragged longer than it should have, nothing about it was really entertaining. It isn't even that smart of a film or thought provoking and it seemed to depend way too much on the twist near the end, and if your a movie vet it's sort of predictable.


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Reminds of Korean TV dramas....OK for a soap

Author: pc95 from San Diego
12 December 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I loved watched the Korean TV drama, "Terms of Endearment" from a year or so ago. This movie has the look and feel of a Korean TV drama. Problematic The acting at times shows through - as acting. There's an awful lot of smiling and mugging for the camera. Nevertheless I enjoyed the set up and wasn't really surprised by the "twist". This movie feels pretty clichéd and definitely contrived. The younger brother's character is identifiable and there are some good scenes with the 2 lead women. I was left wondering how the lead sister-in-law could actually not be angry or stomach the deception even though she was pregnant. Overall it wasn't too bad a movie. Good if you like Korean soaps, probably a little overlong if you don't.

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not too much surprise

Author: tun9
11 July 2003

In terms of the narrative structure, like many korean movies, the filmmakers did not employ any innovative techniques at all, a linear narrative approach is presented. Everything is brought out plain and slow, as a result audiences may find some scenes boring. Although there is a minor twist at the end, overall speaking, the plot is not too rich or entertaining. Whether it's worth watching depends whether you have the time and patience.

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Don't take it too seriously

Author: zoe_smith from Hong Kong
2 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Perhaps scoffed at by Western movies, the idea of reincarnation and second life is in fact a common theme in Korean productions. No surprise when it rears itself again, then...

Knowing in advance what was going to happen after I read a plot summary elsewhere, I was so disappointed in how the plot consequently unfolded. There was so much potential for suspense and drama - who was the younger brother? what was his motive? how had he gone about assuming a hidden identity? - but it didn't materialize until the very end. Why couldn't the director have turned this into a great movie and used more subtle nuances combined with more staggered chunks of revelations to the mystery that was unfolding? Arrggghhh! This movie will probably only please Lee Byung Hun fans. Western audiences will probably loathe it as it doesn't fit their cultural expectations of how a movie should unravel.

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