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Chicago Tribune
Fast and frenetic and so unvarnished that it can make you feel unclean watching it. The film rubs your face in glamour and filth. But in the midst of the blood and hysteria, Kilmer plays Holmes with the dirty-angelic looks and wheedling charm of a seedy golden boy on the brink of doom.
Once you leave Wonderland, you may feel like you need a shower, but, while you're in the moment, it's a compelling journey into the depths of hell on earth.
Entertainment Weekly
When we finally do see what happened, it's a genuine shock, a nightmare vision of a hedonist who forged his own hell.
Character gets sacrificed for just another true-crime drama.
Becomes a little more compelling as it progresses because Lisa Kudrow (as the straight-arrow first Mrs. Holmes, who halfway stood with him despite her disgust) ends up being surprisingly well cast. She engages in some very un-Friends-like fiery exchanges that also give Kilmer his best scenes.
Chicago Sun-Times
True crime procedurals can have a certain fascination, but not when they're jumbled glimpses of what might or might not have happened involving a lot of empty people whose main claim to fame is that they're dead.
The murder-mystery plot is told in rough-and-tumble style, full of sound and fury but signifying almost nothing in the end.
The Hollywood Reporter
There seem to be some impressive performances here, though it's not always easy to tell because director James Cox is always feverishly cutting away to something or other.
New York Daily News
It's hard to care what really happened on Wonderland Ave. when the audience hates the neighborhood.
Sordid, brutal and depressing.
Philadelphia Inquirer
While "Boogie Nights" was a dirge for the death of pleasure (which coincided with the death of the porn-film industry), Wonderland is death warmed over. Literally.

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