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The A.V. Club
The great character actor Gary Cole, in particular, stands out as Bosworth's father, who tries to impress Duhamel by reading the trades, thumbing through Julia Phillips' autobiography, and donning a Project Greenlight T-shirt.
L.A. Weekly
Refreshingly laid-back romantic comedy.
Entertainment Weekly
May find an audience, but I found it to be a leftover John Hughes triangle.
A warm embrace of broadly but humanely sketched characters plus some scrappy casting of rising young stars led by an incandescent Kate Bosworth help overcome the half-realized comedic situations.
The film's comedy is lackluster, with supporting actors Nathan Lane and Sean Hayes (as Tad's manager and agent) providing a few mildly amusing moments that would be at home in a sit-com.
Village Voice
A less offensive concoction than Luketic's "Legally Blonde," Win a Date is nevertheless an oddity, unsure of its tone and even of what period it's set in.
Chicago Tribune
Should please its core audience, which includes anyone who might actually want to win a date with Tad Hamilton. Others may opt to wait for another date with Kate Bosworth -- or Nathan Lane.
Film Threat
Takes a workable premise wrapped inside a mostly-talented cast and piles it all on poor Bosworth’s shoulders; it’s just not fair, you see how narrow they are.
Ironically, what the comedy lacks is the sly imagination and satirical underpinnings of the best sex comedies from that (Doris Day) era. Instead, exposition is poorly executed, genuine laughs come infrequently and you quickly lose confidence that the filmmakers even understand what their basic joke is.
Dallas Observer
Before things have even begun we know how they will end; this is pure Hollywood product, slicker than the insides of an oilcan.

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