Starsky & Hutch (2004) Poster

Plot Keywords

cop criminal
partner cocaine
police dog
detective murder
undercover drugs
hazing informant
drug dealer disguise
1970s police shootout
police procedural foot chase
assassin sniper
san francisco california cartoon on tv
lizard villain
hero rapper
comic hero comic sidekick
sidekick acting musician
desert eagle .50 beretta
fistfight shoulder holster
lapd police officer
two man army parody
dance nightclub
police detective hero violence
bartender spoof
drug lord surprise during end credits
scene during end credits crutches
cameo party
newspaper clipping newspaper headline
knocked out organized crime
gangster car accident
car chase hit by a car
shot in the shoulder hostage
raffle fundraiser
limousine cowboy hat
fake moustache golf club
golf course wearing a sound wire
exploding house blender
drunkenness interracial friendship
cemetery typewriter
lawyer neck brace
eavesdropping father daughter relationship
noodles police brutality
revolver chinatown
mansion subtitled scene
tape recorder bridge
korean american knife
knife in arm knife in back
knife in leg kicking in a door
apartment suitcase full of money
shootout assassination attempt
hitman sniper rifle
shot through a window disco ball
coffee hallucination
guitar bare chested male
rivalry cheerleader
football field older man younger man relationship
iguana held at gunpoint
bodyguard aquarium
cane racial slur
afro surveillance footage
security camera brawl
bar fight deception
interview torture
pool cue pool table
bar motorcycle
corpse donut
diner beach
jogging sniffer dog
buddy comedy police captain
police station no opening credits
restaurant bag of money
robbery freeze frame
body landing on a car jumping from a rooftop
rooftop police chase
shot in the chest silencer
pistol undressing
car jump underwear
swimsuit swim suit
public humiliation golf practice
golf cart gay slur
homosexual gay
pimp killing a horse
biker bar police detective
towel male bonding
locker room frat pack
duet dressing
dancing belly button
threesome prison
pony mistress
hidden microphone golf
lesbian kiss car in water
bat mitzvah swimming pool
hospital explosion
yacht russian roulette
mime interrogation
disco criminal investigation
buddy cop based on tv series
remake title spoken by character
character name in title surprise ending

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