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Chicago Sun-Times
A surprisingly funny movie, the best of the 1970s recycling jobs, with one laugh ("Are you OK, little pony?") almost as funny as the moment in "Dumb and Dumber" when the kid figured out his parakeet's head was Scotch-taped on.
Were detective Dave Starsky (Paul Michael Glaser) and his partner, Ken Hutchinson (David Soul), hot for each other when they started working undercover in Bay City?... you can watch Starsky and Hutch on the big screen and see subtext stiffen into hard and hilarious evidence.
San Francisco Chronicle
Funny throughout, but with a handful of really hilarious moments.
There may be no crying need for this movie, but we could use the laughs.
New York Daily News
The new buddy comedy movie that assumes the names of the series' characters and features the same hot-to-trot, tomato-red and shocking-white 1974 Ford Gran Torino is more fun than a Heidi Fleiss open house.
The key to the film's success is that it uses the burned out premise as the springboard for a comedy, not an action flick.
A campy riot of retro cool, a warm and fuzzy ode to the '70s buddy cops.
Entertainment Weekly
To turn fondly remembered TV trash into a movie that knows it's cruddy -- and that isn't, therefore, quite as cruddy as it might have been -- takes a perverse pinch of talent, if not style.
Philadelphia Inquirer
The second-best film parody (after The Brady Bunch Movie) of a '70s TV phenom that unaccountably looks better the further you get from it.
Wall Street Journal
What's wrong with this picture? Nothing, as long as you don't expect more than a tossed-off goof.
The Hollywood Reporter
Cruises along agreeably on the easy chemistry between Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, who step in where Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul left off.

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