The Passion of the Christ (2004) Poster

Plot Keywords

jerusalem judas
trial last supper
pontius pilate roman
crucifixion roman soldier
suffering governor
miracle torture
temptation disciple
betrayal soldier
mel gibson foot bath
foot closeup bare feet
grindhouse based on the bible
based on biblical story critically bashed
mercilessness bible
anti semitism religious persecution
violent death tortured to death
scream screaming
male nudity insanity
brutality atrocity
actual animal killed cult film
blood of christ mob
flashback false accusation
controversy english subtitles in original
gospel visceral
sadism roman judea
eyes pecked out ancient rome
christian film spear through chest
wilderness villain
thunderstorm shame
severed finger peril
on the road nightmare
mission mentor
gate funeral
eye evil
escape epic
doom doctor
death of hero chase
attack virgin mary
mary magdalene tragedy
severed leg severed head
severed hand severed arm
remorse personality change
messiah loss of friend
hatred fight
disfigured face destiny
chosen one armor
no title at beginning corporal punishment
christ figure no opening credits
melodrama whipping
good versus evil sliced off ear
punishment priest
violence stabbing
killing a snake animal abuse
blood blockbuster
slow motion scene execution
tomb temple
suicide st. peter
sermon on the mount scourging
sacrifice religion
prophecy passover
marriage loss of son
judea interrogation
humiliation hanging
demon compassion
carpenter carcass
animal attack 1st century
stabbed in the hand severed ear
eye gouging vision
resurrection prostitute
mother son relationship gore
faith christianity
snake serpent
crucifix reference to satan
reference to jesus christ independent film
character name in title

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