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Dogme style film from Israel will haunt you for all eternity
biograffan5 May 2004
Ever since seeing this sublime film last weekend, I haven't been able to get it out of my head. A friend and I saw "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" the following day and while somewhat amusing, it failed to move me and the acting and too-clever style got to be more annoying than interesting after a while. Y&J has "ruined" it for me: after seeing films so pure, so natural, so "simple", it's almost unbearable to watch anything else. It also cemented the fact that all you need for a truly moving film is (no kidding!) a good story, good characters, good acting (not stars hamming it and ISO of an Oscar - gag), good cinematography, a good script with good dialogue and good direction. Simple, non? Then why is it that so many films fail so miserably on all or several of these points? Makes ya wanna weep.

Y&J is a so heartbreakingly beautiful. I'm not a big fan of handheld camera cinema verite BS, but there is a scene in which it really does work to great effect: Yossi & Jagger having a playful snowball fight, putting down their weapons, laughing like kids, having a blast.

There are just a few select locations, and a small ensemble of actors and that's all that's needed. The actors are so natural, you almost think it's a documentary. Music is used to great effect, not giving us cues as to when we're supposed to cry and when we're supposed to laugh, but is instead perfectly weaved into the story fabric as when Jagger (so named because he has rock star charisma and looks) changes the words to a pop song and singing not in the rain, but the snow.

The two actresses and their male colleagues are all young (except the Colonel character, a big beefy macho guy) and very impressive. How I wish that we would see actors like this instead of the bore-me-to-death Hollywood stars.

This is also an incredibly sexy film with looks and unspoken words that are more erotic than anything that's coming out of Hollywood where the stunt-butts and stunt-boops in flattering light and every bump and grind choreographed to death have the unintended and complete opposite effect on me, namely laughter and/or yawning. The scene with Yossi & Jagger kissing in the snow is the most tender AND sexy I have seen in ages, and the gender of the participants is completely irrelevant. It's beautiful, period. (I'm female and straight by the way).

The film also has a very satisfying end, which I of course won't reveal, but I just want to say that it was the perfect way to end it: on a upbeat note, but not in a corny gag-me way.

90 minutes and I was mesmerized and am still haunted by this film. Who needs freakin' 2 hrs. plus, a huge production, big stars? Watch this film and you'll never be able to watch products off the Hollywood

assembly line again in the same way.

Oh, and did I mention that Yehudi Levi (born 1979) who plays Jagger is unbelievably to-die-for-gorgeous with a 1000 watt charisma and a sweetness that makes you want to hug him, after you kiss him all over? Straight women and gay men, beware - he will break your heart.

Hope we get to see him and some of the other cast members in other films, but if Hollywood comes calling Yehudi - give 'em the finger, will ya? Hook up with someone in Europe and make a great movie there. Please?!
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A love story that simply knocks you out
smoothhoney12658 September 2005
I'd like to start with the fact that I hate movies about military and war. We had much too many of them and they are always hard to swallow because they always end in a catastrophe. That's why I didn't want to see "Yossi and Jagger" at first. But then I read that it's supposed to be a good movie with a tender love story; I swallowed and gave it a try. I'm glad I did this. I wouldn't go so far and call the whole movie good but it does have the most touching and beautiful love story I've seen in a long time.

I think it's no secret what the movie is about: We are in a military base in Israel and ordinary young people cope with the daily horror each in their own way. They make jokes about it, try not to be serious and look for ways to not think about it the whole day. Some do it with reading, others with music, the commander with sex for we are in a mixed camp here with two girls being in it. And then there are Yossi and Jagger – close friends in the official version, closeted lovers in reality. Yossi is Jagger's boss and both are the stars in their base for in their very own way both young men are special. Yossi is the serious and more reserved one – he doesn't speak very much, always concentrates on his job and is scared to come out. Jagger (named after Mick Jagger cause he's a bit of a rock star himself) is the more flamboyant, vivid, playful and childish one – he's romantic, he is a dreamer, he makes plans for his future with Yossi and wants a love like in a Hollywood movie. It's stunning – you wouldn't guess they're a couple because they learned to hide it very well, but when they are alone you get a hint at how much they love each other. But, alas, we're in a war movie here and no matter how strong the love between the two young men is and how hopeful they are towards their future – the ugly reality will destroy it.

You might have an idea of how the movie ends and I won't spoil it for you. Despite this fact I would really recommend this movie to everyone. Also because of the two great protagonists: Israeli TV star Yehuda Levi is terrific as Jagger and the charismatic Ohad Knoller is simply wonderful as Yossi (he was awarded for his performance). Hands down for an unusual love story that will break your heart but that you simply can't help falling in love with.
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Don't ask, don't tell
jotix10023 January 2006
Eytan Fox, the talented Israeli director of the extraordinary film "Walk on Water" is a man who clearly has his feet well planted on the ground. His lyrical "Yossi and Jagger" proves he is man who can deal with a lot of controversial subjects in a realistic and convincing way.

This brief film packs a lot for a 65 minutes feature, but in spite of its short length, what comes out of the story feels real and we don't begrudge the brevity in which it was presented. The story of Yossi and Jagger is presented without phony touches, that in the hands of another director, of worse yet, a Hollywood studio, would have been meaningless.

This is the story about two men who happened to be in love and the consequences of something that goes terribly wrong that ends their involvement. The two central characters stay with the viewer for a long time, which says a lot about Mr. Fox and the way he has presented his tale about how fate intervenes in the lives of these young men.

Ohad Knoller and Yehuda Levi give good performances as Yossi and Jagger. These actors make their characters work on the movie because of the intensity of their contribution to the film.

Mr. Fox is to be congratulated for his inspired direction.
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A surprising delight from Israel
gromit-1726 January 2004
I'd never expect such a film from Israel.

I found the movie with a mixed style is somewhat inconsistent at some spots, and some of the music used is kind of tacky, and overall feeling of the movie is very low budget. But within a running time less than an animated film, this movie delivers a complete story with genuine feelings, touches many grounds, and manages to be moving and leaves your heart ache by the time when end credit rolls.

Maybe it's true that the running time of the movie is a stretch for a theatrical release, and the same story in a heterosexual content would not have been much an impact. But still, it's the most wholesome gay film I have ever seen. I'm disappointed that it was not received better at the Cinema21. There were like 5 people for the Sunday night show. Americans are notorious for shun away any movies with sub titles, straight or not.
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Absolutely Stunning!
tophoca20 November 2004
This just has to be one of the most haunting movies I have ever seen. That it has taken an Israeli film crew, Israeli actors. with the backdrop of the sad history of conflict in that troubled region, makes the film even more stunning.

I was surprised to learn that Israel has allowed gay men and women to serve in their armed forces since the mid eighties. That the military in Israel allowed this film to be made is a credit to a nation that I do not normally admire.

The plot has been detailed in earlier comments and the comment has been made that the film is too short. I would have liked to have seen more of Yossi and Jagger, perhaps going one that long dreamed of holiday that was so important to Jagger. Despite the films short running time,this film just has to be the best ever made on what still remains a controversial subject, even in this enlightened time. Can one even contemplate this film being made in Turkey for instance..not a chance!

This is definitely a film that deserves a wide audience. I doubt that it will ever be equalled so make an effort to see this wonderfully moving and tragic tale.
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War and the Lonely Soldier
thinker16919 November 2005
On a cold desolate hillside, during a lull in a long winter war, Jewish soldiers in far off Isreal, brace themselves against the wind, the dark night and frigid temperatures, in anticipation of an ambush. The air is frosted with both fears and idyllic dreams of a comfortable civilian life. In this tiny corner in a war torn country, two soldiers await destiny amid their shivering companions. The first is Lior Amichai, affectionately called "Jagger" for his love of the noted singer. The other is his companion and secret lover Yossi who despite command responsibilities, yearns for a time when he and Jagger can openly express their love. Arrayed against this union are the tragedies of life. There is Aya who also loves Jagger and in turn is sought after by others in the tiny force. The squad like most common soldiers, long to return home and dream of peace. It is rare that a film elevates gay love to such a poignant level, but this story does just that. It captures the true sentiments of both characters and tugs at the heart of any who have ever been in love amid the turmoil of conflict. When the war torn drama yields it's tragic outcome, it is touching, sympathetic and memorable. ****
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Love on the front lines...
Libretio22 December 2004
YOSSI & JAGGER (Yossi VeJager)

Aspect ratio: 1.37:1

Sound format: Stereo

Originally produced for Israeli television but screened theatrically in Tel Aviv to great success before opening nationally to even greater commercial and critical acclaim, this engaging drama from director Eytan Fox has been hailed in some quarters as one of the best gay movies ever made. Running a mere 65 minutes, the film divides its time equally between a platoon of soldiers operating on the Israeli-Lebanese border, and the two men at the center of a clandestine relationship.

Yossi (Ohad Knoller) is a brooding commander who feels constrained by his role as a macho authority figure to conceal his sexuality from the conscripts under his command, while Jagger (Yehuda Levi, a popular Israeli heartthrob whose career was kickstarted by an appearance in the TV soap opera "Cheers for Love" in 2001) is one of his subordinates, a carefree guy who wants them to declare their love publicly by retiring from the Army and setting up house together. There's a now-famous scene, early in the movie, when Yossi and Jagger make love in the snow (don't get excited - all you see are some lingering kisses and the aftermath, in which the two characters are entirely at ease with one another, free from the restraints imposed by Army discipline), but their romance takes up a surprisingly small amount of the movie's running time, which appears to have been curtailed for reasons of length (there's a number of images doing the rounds from scenes which were apparently shot but didn't make it to the final print). Based on a true story, the film is warm-hearted but inconsequential, with some annoyingly jerky hand-held camera movements, and the climactic scenes are a little too restrained to be entirely successful (though Knoller, in particular, gives a truly remarkable performance in the aftermath of a devastating plot development). There's still much to admire, and any reservations are dispelled by the central romance, depicted with disarming frankness and performed with relish by Knoller and Levi. Highly recommended.

(Hebrew dialogue)
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Unbelievably, A Film that is too short!
benc7ca30 May 2004
There are so many things right with Yossi & Yagger and so many things wrong. The right things: a great idea for a film, some very good acting, totally un-Hollywood production values, engaging characters and an emotionally charged plot. The wrong things:it is far too short to fulfill all of its promise, handed-held camera techniques(Dogma style) are too intrusive and too jarring, and complex characters are introduced and left dangling.As it is, this rough sketch of love in the military is worth the watch (I was strongly affected by the relationship between these two men) but it seems as if this is the director's experimental cut: I wish I could see the finished product.
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The Love of Two Soldier's
yaaah_699 June 2004
I was a little hesitant to rent this movie after seeing "Trembling Before G-D", which was a real eye-opener to me. I guess we go around with our heads in the clouds, not thinking what other homosexuals have to go thru for their religion.... But , the two movies had nothing in common except they were made in Isreal. Yossi and Jagger is a bittersweet love affair between two Isreali soldiers, very well played by Yehuda Levi , and Ohad Knoller, you could feel the love they had for each other and the hurt Jagger was going thru because they had to be so careful as they were officers. Its hard to get a real grip on the characters as its only 67 min long and leaves you grasping for more. But Eytan Fox did a splendid job with the time he had. The song that Jagger sings is haunting in the extra video on the disc. I felt that these men brought back to Isreal some hope that you can have same sex love without the terrible angst they had in Trembling Before God . I give this great little flick 41/2 of 5 8/10 and will be looking forward to seeing Eytan Foxs' new movie "Walking On Water". By the way you can get the words in English of the song Your Soul on the message boards for Yossi and Jagger on IMDb.
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Too short? Maybe not....
rand_dude24 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I rented this DVD four days ago and have watched it about 5 times since then. There is something that is particularly moving for me about his movie. The idea of hidden, secret love...and all the excitement and danger that involves. The idea of tenderness in the midst of so much rottenness (literally, in the first segment!). Naivety and violence so close together. And the sadness (for everyone...Yossi, Jagger, Yaeli, Lior's parents) of the inevitable societal assumption (even in the comparatively liberal atmosphere of the Israeli army) of straight-ness in a world of so much diversity and difference.

The only other film that affected me so deeply was "Stand By Me" which, ironically, was mentioned offhandedly in "Yossi and Jagger". The themes of deep care and concern for others (friendship in SBM, erotic love in Y&J) and the deepening and transforming of that care in light of being witness to a death are shared by both films. Themes that hit me hard. I suspect they hit many people hard, as well.

I've read several times on this discussion that a major weakness of "Yossi & Jagger" was its length...only a little over an hour. (Perhaps this is mostly seen as a weakness by those who had to pay full price it see it in a movie theater, instead of getting to watch it 5 times for $3.99! -joke-) Because the film was so short, it did not get as much plot and character development as it could have. Yes...perhaps...and yet...

It seems to me that a large part of the power of the film lies in its length. It is a real testament to Eytan Fox that, in the space of just about 15-20 minutes from the beginning of the movie, he made me care so much about both main characters. And throughout the movie, they both kept their appeal....I sympathized with both to the end. To be honest, there's not many people whom I've met for only 15 minutes, if they died a few days later, I would weep for them. Fox did that.

Furthermore, because there is so much about these characters that we do NOT know (like Lior's mother), we, like her, find the conclusion of the film to be particularly wrenching. I leave the film wanting...maybe even needing...to know more about Lior. Why was he wearing that damn rabbit costume to begin with?? What was his childhood and teen years like?? How did he and Yossi meet? fall in love? How long had they known each other? And what about Yossi? What will he do now? Yes....I would have liked the film to end with a shot of him sleeping alone in a queen sized bed in a hotel in Eilat...but that would have been too easy...too tidy. What does he do now? I don't know. So many questions...and no way of finding out.

I leave the film realizing that time and love are precious...so damn precious.
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Yossi and Jagger
yossi_and_jagger11 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is an excellent movie, albeit very short. The protagonists of the movie Yossi and Jagger are seen very little, and the love that they share is very special. Unfortunately for their love, it is torn from them when Jagger is killed during a night skirmish. I respect Yossi for coming to grips at the end when they all go to visit Jagger's family and Yossi is the only one that knows the most about his love-Jagger. I could not wait for the movie to be released in the USA. I bought my copy the day it was released. I had read other reviews, and agree that the movie is far too short. I love the theme song by Ivri Lider-In your Soul. Great movie. Rent it first if you like, you won't be disappointed.
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Touching feelings on war time
ludencil8 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I'll comment but, sorry, I have not good English.Would be better for me my home language( Portuguese)! I have seen this movie in a friends house, some of them not gay, men and women. The place was noisy, many people talking at the same time and the movie began... slowly people was silent. I saw their eyes in the room...wet... some of them showing their emotions discretely while Yossi and Lior, in a simple way, was sharing their souls in the snow... as I never saw it in a gay movie before. Strong pain in heart when that sad mother (Mrs Amichai) says " people don't have time to know each other...I don't even know my son favorite song..."

Commandant Yossi, not the beautiful soldier Yaeli ,answer: "BO, from Rita". Strong pain in heart when he sees Lior picture as a rabbit... A movie FROM HEART , in a so terrible time , in Golan mountains. Ludencil, Rio, Brasil
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Too Many Plots in Too Short a Film
Ron Smolin22 March 2004
There is a big problem with this film--its two main subjects are alone together less than five of the 110 minutes. We know nothing of their history, how they met, and we learn very little about them during the movie. The script is over ambitious, covering at least three love stories at one time, introducing too many interesting characters, but way too thin in development. Since the film is called Yossi & Jagger, it might have been appropriate for the story about them to be the main focal point. The opening scene on the snow, while sexy, could have been a lot more developed.

BUT, there are very tender moments, especially after the explosion of the land mine, when Yossi finally admits his love and concern, ironically too late for it to do any good. The excellent theme here--when you have feelings for someone, don't run from them or hide from them as you may never have a chance to express them.

The final scene in Jagger's home is extremely tender and ironic and left this viewer with tears in his eyes.

I just wish the film could have devoted much more time to its main characters.
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A small gem of a movie
pogostiks12 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Warning! SPOILERS ahead! To me, the most blatant thing about Yossi and Jagger is the sexual tension running throughout the film. Not only between Yossi and Jagger, but between the soldiers both male and female as well. Which, of course, is normal for young people in their early twenties... and more so when they are in the front lines and could die at any moment. I think that this is the key to the film - for we are reminded again and again that what these kids want to do more than anything is to live at 100 miles per hour... it is the only chance they might get. The best example is just before going out on an ambush, suddenly everyone is dancing flat out with an energy that overflows. They shouldn't be spending so much energy when they might need it in the next few hours, but they can't help it. It might be their last time.

What hit me hardest was the ending, where one of the girls confesses her love for Jagger, and everyone in Jagger's family immediately assumes that he was her boyfriend and that he loved her... everyone except Yossi, who knows the truth. This moment in the film shows so well how lonely life can be for gay lovers... especially when one dies. Many times, if they were not completely out of the closet, the one left behind is not allowed to mourn for his lost lover, or at least not in a way that recognizes his real role in the dead person's life. I remember a friend whose lover had died... but no-one at his workplace was aware that he was living in a couple and had just lost his mate. He just had to show up at work the day after the funeral as if everything were fine. What a horror. And we see this same problem for Yossi...who at least has his memories, if not recognition.

Many people try to pretend that there is no such thing as "gay" cinema... or a gay sensitivity. Yossi and Jagger put the lie to this. Of all the films I've seen, this one is one of the simplest, yet also one of the most effective depictions of gay love that I have seen in the cinema. Honest, direct, tender, touching, funny, bittersweet and beautiful - it makes us like and want to know the protagonists better. Kudos to the director, who deserves a greater renown. This film is short, but it is a gem.
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a "beautiful thing"...in fatigues
Kace von S.15 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
i think the two things that made this movie work well are: (1) the acting/performance; and (2) its brevity and flow.

the actors delivered very sincere performances and really made their characters more than just parts played...they will really break your heart. Yehuda Levi as Jagger, in particular, was very likable and made the point that he was both idealistic, boyishly-goofy, romantic; and though he may have appeared naive, his blind innocence that came across made him more endearing. (he's the boy every other boy wishes he could have for life -- and i challenge the guy who says otherwise because he's lying.) =)

as for the flow, the brevity of the film worked well because it really left the viewer wanting more. it lingered briefly (and quite appropriately) over the tender moments, but did not dwell on the sad, over-dramatic parts (that would have been overkill)...the point was made and it came across quite well under 75 minutes.

"Yossi & Jagger", though primarily categorized as a "gay film", tugs at the most visceral feelings any person (gay or straight) can have -- the comfort that only comes with genuine and true love, the intense need to be true to one's self, and the sorrow that can only be brought about by a great loss. just watch it already!
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Loved it
davidpren31 December 2005
I loved this film. It filled my heart with joy and was sexier than any porn film I've seen. I was utterly convinced by everything in it and have watched it again and again. For me, as a pro-Palestian activist of many years standing, I did not care where they were or what they were doing there. This film was very masculine and very gay, a combination that I find wonderful. The snoggin (as we call it in the UK) was really sexy and utterly convincing. The film was far too sort. I needed more between Jossi and Jaggar - in particular more kissing because it was wonderful. The icing on the cake would be to learn that there were any lesbian or gay people involed. The actors were fine but it helps our cause.
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Life in the Israeli Army is so Sexy
pedrofjmk30 April 2005
Do not be deceived - I'll start with the low points and rise to apotheosis. Do not miss this flick!

Surprisingly enough, gay men and women have been allowed to serve in the Israeli army for over 2 decades now (for very pragmatic reasons, I'm sure). The army actually authorized the making of this film, based on a true story. Eytan Fox follows up with his favorite theme of sexual identity within the ranks of the army: here we see a gay couple, two officers, whose love shares its space with an ever-escalating Israelo-Arab conflict. The movie is filmed in this army outpost in the mountains bordering Lebanon, in the middle of Winter (thus the snow, that one seldom relates to the Middle East).

The theme is ambitious. Yet, it turns out that, for commercial reasons, the movie's 65 minutes elapse too fast. There is no time to develop the story. Not the story of the conflict, not the story of the different characters - so many deeply interesting -, and especially not the story of Yossi and Jagger. And boy, would we like to know more about them! These 65 minutes may have been OK for the theatre play that staged in Tel Aviv before the movie opened, but on screen it just leaves your mouth watering for more. I wished some scenes would have been deeper and more intense (the get-together at the end, or that last key-scene at night).

Despite all this, if you can forgive small formal nuisances, and get over that irritating camera-in-hand that works for Dogma but not for Fox, this film is a must-see! For the first 30 minutes of it, I had a disbelieving smile on my lips, and really wanted to joint the Israeli army - mind you, I'm neither Jewish, nor Israeli, and they would never take me! Yet life in the barracks seems so laid-back and so easy-going , so much in contrast with the madness of the conflict, with crazy girls and sexy boys, cheesy music in Hebrew and techno parties in the mountain clusters, white snow and great landscape, wild rabbits and sushi at dinner... Provided my officers looked as cute and handsome and so-damn-sexy-and-hugable-Yehudi-Levi (Jagger), of course I would enlist.

Mild as it may seem at times, it's perhaps the most consequent movie on a gay theme that I have ever seen. No tragic queens, no dramatic depressions and people who threaten to slid their wrists open. Yossi & Jagger's love is real and palpable, even if semi-secret (I think everyone new, anyway). The actors are superb, natural-born to the task, and that shows. One can easily relate with many of the characters - people whom we forget are people, just because they are in the army, just because they are in a war. The scene where Yossi and Jagger kiss in the snow is surprising, and by far the most sensuous thing I've seen in cinema in years! Absolutely delicious, playful, teasing, masterful. A classic in the future, I'm sure! Maybe because of that particular scene, one can survive as a viewer to the end of the movie, and still feel light as a feather. It all seems to end up in a good note, in spite of the circumstances.

The film as is, is not brilliant, but is at times a strike of genius! It's also a splash in the pond, showing you the dichotomies of a society we grew to relate with war and nothing else. Yossi & Jagger is a tender, sweet, sensuous, pure, honest, scrumptious, beautiful, sexy and consequent movie. I am a fan of Eytan Fox as of tonight, no doubt about that! Watch it, watch it, watch it!!! (the extras on the DVD give you even greater insight into his work). The storyline won't leave you that soon, and the main theme-song will replay on your head for weeks to come... cheesy and queenly as it may be ('Come', by Rita)!

Watching a film like this oddly makes you feel as good as when you watched 'Amelie'! I don't say this often, but I'd be ready to watch it all over again.
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Disappointing and trite
Imhotep775 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I hate to be the devil's advocate but I don't see how this movie deserves all the praise that is heaped upon it. For one, it's rather weak structurally; it plays like an episode in a weekly hour long series, on cable, supported by the fact that it was shot on DV. Contrary to the length listed, it is just 61 minutes from post-opening credits to start of end credits. The ending is so trite; seriously, how many viewers out there don't know what's coming right after the mission is made known? I was 100% certain who's going to die when they're going on an ambush. And yes, it's the free spirit, the one who's comfortable as being gay. Oy vey, indeed. Then there is the problem with the two women. Are they soldiers or groupies? One of them sure serves no purpose militarily whatsoever except to be the whore for her superior officer. Is that what really happens in the Israeli military? I don't know but if the movie is supposedly a true slice of life of the military, that it's too corrupt and sad. The movie also doesn't show much of the emotional grief that should have been felt by the surviving lover. I just don't see much of a bond between them and the impact is much lessened by his stoicism. It's also not very good technically. It plays like a music video during the frolic in the snow section with the slow-mo and the zoom in and out camera work. Very banal. All in all, I was probably expecting too much from all the good reviews I've read. Maybe if my expectation wasn't so high to begin with…. Never mind, it really isn't that good.
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A much more informative and revealing picture that the gay theme suggests.
kingsley-ervin13 December 2006
Yossi and Jagger is really a short story of a movie: one climactic incident, no development of character, a lack of narrative dimension. But it's a very interesting picture, for two reasons beyond the usual interest in a movie about gay life in the Israeli army. The first is the amazing sense of transience about the military effort there -- you don't feel it's an army defending a homeland. Even Jagger's house seems recently set up. And there's a palpable feeling of some world more permanent and hostile beyond the range of field glasses. The military action and people are entirely credible (I've had a lot of experience of action) but the action is that of invaders. Second, the relations among the men and women are striking. Everyone pretty clearly knows or suspects about Jossi and Jagger's affair, but they're willing to leave it private, and to deal with individual feelings as personal and of value. In this sense I found the picture to give an interesting contrast with "Brokeback Mountain", whose protagonists are somewhat similar, but which presented a sense of alienation and hostility to homosexuality quite lacking in Yossi and Jagger.
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So distant and still so familiar
karhukissa3 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
One would think that for a pacifist lesbian living (thank God) in a country at peace, a story about two gay soldiers on the Israeli-Lebanon border would be just slightly more than a curiosity. But this film does make its effect. It's not American style, there are no big stars with toothpaste-ad smiles, and the two guys do spend very little time together, but every time they are in the same place one feels the suppressed desire any homosexual can experience in an environment where s/he has to act straight. The scene in the snow is thus not only the victory of joy and will to live over war (because we aren't allowed to forget these guys are in a war area), but also the liberation one feels when one is finally allowed to express feelings forbidden by society. The other painfully familiar scene is the last one - being in the home of your beloved and pretending to be some distant acquaintance. Been there, done that. I'm glad the story doesn't have a happy ending. Based on other films from Israel about homosexuality and the general atmosphere there, it can't have had one.
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The best secrets are those not hide
I still can't describe this story in few words, is one of those one in a life time experience, its very short but great, you have not a full, crude view of any relationship or the bonds among characters but everything is there. I think what you get at the end is: 'we should say what we have in mind every time we have the chance'. The characters were great Ohad Knoller (Yossi) is amazing, you see feeling like it was real in every move, and Yehuda Levi (Jagger)is even better. Some of the characters are not well defined the two girls for example but you fell for them anyway. Ofir and his love, Yaniv and his dream, really great!! at the end you'll understand why a picture can make you cry.

this is one of those movies that you'll enjoy in a night after a long day of boring life.
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jhosua7415 October 2005
Excellent. It treats a real situation in an ambient one it last, in which the social rules or patrons do not allow to the free expression or the free development of the feelings that many do not consider normal. The performance of Ohad Knoller as Yossi is exceptional, combines to a methodical man faithful follower of the system with the tenderness and sensitivity of those who are themselves forced to hide to their feelings and identity. In addition to the film, the sound track is very good and pleases in spite of not being very well-known. Although film is short, it is excellent. The time that lasts maintains to us in expectation and the end is unexpected.
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An excellent look into Israeli Society
aniari27 October 2003
I'm still thinking about the movie two days later. What an excellent story with actors playing difficult roles. Also, great music by Ivri Leder. His album HaAnahim HaAcharim (The Other People) has the version of Bo (Come). I fell

off my seat when I heard it. After living in Israel for three years in the Eighties, the film had me yearning to go back; it captures aspects of the Israel experience so well. If you speak Hebrew and have been to Israel you will appreciate the nuance of the film.
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What was the point?
darebear20014 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched Yossi & Jagger last night with my spouse. We have been watching other more worthy fare during the holidays and when we got to Yossi & Jagger I was expecting something special as foreign films often supply. I was very disappointed. There were too many characters and a contrived dramatic ending where you knew the outcome even before the final scene. There were some funny moments and some tender moments but there were also too many distractions from what should have been the heart of the movie - the romance between Yossi & Jagger. Other commenters have noted that they were only alone for brief moments in the movie and more time was spent digging a hole to dump spoiled food into than their relationship. More time was spent with desperate women on the hunt for man flesh in rather inappropriate ways. All in all, it was a let down. I was never given the opportunity to connect with any of the characters and as such I never cared what happened to them. It simply didn't matter in the end. I would recommend "Bent" or "Breakfast with Scot" or "Maurice" for those interested in the genre.
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